2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallconfigure: set HAVE___ATTRIBUTE__ for heimdal
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnalltorture_ldap_sort: avoid segfault
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallldb sort: allow sorting on attributes not returned...
2016-03-09 Douglas BagnallAdd python server sort tests
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallldb_controls: add base64 option to VLV
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallasn1: make readContextSimple() add a NUL byte
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallldb controls: use uint8_t* for contextID binary blob
2016-03-09 Garming Samldap VLV: correct ASN1 parsing of VLV requests
2016-03-09 Douglas BagnallASN1: use a talloc context in read_contextSimple
2016-03-09 Garming Samldap: fix search control rule identifiers ASN.1 type
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallvlv: better syntax for parsing greater than or equal...
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallldap VLV: memdup, not strdup VLV context_id
2016-03-09 Garming Samldap VLV: use correct ASN.1 encoding for requests
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallldb controls: better error string for VLV control
2016-03-09 Garming Samldb controls: base64 encode VLV response context strings
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallldb paged_results: quieten a warning.
2016-03-09 Andrew Bartlettdsdb: Introduce LDB_SYNTAX_SAMBA_OCTET_STRING
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallutil/tests: add test for BINARY_ARRAY_SEARCH_V macro
2016-03-09 Douglas Bagnallutil/binsearch: macro for greater than or equal search
2016-03-09 Garming Samtests: Allow alternative error code for backupkey test
2016-03-09 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Avoid sorting issues on Ubuntu 10.04 vs 14.04
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpytalloc: Correct description of pytalloc_Get{Base... talloc-2.1.6
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettdbcheck: Check for and remove duplicate values in attri...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Allow 4 hours for the test to run (ouch!)
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpysmb: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpysmb: Do not use pytalloc_Object directly
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpysmb: Rework py_smb_new() to use pytalloc_steal()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpysmb: Use pytalloc_get_mem_ctx()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpysmb: Use pytalloc_get_ptr()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyregistry: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyauth: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpygensec: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpygensec: Use pytalloc_steal() in gensec_start_{client...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyparam: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpy_passdb: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpycredentials: Use pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpytalloc: Add pytalloc_BaseObject_PyType_Ready() wrapper
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyparam: Do not use pytalloc_Object directly
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpypassdb: Do not use pytalloc_Object directly
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpycredentials: Remove PyCredentialCacheContainerObject
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpycredentials: Do not use pytalloc_Object directly
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettselftest: dbcheck should not be marked flapping
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettdbcheck: Avoid spurious warnings in dbcheck due to...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettdbcheck: Fix incorrect/duplicate attrid in replPropertM...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Update release-4-1-0rc3 with more test records
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettrpc_server/drsuapi: Block replication of incorrect...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettrepl_meta_data: Correctly use msDS-IntId for custom...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpidl: Use a tmp_ctx helper variable
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpidl: Use the $mem_ctx helper variable
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpidl: Fix our python reference handling
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyrpc: Clarify failure mode after pytalloc_reference_ex...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartletttalloc: Bump version number
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpytalloc: Add new BaseObject
2016-03-08 Stefan Metzmacherpytalloc: add a _pytalloc_get_type() helper function...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartletttalloc: add _pytalloc_get_ptr/_pytalloc_get_mem_ctx...
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartletttalloc: Improve testsuite by avoiding path issues
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyrpc: Add warning about abuse of py_return_ndr_struct()
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpydsdb: Fix returning of ldb.MessageElement.
2016-03-08 Andrew Bartlettpyldb: Add warning about pyldb_MessageElement_AsMessage...
2016-03-08 Uri Simchonilibnet: make Kerberos domain join site-aware
2016-03-07 Uri Simchonidsgetdcname: fix flag check
2016-03-07 Uri Simchonidsgetdcname: return an IP address on rediscovery
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckeidmap_autorid: Protect against corrupt databases
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckeidmap_autorid: Fix a use-after-free
2016-03-07 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Change open_streams_for_delete() to take...
2016-03-07 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Change open_streams_for_delete() to take...
2016-03-07 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Change open_streams_for_delete() to static.
2016-03-07 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Change delete_all_streams() to take a const...
2016-03-07 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: vfs_fruit. If we have an fsp, use it in prefer...
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Avoid a gencache_parse when setting a delete marker
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Avoid looking at fcntl'ed gencache.tdb
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Simplify gencache_pull_timeout callers
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Make gencache_pull_timeout look at uint8_t
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove memcache from gencache
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix a typo in gencache
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Simplify gencache_del
2016-03-07 Volker Lendeckelib: skip deleted entries in gencache_iterate
2016-03-07 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Do not use deprecated KRB5 functions
2016-03-07 Martin Schwenkectdb-packaging: Set --libexecdir in RPM spec file
2016-03-07 Amitay Isaacsctdb-locking: Use real-time only for actual record...
2016-03-07 Amitay Isaacsctdb-takeover: Inform clients when dropping all IP...
2016-03-07 Amitay Isaacsctdb-takeover: Do not kill smbd processes on releasing IP
2016-03-07 Rowland PennyRemove posixAccount from
2016-03-07 Martin Schwenkectdb-packaging: Drop changelog section from RPM spec...
2016-03-06 Volker Lendeckeg_lock: Remove some unneeded includes
2016-03-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Avoid "includes.h" in dbwrap.c
2016-03-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Introduce SERVER_ID_BUF_LENGTH
2016-03-05 Jeremy Allisonsmbd: Clean up the logic inside vfs_chown_fsp() to...
2016-03-05 Jeremy AllisonVFS: Modify lchown to take a const struct smb_filename...
2016-03-05 Jeremy AllisonVFS: Modify chown to take a const struct smb_filename...
2016-03-05 Jeremy AllisonVFS: vfs_netatalk. Fix wrong VFS call used inside atalk...
2016-03-05 Ira Coopervfs_glusterfs: Fix use after free in AIO callback.
2016-03-04 Ira Coopersource3: Honor the core soft limit of the OS.
2016-03-04 Aurelien Aptels3/rpc_server/srvsvc/srv_srvsvc_nt.c: change snum to...
2016-03-04 Aurelien Aptels3,s4 torture/denytest: fix possible infinite loop
2016-03-04 Aurelien Aptels4/torture/libnetapi/libnetapi_user.c: fix typo
2016-03-04 Amitay Isaacsctdb-common: For AF_PACKET socket types, protocol is...
2016-03-04 Volker Lendeckevfs: Fix the vfs_gpfs build
2016-03-03 Douglas Bagnallheimdal asn1: avoid fclose(NULL) caused by missing...
2016-03-03 Douglas Bagnallregtree: avoid GCC indentation warning