22 years agofix directory creation mechanism; the optimized version would not work :-(
Alexandre Oliva [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 05:16:20 +0000 (05:16 +0000)]
fix directory creation mechanism; the optimized version would not work :-(
(This used to be commit 796475ad5ac2da409d1676d3ae6530654697028c)

22 years agooptimize creation of directories in build tree
Alexandre Oliva [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 05:05:46 +0000 (05:05 +0000)]
optimize creation of directories in build tree
ensure that bin exists when needed
(This used to be commit 87b3e4347a5a394471f0d4f34f093ec2195dfd4d)

22 years agoget away with dummy and .dummy files
Alexandre Oliva [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:52:17 +0000 (04:52 +0000)]
get away with dummy and .dummy files
(This used to be commit 90a8a02484a0897b053fd6531b7fec5d23098b6f)

22 years agoadded WITH_SMBMOUNT
Alexandre Oliva [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:50:07 +0000 (04:50 +0000)]
(This used to be commit fe5721b9527979e6ac59d1e3e56544276a5777d5)

22 years agoNow have a better solution to the need to have smblcient find
Richard Sharpe [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:43:40 +0000 (04:43 +0000)]
Now have a better solution to the need to have smblcient find
a WINS server if running on the WINS server.  As suggested by
Andrew, we have a flag, in_client=False by default, and set it
to True in the client.  loadparam.c checks this and sets
szWINSserver to when in_client && bWINSsupport.

BTW, we seem to have picked up and unused value in some of
Luke's new code.
(This used to be commit b665756bfc813b229ad50b0d5f53e8b779537a3f)

22 years agoFixed stupid bug with "cd /" appending a "/" character to the path forever....
Jeremy Allison [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 01:55:48 +0000 (01:55 +0000)]
Fixed stupid bug with "cd /" appending a "/" character to the path forever....
(This used to be commit 14ee57f336100634993e7968ba54a441ac2813db)

22 years agogot rid of the memcpy() prototype and used includes.h instead.
Andrew Tridgell [Tue, 29 Sep 1998 00:11:27 +0000 (00:11 +0000)]
got rid of the memcpy() prototype and used includes.h instead.

gcc has a built-in memcpy which conflicts with the prototype.
(This used to be commit 16b6c3e852dbc7b4460abc461b4e0a8dc315fd60)

22 years agoFixed problems found in lint pass over the old code by <>.
Jeremy Allison [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 23:55:09 +0000 (23:55 +0000)]
Fixed problems found in lint pass over the old code by <>.
These were the problems that still existed in the 2.0 branch.
(This used to be commit 3fd28812f75f2311a114ff905143634e3bbb1fac)

22 years add new argument to call to
Herb Lewis [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 23:12:12 +0000 (23:12 +0000)]  add new argument to call to  use distclean target when cleaning before making packages
(This used to be commit 2c6bbc2da72af4508aa8c49d003f211da5cbe5ae)

22 years agoAdded fix from - smbpasswd file could be left
Jeremy Allison [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 23:10:08 +0000 (23:10 +0000)]
Added fix from - smbpasswd file could be left
(This used to be commit 71ab5c367cf54f4b821aaf056f283f48d7eb4638)

22 years agoChanges to test in configure if capabilities are enabled on a system.
Jeremy Allison [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 21:43:48 +0000 (21:43 +0000)]
Changes to test in configure if capabilities are enabled on a system.
Changes to get Samba to compile cleanly with the IRIX compiler
with the options : -fullwarn -woff 1209,1174 (the -woff options
are to turn off warnings about unused function parameters and
controlling loop expressions being constants).
Split prototype generation as we hit a limit in IRIX nawk.
Removed "." code in smbd/filename.c (yet again :-).
(This used to be commit e0567433bd72aec17bf5a54cc292701095d25f09)

22 years agoTwo changes in this ball...
Michael Warfield [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 19:18:21 +0000 (19:18 +0000)]
Two changes in this ball...

1) Changes to smbmnt.c, smbmount.c, and smbumount.c allow them to compile on
both RedHat 4.x (libc 4.x) systems and RedHat 5.x (glibc 2) systems.

2) Changes to and (and subsequently configure) are to
configure for smbmount, smbumount, and smbmnt to compile.

This adds a "--with(out)-smbmount" option to configure.  Sanity checking is
not present yet.  You can specify this if you are not on linux, it just
won't compile.
(This used to be commit 8a4730f61923577b0bd9e09ef1a00538f7dfb0de)

22 years agomade bad boolean values stand out a little better
Andrew Tridgell [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:52:51 +0000 (12:52 +0000)]
made bad boolean values stand out a little better
(This used to be commit 270f4b0f84167e378b4615af8aedb85970320b1d)

22 years agofixed the docs for "domain controller" parameter.
Andrew Tridgell [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:49:01 +0000 (12:49 +0000)]
fixed the docs for "domain controller" parameter.
(This used to be commit c11f1b9293f1b4d342285e26e39a90cf9dbabf63)

22 years agoBacked out that just as ill-considered change :-(
Richard Sharpe [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 09:40:46 +0000 (09:40 +0000)]
Backed out that just as ill-considered change :-(

A more careful change will be needed in the name lookup code.
(This used to be commit edfc3ab99b4c2441e765d49a7aa73ca2f3ec8de3)

22 years agoThe previous fix for WINS on the WINS server was wrong. It
Richard Sharpe [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 09:22:06 +0000 (09:22 +0000)]
The previous fix for WINS on the WINS server was wrong. It
caused nmbd to exit :-(

We now set the variable szWINSserver after the smb.conf file
has been processed, but only of we are a WINS server.
(This used to be commit 17212991cf0f49c5afc77cbd82dc6ce8a13f1405)

22 years agoMake sure that WINS Server = in case we
Richard Sharpe [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 08:00:07 +0000 (08:00 +0000)]
Make sure that WINS Server = in case we
do not set a value in smb.conf.

This will be the case if we are a WINS server, or if
we don't know what we are doing.

The result is that smbclient can access a WINS server if it
is running on the same machine as the WINS server
(This used to be commit a3439986666c33f352c863a8baae766323aea7b1)

22 years agoautomated generation of .dummy files for each subdirectory;
Alexandre Oliva [Mon, 28 Sep 1998 00:14:36 +0000 (00:14 +0000)]
automated generation of .dummy files for each subdirectory; files are no longer needed, and new directories will be taken
care of automatically, at configure (or config.status --recheck) time
(This used to be commit 237a8e5fe62d757c04b8207cbbee4df1470cfe4e)

22 years agowait_keyboard must still be defined if readline is not available
Alexandre Oliva [Sun, 27 Sep 1998 20:38:06 +0000 (20:38 +0000)]
wait_keyboard must still be defined if readline is not available
(This used to be commit dc21f6c98267afef116a449468129c1d3a8e996b)

22 years agoFixed up more possibly uninitialized variables.
Richard Sharpe [Sun, 27 Sep 1998 08:29:50 +0000 (08:29 +0000)]
Fixed up more possibly uninitialized variables.

Now only two compilation warnings seem to be left.

Luke may want to check the changes I made.
(This used to be commit 2456c95c1664a57aa939695c884ec666ec8168ec)

22 years agochanged the default filesystem type to NTFS (from Samba)
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 26 Sep 1998 10:31:40 +0000 (10:31 +0000)]
changed the default filesystem type to NTFS (from Samba)

I've finally changed this because I've found a real effect that this
has. Win95 shows long filenames in a directory listing in a dos box
only if this is set to NTFS or HPFS (only ones I've found so far

If NTFS poses problems of some kind then we should try HPFS

I wonder if this change will trigger any attempts to use ACLs ?
(This used to be commit 410d54fa0dba319e802d7327d89c4c1e61f2db65)

22 years agoFixed the problem with reply_getatr() being passed a "" name in reply_getatr,
Jeremy Allison [Sat, 26 Sep 1998 03:49:25 +0000 (03:49 +0000)]
Fixed the problem with reply_getatr() being passed a "" name in reply_getatr,
replaced the paranoid code in smbd/filename.c that replaces a "" with a ".".
I am starting to think this code may well be needed.
(This used to be commit bdc3d9f52fbded4b1483af8be0059decfd4bad34)

22 years agoAdded Kerberos4 support patches from Johan Hedin <>
Jeremy Allison [Sat, 26 Sep 1998 03:30:15 +0000 (03:30 +0000)]
Added Kerberos4 support patches from Johan Hedin <>
(This used to be commit 548634915f21f774b7efb06f138c8fb7bc089daa)

22 years agoSmall update to clitar.c to omit warnings about servers not
Richard Sharpe [Sat, 26 Sep 1998 00:41:20 +0000 (00:41 +0000)]
Small update to clitar.c to omit warnings about servers not
letting us change the date unless tar_real_noisy is True.

Also updated a few places where variables are declared but not set.
(This used to be commit b46f1024c939ee9ecb8deb9c844acbd4b5f109c6)

22 years Fixed bug with continuation line causing proto to fail.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:40:49 +0000 (23:40 +0000)] Fixed bug with continuation line causing proto to fail.
             Added $(PROGS) $(SPROGS) as targets for make clean.
acconfig.h: Added HAVE_IRIX_SPECIFIC_CAPABILITIES. Added sys/capability.h header check.
              Added function checks for srandom random srand rand.
includes.h: Added #include <sys/capability.h>.
ntdomain.h: Moved struct acct_info into here from smb.h
       Moved enum action_type into rpcclient.h
       Moved struct cli_state into client.h
       Moved struct nt_client_info, struct tar_client_info, struct client_info
             into rpcclient.h
lib/genrand.c: Changed to use sys_random() & friends.
lib/smbrun.c: Lose capabilities after fork.
lib/system.c: Added set_process_capability(), set_inherited_process_capability()
              sys_random(), sys_srandom().
lib/util.c: Added Ander's EFBIG lock check to fcntl_lock for 64 bit access to an
            32 bit mounted NFS filesystem.
nmbd/nmbd.c: Changed to use sys_random() & friends.
nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c: Changed to use sys_random() & friends.
passdb/ldap.c: Missed one pdb_encode_acct_ctrl call.
passdb/passdb.c: Changed to Ander's code for ' ' characters.
passdb/smbpass.c: Added Ander's code to reset ACB_PWNOTREQ.
script/mkproto.awk: Added 'long' to prototypes.
smbd/chgpasswd.c: Lose capabilities after fork.
smbd/open.c: Do the mmap *after* the kernel oplock.
smbd/oplock.c: Removed stub code from kernel oplock path.
               Added set_process_capability(), set_inherited_process_capability() calls.
smbd/reply.c: Initialize count = 0, offset = 0.
smbd/server.c: Added set_process_capability(), set_inherited_process_capability() calls.
tests/summary.c: Ensure we have RANDOM or RAND.
utils/smbpasswd.c: Added Ander's code to reset ACB_PWNOTREQ.
utils/torture.c: Changed to use sys_random() & friends.

(This used to be commit e8be306f23963ac00b1a383ebe0cc1421529fb02)

22 years agoAdded missing display enum.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:28:41 +0000 (23:28 +0000)]
Added missing display enum.
(This used to be commit 535ac8a7c204a223a57d561bb12f1934b852a579)

22 years agoFixed unused variable warning messages.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:24:28 +0000 (23:24 +0000)]
Fixed unused variable warning messages.
(This used to be commit 64ad5b4bb0f302703c9be1f76bd6211dc9871d19)

22 years agorpcclient: got samr command "enumusers -g -u" working
Luke Leighton [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 23:14:20 +0000 (23:14 +0000)]
rpcclient: got samr command "enumusers -g -u" working
(This used to be commit 3a00023efedb34684bd45bd8a562f07a9880f1ad)

22 years agoMoved the extra struct definitions Luke added to smb.h into rpcclient.h
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 22:34:40 +0000 (22:34 +0000)]
Moved the extra struct definitions Luke added to smb.h into rpcclient.h
and client.h. They are still included from smb.h so nothing should
change (or break) but this keeps the new definitions easier to
maintain. This is similar to what I did with ntdomain.h
(This used to be commit 2831e5c9c46e05ecd8c858fac2d93e8baa96d102)

22 years agoadded in samr commands. assistance in returning the missing functions,
Luke Leighton [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 22:20:05 +0000 (22:20 +0000)]
added in samr commands.  assistance in returning the missing functions,
automatically removed because they were "unused", would be appreciated.
(This used to be commit d0f7b0d915973ccb85409af3d6d951a716cd66d2)

22 years agoadded wksinfo command to rpcclient, which don't work too good.
Luke Leighton [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:20:37 +0000 (21:20 +0000)]
added wksinfo command to rpcclient, which don't work too good.
(This used to be commit 8d23da91cbd74a45a5b030688fd89d88a25738dc)

22 years agoadded rpcclient program
Luke Leighton [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:01:52 +0000 (21:01 +0000)]
added rpcclient program
(This used to be commit aa38f39d67fade4dfd7badb7a9b39c833a1dd1ca)

22 years agonot needed.
Luke Leighton [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 16:01:14 +0000 (16:01 +0000)]
not needed.
(This used to be commit 78b5c15121caa18f401cd7aa45d831ef93a5f7c2)

22 years agoI've disabled the conversion of null filenames to "." until we solve
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 25 Sep 1998 03:52:29 +0000 (03:52 +0000)]
I've disabled the conversion of null filenames to "." until we solve
the win95 printing problem. I suspect it is a smbgetatr() problem with
a null name (which requires special behaviour).

This is an interim solution.
(This used to be commit 0a69e091a2ec75bce89760d69ea1488941108740)

22 years agoUpdates to the scripts for the new 14-char space format of account
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 22:35:16 +0000 (22:35 +0000)]
Updates to the scripts for the new 14-char space format of account
(This used to be commit 32b6f6640d45b083ce35a8c11b1e6f23c19df62c)

22 years agoIntegration of Anders Blomdell <>'s
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 22:33:13 +0000 (22:33 +0000)]
Integration of Anders Blomdell <>'s
smbpasswd changes. Not exactly the same as his code - several
(This used to be commit e96747a8e3b9ea5a79c4258e55d7e8f3bf0bf193)

22 years agoqualifier name in session_enum was being assumed to exist. if NULL, the
Luke Leighton [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:19:31 +0000 (20:19 +0000)]
qualifier name in session_enum was being assumed to exist.  if NULL, the
name should not be read.  file_enum and connection_enum didn't do this:
wonder why only session_enum had this bug?
(This used to be commit 203a97e39e7ae7e5511f74dffea0778e7fa6db07)

22 years agotook out #ifdef'd code in make_samr_r_query_usergroups that copied
Luke Leighton [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:17:19 +0000 (20:17 +0000)]
took out #ifdef'd code in make_samr_r_query_usergroups that copied
DOM_GID static-size array, because it's malloc'd now.
(This used to be commit 7776002218232c3ea0140d91c6033b7f9c6d3050)

22 years agothis fixes the last of the issues where USRMGR.EXE and SRVMGR.EXE were
Luke Leighton [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:02:56 +0000 (20:02 +0000)]
this fixes the last of the issues where USRMGR.EXE and SRVMGR.EXE were
failing.  running these two programs on a samba pdc now work.


- removed __LINE__ from debug macros.

- removed call to SMB_ASSERT_ARRAY() in samr_r_query_usergroups.  the
  DOM_GID array is a malloc'd array (by make_dom_gids) not a static


- replaced all "struct smb_passwd"s with sam_passwds instead.  there
  were uid to rid confusion issues (assumptions that uids were equal
  to rids).

- #if 0'd the pdb_rid_is_user() call which, given the above corrections,
  would probably work now.


- replaced "struct smb_passwd" with sam_passwd in lookup_user_rid, as
  assumptions were being made that uids were equal to rids.
(This used to be commit 3f98697cd5203fba07518d7c777ba19644e35b45)

22 years agoremoved function names printed out in debug statements (duplicated in
Luke Leighton [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 19:57:02 +0000 (19:57 +0000)]
removed function names printed out in debug statements (duplicated in
DEBUG macro, automatically)
(This used to be commit 2e4d681d17f6bc097881444a72317ff3bb089151)

22 years agoreplaced one of the paragraphs describing nmbd problems. could someone
Luke Leighton [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 19:42:31 +0000 (19:42 +0000)]
replaced one of the paragraphs describing nmbd problems.  could someone
review this please?
(This used to be commit dd718c26f7f4d3ef906e0829d27208f07f3ed619)

22 years agoAdded a minor fix to clitar.c for a bug.
Richard Sharpe [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 13:43:36 +0000 (13:43 +0000)]
Added a minor fix to clitar.c for a bug.

Could not check that it compiles clean with Jeremy's -Wflags because
someone loaded some changes to reply.c that break in the locking area

(This used to be commit b18cd03c0bf3b7a6815d69a9bbeba7d1b076765c)

22 years agocheck whether system type is the same as stored in the cache (full
Alexandre Oliva [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:34:21 +0000 (08:34 +0000)]
check whether system type is the same as stored in the cache (full
stand-alone macro, candidate for inclusion in the next release of autoconf)

create configure flag --enable-maintainer-mode, that enables automatic
rebuilding of configure from and aclocal.m4, and of based on acconfig.h.  This assumes autoconf and autoheader
are available.  Maintainer mode also introduces automatic dependency
tracking of include files, but it depends on features provided by gcc
and GNU make, so you must not enable maintainer mode if you are not
using any of these
(This used to be commit 64cba1cc8e689bcde2dc124c511da086c33fa4a8)

22 years agoautomatically detect changes in the system type and exit, telling
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:52:40 +0000 (04:52 +0000)]
automatically detect changes in the system type and exit, telling
the user to remove config.cache
(This used to be commit f123172c42b1f9ac73e57856e4ee8715fdfb76cd)

22 years agosome changes to the autoconf support
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 24 Sep 1998 01:12:43 +0000 (01:12 +0000)]
some changes to the autoconf support

- added config.cache to "make clean". We get two many bug reports from
  people builing on multiple architectures who don't remove config.cache
  between compiles. Hopefully a future version of autoconf will do
  this automatically

- removed the targets that run autoconf and autoheader. There is far
  too great a risk of a enduser getting a error "autoheader not found"
  if the date on a file is changed. Samba developers will have to run
  autoconf and autoheader manually (as before)
(This used to be commit 811fe3b174b9d7c57966491ab867637b82fff607)

22 years agonttrans.c:
Luke Leighton [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 21:49:09 +0000 (21:49 +0000)]

winreg was missing from the list of pipes.  advise using the array
already defined in... rpc_parse/parse_rpc.c's pipe_names[], but
writing code to strip "\PIPE\" from the front when making the

one location to update when adding new pipes, not two.


moved the ZERO_STRUCT(p) macro to _before_ the DLIST_ADD(Pipes, p) macro.


added { }s around the code inserted by DLIST_ADD and DLIST_REMOVE macros
(This used to be commit 29201d4b9b52652c7a992d0f6b677a09b4c33912)

22 years agoHoist by my own petard with warnings (forgot to set strict warnings
Jeremy Allison [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 17:56:34 +0000 (17:56 +0000)]
Hoist by my own petard with warnings (forgot to set strict warnings
in Makefile before compiling & checking in :-).
(This used to be commit 05fb3c82a57549fba74016eae31b53de30417b3c)

22 years agoFixed data corruption bugs in clitar.c with restores.
Richard Sharpe [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 14:37:01 +0000 (14:37 +0000)]
Fixed data corruption bugs in clitar.c with restores.

Have tested against samba with clitar using a hard-coded
max_xmit of 2920, since max smit = 2920 does not seem to work in
the smb.conf file.

Will have to test correctly against Win95 and WinNT now.

Have also compiled with -WJeremy'sFlags and get no more warnings
after I removed an unused variable.
(This used to be commit f24bbaccda48810fd7ef3fea5621c1e1d3009b01)

22 years agosmbd/oplock.c: Use O_CREAT and O_TRUNC and correct mode flags
Jeremy Allison [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 01:58:27 +0000 (01:58 +0000)]
smbd/oplock.c: Use O_CREAT and O_TRUNC and correct mode flags
               when creating oplock test file.
smbd/server.c: Check for existance of kernel oplocks before
               becoming a daemon.
(This used to be commit b42779e17e754d4a2f75904e2187c9209e0a53f0)

22 years agoFirst cut at kernel oplocks. This should have no effect unless runnin
Jeremy Allison [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 01:48:45 +0000 (01:48 +0000)]
First cut at kernel oplocks. This should have no effect unless runnin
on a machine that supports them in autoconf.

Move various functions out of lib/util.c into smbd/process.c
and smbd/oplock.c where they belong.

(This used to be commit c3c5e13f85c97939746070132dad941e79c546fb)

22 years agolook at the CAP_NT_SMBS bit in the client capabilities to determine if
Andrew Tridgell [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 01:25:33 +0000 (01:25 +0000)]
look at the CAP_NT_SMBS bit in the client capabilities to determine if
we should serve up volume labels as ascii or unicode.

NT wants ascii, W95 wants unicode. It's a crazy protocol!
(This used to be commit 24b8a757ae2899d54dd2b2f091a3c0de6de84dbb)

22 years agoFixed up warnings in new client code.
Jeremy Allison [Wed, 23 Sep 1998 00:57:34 +0000 (00:57 +0000)]
Fixed up warnings in new client code.
Note to coders. If using gcc please use the compiler flags :
-Wall -Werror -Wshadow -Wstrict-prototypes -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual
*before* checking anything in to ensure a clean compile.
(This used to be commit 1daf424da6c5a346f672121d4b6fe5753250f464)

23 years agoreplace getpass() with getsmbpass() if getsmbpass.c compiles
Alexandre Oliva [Mon, 21 Sep 1998 11:34:44 +0000 (11:34 +0000)]
replace getpass() with getsmbpass() if getsmbpass.c compiles
(This used to be commit 9a5bdf5c1bef689fe0d6879949df869efbc34783)

23 years agomajor autoconf clean-up
Alexandre Oliva [Mon, 21 Sep 1998 09:07:08 +0000 (09:07 +0000)]
major autoconf clean-up
fix problems in builds with srcdir!=builddir
(This used to be commit 1ffc3b807a3f80644c974b454ff5e6f68e89b546)

23 years agoimplemented du and tar -n
Alexandre Oliva [Mon, 21 Sep 1998 08:45:11 +0000 (08:45 +0000)]
implemented du and tar -n
(This used to be commit 23484508a86a59a71e54a1bcac3766ec3858142a)

23 years agolp_fstype() proto
Andrew Tridgell [Sun, 20 Sep 1998 15:48:35 +0000 (15:48 +0000)]
lp_fstype() proto
(This used to be commit ac48db7f2130c29a25185bc5450f94811cc54640)

23 years ago3 changes:
Andrew Tridgell [Sun, 20 Sep 1998 15:48:10 +0000 (15:48 +0000)]
3 changes:

1) use lp_fstype() instead of FSTYPE_STRING
2) added SMB_SEARCH_BITS to the TconX reply options (in vwv3). I noted
   that NT sets this (undocumented) bit and setting it helped get
   autorun from exported cdroms working.
3) fixed volume labels in QFSINFO level 258.

I made these changes while getting the Encyclopadia Brittanica CD to
run from a Samba drive. (I bought it for Sue yesterday). The first
and second changes allowed Samba to export CDs with autorun info and
the client will autorun it when mounted. There are all sorts of nasty
implications in that that perhaps we can go into on
samba-technical. Think about creating some autorun info in /tmp/ then
waiting for people to mount it as scratch space ...

The last change was because EB wanted the right volume label. The code
we had used a non unicode volume label but tests with W95->NT4 showed
that it has to be unicode. There was a note in the code from Jeremy
saying that he thought it should _not_ be unicode. Jeremy, can you
explain why? It certainly didn't work as non-unicode (the client
displays a garbage volume label) and when I fixed it to use unicode it
all worked from Win95.

and in case anyone is interested EB98 now works fine from a Samba
drive :)
(This used to be commit 66268ae5881f43fbdc1ccd751122ab2285c375ad)

23 years agoadded a per-share parameter "fstype" that allows you to select the
Andrew Tridgell [Sun, 20 Sep 1998 15:40:52 +0000 (15:40 +0000)]
added a per-share parameter "fstype" that allows you to select the
filesystem type that will be reported to the client. If unspecified
then it defaults to FSTYPE_STRING (currently "Samba").

This is useful for cdroms where you want to set the fs type to CDFS.
(This used to be commit 4332e2c93d69c6ea4035c456cc88d1e69de1e735)

23 years agoadd a define for SMB_SEARCH_BITS and change comment on FSTYPE_STRING
Andrew Tridgell [Sun, 20 Sep 1998 15:39:12 +0000 (15:39 +0000)]
add a define for SMB_SEARCH_BITS and change comment on FSTYPE_STRING
(This used to be commit 9c275bcd98cbbd9367d9b7a2204889fcefd74638)

23 years agoFixed changes in clitar.c that Jeremey noted. One change was
Richard Sharpe [Sat, 19 Sep 1998 04:25:10 +0000 (04:25 +0000)]
Fixed changes in clitar.c that Jeremey noted. One change was
correct, the other needed slightly changing.

Now to test it is all OK :-)
(This used to be commit d54c91598c24e89a999936f446be134137df5dea)

23 years agoSmall bit of paranioa. Ensure that if the incoming name to
Jeremy Allison [Sat, 19 Sep 1998 03:34:12 +0000 (03:34 +0000)]
Small bit of paranioa. Ensure that if the incoming name to
unix_convert() was a single '\' (the base directory of the service)
that it gets translated to a '.', not a '\0'.
(This used to be commit f74f39f45fa55c1768d6622a52c494328f22f50b)

23 years agoRemove some byte-copying code in unix_format() that did nothing except
Jeremy Allison [Sat, 19 Sep 1998 02:35:43 +0000 (02:35 +0000)]
Remove some byte-copying code in unix_format() that did nothing except
slow down my benchmark :-).

(This used to be commit b55f93b213ee61c35e7a87a2be63191d55186bd6)

23 years agoNow that Alexandre Oliva has explained the use of acconfig.h to
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 21:57:12 +0000 (21:57 +0000)]
Now that Alexandre Oliva has explained the use of acconfig.h to
me, I'm adding the HAVE_LIBREADLINE and other stuff correctly.

Thanks Alexandre :-).

(This used to be commit 89a4a73caf474e59f239f50ad6d93e5df66ae300)

23 years agoFixed position of LARGE_SMB_OFF_T definition. The SOFF_T define was
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:30:42 +0000 (18:30 +0000)]
Fixed position of LARGE_SMB_OFF_T definition. The SOFF_T define was
being done *before* the LARGE_SMB_OFF_T was being defined, but SOFF_T
depended on it :-).

This broke 64 bit file reporting.

(This used to be commit c6a353cfabd99be0ce5bf508d716216443a44c20)

23 years agoChanged variable TAB to htab as TAB is defined in a header file on RedHat5.1
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:16:45 +0000 (18:16 +0000)]
Changed variable TAB to htab as TAB is defined in a header file on RedHat5.1
(This used to be commit 43ac52ad7a3c1da3c25a63d0458c87f9367453ec)

23 years agoFixed problems with premature kernel oplock checkin code.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:09:17 +0000 (18:09 +0000)]
Fixed problems with premature kernel oplock checkin code.
The ./configure & build now seem to work ok.

(This used to be commit 7c1a5ed1c2a55543d3f3c8bbd38e6c9c35b80390)

23 years agoconfigure include/ include/includes.h
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 17:50:18 +0000 (17:50 +0000)]
configure include/ include/includes.h

   Fixed bugs in readline autoconf.

param/loadparm.c smbd/open.c smbd/oplock.c: Started on kernel oplock
        code - checking forced by above issue. Should not be used

(This used to be commit f939efac9e6c45331b17e3d3aa6bc2235e886c1a)

23 years agoFixed compile errors in new code.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 17:32:35 +0000 (17:32 +0000)]
Fixed compile errors in new code.
(This used to be commit dbd8ce8a7053b6ea051e9bbdd0ddc27f1e0cb7c2)

23 years agopreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 6
Samba Release Account [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:05:05 +0000 (14:05 +0000)]
preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 6
(This used to be commit 008697d151e54b141b062956cf521b04111073f2)

23 years agooops ... I got the filenames wrong in my cleanup of the wins database
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 13:52:30 +0000 (13:52 +0000)]
oops ... I got the filenames wrong in my cleanup of the wins database
save, so it started saving weird filenames (from an unitialised

chaos reigns!
(This used to be commit 20a550d61e322cc9a0acfdf8fb974dafe0cd9603)

23 years agoAdding rewritten restore code ... Old code is still there
Richard Sharpe [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 12:47:46 +0000 (12:47 +0000)]
Adding rewritten restore code ... Old code is still there
surrounded by a OLD_DOTARPUT.
(This used to be commit 00ba54d4ee9ad875c5cfbee09d4b745df5f116ab)

23 years agogot rid of SMB_STRUCT_STATVFS. I don't think we should be defining
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 03:53:14 +0000 (03:53 +0000)]
got rid of SMB_STRUCT_STATVFS. I don't think we should be defining
structures that only apply on some platforms.
(This used to be commit 926591067cd8646426ca06df0b00a1d6f6dd5752)

23 years agogto ri of a bunch more #ifdef LARGE_SMB_OFF_T checks by introducing a
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 03:00:20 +0000 (03:00 +0000)]
gto ri of a bunch more #ifdef LARGE_SMB_OFF_T checks by introducing a
SOFF_T() macro for setting an SMB_OFF_T variable

also limited mmap based reads to MAX_MMAP_SIZE. We really can't mmap
2^50 bytes due to virtual address space problems.
(This used to be commit 4e784b18899eddd2399a51fa7d8c219560432922)

23 years agoadded a SMB_OFF_T_BITS define, allowing us to get rid of most of the
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 02:30:03 +0000 (02:30 +0000)]
added a SMB_OFF_T_BITS define, allowing us to get rid of most of the
#ifdefs for LARGE_OFF_T.
(This used to be commit 724b9508c2d15bafdad5912fce702108fdd4cac3)

23 years agofixed a typo (LLARGE_SMB_OFF_T instead of LARGE_SMB_OFF_T)
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 02:28:21 +0000 (02:28 +0000)]
fixed a typo (LLARGE_SMB_OFF_T instead of LARGE_SMB_OFF_T)
(This used to be commit 3e77d94cd2d693490265b60ad7c576a25902d8ea)

23 years agoremoved another use of the LL suffix. Hopefully this is the last one
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 02:27:24 +0000 (02:27 +0000)]
removed another use of the LL suffix. Hopefully this is the last one
(a grep doesn't show any more)
(This used to be commit c1bd188744b0df950f2e00550c25f7d3e148094b)

23 years agofixed a usage of off_t that should have been SMB_OFF_T
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 02:26:36 +0000 (02:26 +0000)]
fixed a usage of off_t that should have been SMB_OFF_T
(This used to be commit 24ae7657011929fd3529caa909f3afe866186cd2)

23 years agogot rid of some #ifdef LARGE_XXXX stuff and got rid of non-portable LL
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 02:21:07 +0000 (02:21 +0000)]
got rid of some #ifdef LARGE_XXXX stuff and got rid of non-portable LL
suffix from some constants.
(This used to be commit 84956eddf32aa66c787ec76bdb60d2843fa7a025)

23 years agoinclude/includes.h:
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 00:30:28 +0000 (00:30 +0000)]
lib/system.c: Can't assume every system has a statvfs varient.
              Return -1 for those that don't.
smbd/reply.c: Fixed printf warning.
(This used to be commit 14c134e8316687aa5a4ee089c2acfa6428faceae)

23 years agonmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c: Fixed printf style warning.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 18 Sep 1998 00:12:15 +0000 (00:12 +0000)]
nmbd/nmbd_winsserver.c: Fixed printf style warning.
script/mkproto.awk: Added SMB_BIG_UINT.
(This used to be commit c22c40f0caa7d6a9e8120e6415fa728db708db3e)

23 years agoconfigure Added checks for statvfs64. Last bit of 64 bit widening ...
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 23:06:57 +0000 (23:06 +0000)]
configure Added checks for statvfs64. Last bit of 64 bit widening (I hope :-).
include/ Added #undef STAT_STATVFS64.
include/includes.h: Added SMB_STRUCT_STATVFS type, Changed SMB_BIG_INTEGER to
                    SMB_BIG_UINT and SMB_BIG_INT types.
include/smb.h: Added flag defines from CIFS spec.
lib/debug.c: Fixed one more mode_t issue.
lib/system.c: Added sys_statvfs wrapper.
lib/util.c: Changed trim_string to use size_t.
param/loadparm.c: Moved "blocking locks" into locking section. Alphabetised
                  locking options. Question - shuld we do this for all options ?
passdb/ldap.c: Changed SMB_BIG_INTEGER to SMB_BIG_UINT.
passdb/nispass.c: Changed SMB_BIG_INTEGER to SMB_BIG_UINT.
passdb/smbpass.c: Changed SMB_BIG_INTEGER to SMB_BIG_UINT.
smbd/dfree.c: Changed to use 64 bit types if available. Moved to use unsigned
smbd/dosmode.c: Fixed one more mode_t issue.
smbd/negprot.c: Changed literals to be FLAG_ #defines.
smbd/nttrans.c: Removed dead code.
smbd/open.c: Changed disk_free call.
smbd/process.c: Changed literals to be FLAG_ #defines.
smbd/reply.c: Changed disk_free call.
smbd/trans2.c: Fixed but in SMB_QUERY_FS_VOLUME_INFO call. Was using
               UNICODE - should use ascii.
tests/summary.c: Added STAT_STATVFS64 check.
(This used to be commit c512b1b91fb7f2a7a93b9033a33e06d966daadb4)

23 years agoconfigure Added tests for fseek64 and ftell64.
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 19:16:12 +0000 (19:16 +0000)]
configure Added tests for fseek64 and ftell64. Added fseek64 and ftell64.
includes.h: Added definition of SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
smb.h: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
access.c: Tidyup of dbug statement.
system.c: Added sys_fseek and sys_ftell. Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
asyncdns.c: Tidyup of comment.
loadparm.c: Tidyup of set_default_server_announce_type() function definition.
ldap.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
nispass.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
smbpass.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
smbpassfile.c: Use sys_fseek().
chgpasswd.c: Tidyup of debug statement.
dosmode.c: Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
ipc.c: Removal of dead code.
nttrans.c: Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
open.c: Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
pipes.c: Removal of dead code.
reply.c: Removal of dead code.
trans2.c: Removal of dead code. Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
(This used to be commit c381d32e3dc23fe887408016cae821aceb30da2c)

23 years agoconfigure, Added fseek64 and ftell64.
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 19:09:16 +0000 (19:09 +0000)]
configure, Added fseek64 and ftell64. Added fseek64 and ftell64.
includes.h: Added definition of SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
smb.h: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
access.c: Tidyup of dbug statement.
system.c: Added sys_fseek and sys_ftell. Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
asyncdns.c: Tidyup of comment.
loadparm.c: Tidyup of set_default_server_announce_type() function definition.
ldap.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
nispass.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
smbpass.c: Changed (*getsmbpwpos) and (*setsmbpwpos) to use SMB_BIG_INTEGER.
smbpassfile.c: Use sys_fseek().
chgpasswd.c: Tidyup of debug statement.
dosmode.c: Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
ipc.c: Removal of dead code.
nttrans.c: Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
open.c: Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
pipes.c: Removal of dead code.
reply.c: Removal of dead code.
trans2.c: Removal of dead code. Changed mode calls to use mode_t.
(This used to be commit 9c8ecd994d43ec64f46ef54e608acb651a9d67e1)

23 years agopreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 5
Samba Release Account [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 08:35:56 +0000 (08:35 +0000)]
preparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 5
(This used to be commit 1c627b8f39e0a219ea333d39228a3edbcc8ea666)

23 years agofixed another potential fork bomb where the wins file becomes
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 08:35:07 +0000 (08:35 +0000)]
fixed another potential fork bomb where the wins file becomes
non-writeable for some reason.
(This used to be commit 9edd43dcd6cc040416f11e00320c53682558fd8a)

23 years agofixed the nmbd fork bomb. It was a silly mistake, as
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 08:27:46 +0000 (08:27 +0000)]
fixed the nmbd fork bomb. It was a silly mistake, as
expected. wins_write_database() didn't exit after doing its stuff, so
when it returned you had two copies of nmbd :)
(This used to be commit 5e6488d4830016ea720a644c1b1ae25b336d3b8b)

23 years agofixed a typo in my last commit
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 08:23:00 +0000 (08:23 +0000)]
fixed a typo in my last commit
(This used to be commit 31b4048362c63ab19e9ef35453c3763eec8b8f2b)

23 years agofixed a potential problem with wins_write_database() child processes.
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 17 Sep 1998 06:36:08 +0000 (06:36 +0000)]
fixed a potential problem with wins_write_database() child processes.

In sig_term() we were calling wins_write_database(0) which would fork a
child. This child might then get killed by the same process killing
off the parent. That process would then fork another child etc.

The solution is to pass a "background" flag to wins_write_database(0)
and only fork if this is set.
(This used to be commit 1e1a512e3ff59f962fb3de382f671618bed60839)

23 years agoRemoved hideous inefficiencies in old trim_string code. This was making
Jeremy Allison [Tue, 15 Sep 1998 01:38:10 +0000 (01:38 +0000)]
Removed hideous inefficiencies in old trim_string code. This was making
calls to strlen() a profiling hotspot.
(This used to be commit ffa450acddb7aec6a440ae3fe6032c109805d176)

23 years agoMapped correct open modes for READ_CONTROL access.
Jeremy Allison [Mon, 14 Sep 1998 20:43:50 +0000 (20:43 +0000)]
Mapped correct open modes for READ_CONTROL access.
(This used to be commit 4a62b73633b8f8707a2961b355d4997f429c86bc)

23 years agoFixed problems people were having with creating profile
Jeremy Allison [Mon, 14 Sep 1998 19:49:55 +0000 (19:49 +0000)]
Fixed problems people were having with creating profile
directories (NTTrans/Create with Security Descriptor for
a directory). It turns out the CIFS spec is bogus (what a
suprise) and the 'is a directory' flag is actually embedded
in the create_options field.

(This used to be commit 68750d8153f01bd0802bb86e93c3ca5d11acb199)

23 years agoOk so with this bugfix 64 bit file access actually seems to work :-).
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 11 Sep 1998 21:42:18 +0000 (21:42 +0000)]
Ok so with this bugfix 64 bit file access actually seems to work :-).

Problems were just dumb bugs like (defining sys_lseek to return 'int' DOH !).

(This used to be commit 54dd51176fbab18af0b21bdee71b53f8f86573a8)

23 years agoOk - this is the 'expose 64 bit to the clients' checkin.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 11 Sep 1998 19:14:27 +0000 (19:14 +0000)]
Ok - this is the 'expose 64 bit to the clients' checkin.

I have tested it by creating a 'holey' 20GB file - checking that
it shows up correctl in the NT file view (it does) and am busily
copying it to NULL: on the NT box. All good so far.... :-).

Also implemented NT 'delete on close' semantics.

(This used to be commit 1654faee80648583e6a47ab7eda990fefdf85124)

23 years agoAdded ssize_t to configure code.
Jeremy Allison [Fri, 11 Sep 1998 01:24:30 +0000 (01:24 +0000)]
Added ssize_t to configure code.
Got 'religion' about using size_t and ssize_t for read/write stuff
as part of the code to expose 64 bits to the client.

This checkin does all the 'easy' stuff - such as all the read/write/lock
calls - but now comes the harder parts (open & friends) and all the
file enquiry functions.....

(This used to be commit 36544fe5476f7770bd5748574fc54be7b3ee4d4a)

23 years agosmb.h: Removed fdnum from file_fd_struct. Not needed.
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 10 Sep 1998 18:57:06 +0000 (18:57 +0000)]
smb.h: Removed fdnum from file_fd_struct. Not needed.
files.c: Removed fd bitmap - not needed. Added code to do use arrays rather
         than linked list - disabled by default but can be enabled to check
(This used to be commit 069efc04545d5fdfc5c40467b8b7554ed5226a2e)

23 years agofixed a bug in the wins database writer that caused the database to be
Andrew Tridgell [Thu, 10 Sep 1998 04:00:09 +0000 (04:00 +0000)]
fixed a bug in the wins database writer that caused the database to be
written continuously rather than once every 5 seconds (at most).

also changed it to 20 seconds :)
(This used to be commit 1b07de7079e81da9c0b930bdc30ae0451b57d53a)

23 years agoImproved stat cache code by uppercasing any search name that gets added to
Jeremy Allison [Thu, 10 Sep 1998 00:35:10 +0000 (00:35 +0000)]
Improved stat cache code by uppercasing any search name that gets added to
it if we're in case insensitive mode, and then doing a memcmp rather
than a StrnCaseCmp (which is *horribly* slow) on every lookup.
Fixed bug with refusing NT SMB's (use *brackets* where needed :-).
(This used to be commit 02b3fddce33a58a4db2102670b502fc0c6f45fab)

23 years agoCopyright notices written to debug logs are now through 1998.
Christopher R. Hertel [Wed, 9 Sep 1998 16:37:54 +0000 (16:37 +0000)]
Copyright notices written to debug logs are now through 1998.

Chris -)-----
(This used to be commit ac13c29d46f564fc340b652b4b71dfa92e4b5b16)

23 years agoAdded back groupname map stuff removed by Andrew's "slash 'n' burn"
Jeremy Allison [Tue, 8 Sep 1998 19:21:04 +0000 (19:21 +0000)]
Added back groupname map stuff removed by Andrew's "slash 'n' burn"
tactics :-). Protected by #ifdef until used.

Fixed bug in fd_attempt_close() where a pointer to potentially
free'd memory was returned. I hate that.

Added "blocking locks" as a per-share option for performance testing.

Changed is_mangled() so it will return true if called with a pathname
and any component of the pathname was mangled (it was already attempting
to do this, but not checking for a '/' as end-of-mangle).

This should be a better fix for the wierd stat cache bug Andrew identified.

(This used to be commit 0de01f45980c7bc261248a9cead972a8d8cbd594)

23 years agoadded 0x10 to the frag length in the "bind ack".
Luke Leighton [Mon, 7 Sep 1998 17:01:52 +0000 (17:01 +0000)]
added 0x10 to the frag length in the "bind ack".
(This used to be commit 46301b1d2161317f56049934a9e7b658447b2c76)