13 years agor18849: a bit of help for the new user, to figure out how to do initial setup
Derrell Lipman [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 19:16:42 +0000 (19:16 +0000)]
r18849: a bit of help for the new user, to figure out how to do initial setup
(This used to be commit 72f350ec2cc36865c790df314deb09ac3049c580)

13 years agor18848: Save the json library before I start hacking on it. I'm going to be
Derrell Lipman [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 19:15:27 +0000 (19:15 +0000)]
r18848: Save the json library before I start hacking on it.  I'm going to be
converting it to natively use ejs objects, instead of its own internal
(This used to be commit 119db8924a6e9c40a94c76c57198877875c53afc)

13 years agor18847: Add WERR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES showing up in dfs torture testing.
Günther Deschner [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 19:04:39 +0000 (19:04 +0000)]
r18847: Add WERR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES showing up in dfs torture testing.

(This used to be commit 692746ff8d1352a93a19ba9d537ca894a2ea186f)

13 years agor18844: Workaround win2k behaviour (which returns WERR_NO_MORE_ITEMS instead of
Günther Deschner [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 09:13:48 +0000 (09:13 +0000)]
r18844: Workaround win2k behaviour (which returns WERR_NO_MORE_ITEMS instead of
WERR_OK) in the dfs torture test.

(This used to be commit dc1b8a3aae9f00fb7dfb0dc2fdd2ee3647ecebf1)

13 years agor18843: Got DFS_MANAGER_VERSION_NT4 wrong.
Günther Deschner [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 08:17:14 +0000 (08:17 +0000)]
r18843: Got DFS_MANAGER_VERSION_NT4 wrong.

(This used to be commit 8e19284fbd425d04954eaed374c72b0230d4ff99)

13 years agor18840: make these compatible with g++ warnings
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 04:36:30 +0000 (04:36 +0000)]
r18840: make these compatible with g++ warnings
(This used to be commit bcfa93954fdb00f500f174cd227e3d9b2ef94fdc)

13 years agor18839: align all directory search blobs on an 8 byte boundary to keep the
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 02:45:06 +0000 (02:45 +0000)]
r18839: align all directory search blobs on an 8 byte boundary to keep the
current vista release happy.
(This used to be commit d3f0114a9dc8458cccfda71087668b1ddf4d380c)

13 years agor18838: make sure we cleanup after SMB2-MAXWRITE (it creates a large file)
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 02:32:47 +0000 (02:32 +0000)]
r18838: make sure we cleanup after SMB2-MAXWRITE (it creates a large file)
(This used to be commit 54894fb8b87a10dbf36476a001e2e32a0263c4fa)

13 years agor18835: expand IO limits on SMB2. Samba4 now tops out at 16.7MB IOs.
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 02:19:15 +0000 (02:19 +0000)]
r18835: expand IO limits on SMB2. Samba4 now tops out at 16.7MB IOs.
(This used to be commit 1e34e4d5a1fd3d74080424140e4ab276b6042d12)

13 years agor18834: get the log context code right
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 01:59:48 +0000 (01:59 +0000)]
r18834: get the log context code right
(This used to be commit b6bb5d7b772467042cee6ea372119781c42b91c1)

13 years agor18833: darn, forgot to commit this
Andrew Tridgell [Sat, 23 Sep 2006 01:54:29 +0000 (01:54 +0000)]
r18833: darn, forgot to commit this

sorry about the build breakage
(This used to be commit c0684d0f26917e6623bad1e0f9b8312873230300)

13 years agor18832: fixed standalone build
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 23:25:16 +0000 (23:25 +0000)]
r18832: fixed standalone build
(This used to be commit 1ebc098b6776d38451e441280ac13664d64569f4)

13 years agor18831: minor build changes for samba3. The logging changes will be removed
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 23:22:39 +0000 (23:22 +0000)]
r18831: minor build changes for samba3. The logging changes will be removed
when the tdb api is updated
(This used to be commit 6ace943fac101839e35cbc83dc54fde2068f704b)

13 years agor18830: ensure backends aren't added twice (needed for samba3)
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 23:21:36 +0000 (23:21 +0000)]
r18830: ensure backends aren't added twice (needed for samba3)
(This used to be commit 54b864b491d8a10c28833d28b764262503a72e91)

13 years agor18829: Print a nice welcome message when we enter the test environment.
Andrew Bartlett [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 20:00:49 +0000 (20:00 +0000)]
r18829: Print a nice welcome message when we enter the test environment.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 77f1c15d92d13f6e4f278d9d4b0f15fab66b4bbc)

13 years agor18828: Export some more useful environment varibles, particularly for use in
Andrew Bartlett [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 19:43:08 +0000 (19:43 +0000)]
r18828: Export some more useful environment varibles, particularly for use in
'make testenv'

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 5215b834bd08ae01b055aed0f2dc074b58996709)

13 years agor18827: I forgot to commit this:
Andrew Bartlett [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 19:39:27 +0000 (19:39 +0000)]
r18827: I forgot to commit this:

Make kpasswdd use the new prototype for

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 989f40ea027328cdaa31dc89ce52b2243b4aad76)

13 years agor18826: Allow 'enterprise' principal names to log in.
Andrew Bartlett [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 18:39:49 +0000 (18:39 +0000)]
r18826: Allow 'enterprise' principal names to log in.

These principals do not need to be in the same realm as the rest of
the ticket, the full principal name is in the first componet of the

Samba4's backend will handle getting this to the 'right' place.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 90b01b8af21609e2e5c8b6bd8cab8bd393844acf)

13 years agor18825: speed up the test by using a smaller file. It was
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 15:14:53 +0000 (15:14 +0000)]
r18825: speed up the test by using a smaller file. It was
taking over half an hour on some systems
(This used to be commit 13ca7297dd8645085f12d4cf586c2c07f0f1b287)

13 years agor18824: fixed a bug in cifsdd when the file is exactly a multiple of the block
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 15:14:03 +0000 (15:14 +0000)]
r18824: fixed a bug in cifsdd when the file is exactly a multiple of the block
size (cifsdd incorrectly reported an error and exited)
(This used to be commit 897b1ae3bff4914e5cfbcb333184045c2a1deaf3)

13 years agor18822: Automatically remove a forced dfs standard root creation.
Günther Deschner [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 10:37:43 +0000 (10:37 +0000)]
r18822: Automatically remove a forced dfs standard root creation.

(This used to be commit 5af5c1877465092b0682d4f166f6e33511e4a292)

13 years agor18821: Correctly name dfs_AddStdRootForced() test.
Günther Deschner [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 10:31:19 +0000 (10:31 +0000)]
r18821: Correctly name dfs_AddStdRootForced() test.

(This used to be commit 0ee08738697bee4fbeebb1e45211d193a6dc7abb)

13 years agor18815: Fill in IDL for domain based DFS root functions (dfs_AddFtRoot,
Günther Deschner [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:36:30 +0000 (08:36 +0000)]
r18815: Fill in IDL for domain based DFS root functions (dfs_AddFtRoot,
dfs_RemoveFtRoot and dfs_FlushFtTable).

(This used to be commit 91d4fc25c5448cd8e3d6991b38a9f2190324c6b2)

13 years agor18808: added SMB2-MAXWRITE test and SMB2-DIR tests
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 04:04:46 +0000 (04:04 +0000)]
r18808: added SMB2-MAXWRITE test and SMB2-DIR tests

expanded size of dangerous level for write in SMB2-CONNECT test
(This used to be commit 355c6e78a91f4e934479829e722f873ca7e66baf)

13 years agor18807: don't overtax the imaginations of servers that can't do mkdir on \\dirname\\
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 03:50:15 +0000 (03:50 +0000)]
r18807: don't overtax the imaginations of servers that can't do mkdir on \\dirname\\
(This used to be commit 6f2b585f8eb0feb79c0a9d11f1cae3b16e8f162f)

13 years agor18806: fixed two spelling errors
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 03:49:40 +0000 (03:49 +0000)]
r18806: fixed two spelling errors
(This used to be commit f11112d7f0a6b1550008fd8192be2592412fb222)

13 years agor18805: make error message match function name
Andrew Tridgell [Fri, 22 Sep 2006 03:49:24 +0000 (03:49 +0000)]
r18805: make error message match function name
(This used to be commit e46d8ed53f8eb4ba596ab6fc1924eb7f1829a3df)

13 years agor18800: fix a write behind the buffer bug...
Stefan Metzmacher [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 22:55:00 +0000 (22:55 +0000)]
r18800: fix a write behind the buffer bug...

Thanks Herb for finding this:-)

This was my bug, I typed it in on gd's laptop and he just run 'svn ci'

(This used to be commit 3c08e29f4fdde586084bdcf1b36eaf92ae944750)

13 years agor18786: I moved the usnChanged code around, and it now loaded in a different
Andrew Bartlett [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:42:56 +0000 (16:42 +0000)]
r18786: I moved the usnChanged code around, and it now loaded in a different
module.  I forgot to commit this last night.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 6c5f4af01fea1e3b38d18d5b1491cb22701317cf)

13 years agor18783: fix make pch
Stefan Metzmacher [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 07:35:30 +0000 (07:35 +0000)]
r18783: fix make pch

(This used to be commit e2b16a09b3363d3a72edce03724cb05204f2a350)

13 years agor18782: Do not send random data to the password change (although that reveals
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 07:19:47 +0000 (07:19 +0000)]
r18782: Do not send random data to the password change (although that reveals
interesting new password set tests), make sure to send valid characters.

(This used to be commit f193c5347cf5ef019becbc98965b83c6b249483c)

13 years agor18781: Move the usnCreated and usnChanged handling around again.
Andrew Bartlett [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 06:44:12 +0000 (06:44 +0000)]
r18781: Move the usnCreated and usnChanged handling around again.

This moves these attributes from objectguid into an optional backend
(objectguid), used by ltdb.  For OpenLDAP, the entryUUID module
converts entryCSN into usnChanged.

This also changes the sequence number API, and uses 'time based'
sequence numbers, when an LDAP or similar backend is detected.

To assist this, we also store the last modified time in the TDB,
whenever we change a value.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 72858f859483c0c532dddb2c146d6bd7b9be5072)

13 years agor18780: Add convenience "make testenv" to launch the xtermtest Andrew just added.
Jelmer Vernooij [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 06:42:52 +0000 (06:42 +0000)]
r18780: Add convenience "make testenv" to launch the xtermtest Andrew just added.
(This used to be commit e2cf38eca0f6fd632a9f544837eea90d66fd9cc6)

13 years agor18779: Not simo's fault, this is actually a bug I introduced a week ago, when I...
Andrew Bartlett [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 06:34:21 +0000 (06:34 +0000)]
r18779: Not simo's fault, this is actually a bug I introduced a week ago, when I fixed the previous bug in this code.

We need to remove fragments from the incoming fragment list, or else
we leak (actually, we walk free()'ed data as we add/remove elements).

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 77473d2ef9a7673cebb56b398acf390fd51a08c8)

13 years agor18777: add helper functions to create an ldb_request structure
Simo Sorce [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 06:14:32 +0000 (06:14 +0000)]
r18777: add helper functions to create an ldb_request structure
(This used to be commit bcbe82873f2f0a4e2552ed27eb171028de4560a7)

13 years agor18776: Fill in and test dfs_ManagerInitialize().
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 06:06:59 +0000 (06:06 +0000)]
r18776: Fill in and test dfs_ManagerInitialize().

(This used to be commit 3e0e9506b62322cba65d992fc8d783001595e7e7)

13 years agor18775: Performing an ldb op of 'do nothing' is pointless, and breaks against
Andrew Bartlett [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 05:44:39 +0000 (05:44 +0000)]
r18775: Performing an ldb op of 'do nothing' is pointless, and breaks against

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 9ce88a8917d383104c47f794a8c554c43d13e383)

13 years agor18774: This allows an automated way to setup the test environment in a shell,
Andrew Bartlett [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 05:42:56 +0000 (05:42 +0000)]
r18774: This allows an automated way to setup the test environment in a shell,
with all the helpful env variables set.

TEST_LDAP=yes script/tests/ st/ xterm SOCKET_WRAPPER

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit 1a48fa96bc4b096a72bf5e4455aaa43c63966c10)

13 years agor18770: Avoid crashes and fix up other issues in the client-side paged_searches module.
Andrew Bartlett [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 04:52:49 +0000 (04:52 +0000)]
r18770: Avoid crashes and fix up other issues in the client-side paged_searches module.

In particular, we must query the remote server to find out if paged
searches are supported, not the local ldb.

This patch also removes the ue of bool, and returns it to LDB error codes.

Andrew Bartlett
(This used to be commit d36d05858bb9b87802f5ffb83285ef12b9646741)

13 years agor18769: Re-enable __VA_ARGS__ test (but don't make it fatal)
Jelmer Vernooij [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 04:48:41 +0000 (04:48 +0000)]
r18769: Re-enable __VA_ARGS__ test (but don't make it fatal)
(This used to be commit cc8c403de8c6558031c14f929a485361b7eb0222)

13 years agor18768: Fix some warnings.
Jelmer Vernooij [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 04:33:19 +0000 (04:33 +0000)]
r18768: Fix some warnings.
(This used to be commit ac6c925f64f348e27a95f687398d1aaa913fd846)

13 years agor18767: Fix [ref] pointer in object oriented interfaces. Removes a
Jelmer Vernooij [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 04:26:31 +0000 (04:26 +0000)]
r18767: Fix [ref] pointer in object oriented interfaces. Removes a
bunch of warnings when compiling dcom.idl.
(This used to be commit 6f6dd761460e063eda3c1d0706358cb336c181fd)

13 years agor18766: Getting rid of one test_GetManagerVersion() call and fix the build.
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 03:36:10 +0000 (03:36 +0000)]
r18766: Getting rid of one test_GetManagerVersion() call and fix the build.

(This used to be commit dc9045b30c97e676a4d77356d3430f7337089ab5)

13 years agor18765: Fill in dfs_SetInfo() IDL and align function arguments with the names
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 03:11:51 +0000 (03:11 +0000)]
r18765: Fill in dfs_SetInfo() IDL and align function arguments with the names
found in the documentation.

(This used to be commit 56d16c10ef35eb160528381c81fd4561e49c3531)

13 years agor18764: Test all standalone DFS root functions in the torture test.
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:45:02 +0000 (02:45 +0000)]
r18764: Test all standalone DFS root functions in the torture test.

(This used to be commit 54f41ac444b9dd083ca1bd33bc8a2585f3c03344)

13 years agor18763: Removing old dfs_Add test, will be replaced with another one soon.
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:41:52 +0000 (02:41 +0000)]
r18763: Removing old dfs_Add test, will be replaced with another one soon.

(This used to be commit eca9c200849d02006c171b7fe87b85054c26b7a5)

13 years agor18762: Fillin standalone DFS root functions IDL.
Günther Deschner [Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:10:02 +0000 (02:10 +0000)]
r18762: Fillin standalone DFS root functions IDL.

(This used to be commit a8a6d7b649eb8610d7ee6d666e3df91afb50ac01)

13 years agor18759: Do not use "simple" as test password as pointed out by Andrew Bartlett.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:59:17 +0000 (23:59 +0000)]
r18759: Do not use "simple" as test password as pointed out by Andrew Bartlett.
Thanks metze.

(This used to be commit ea313d55655626cd4c8058cf5e89c0baa1cdcd6d)

13 years agor18757: Disable this for now
Simo Sorce [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:52:58 +0000 (23:52 +0000)]
r18757: Disable this for now
(This used to be commit f84a130c4bda8cc0221fff324d93a8617cacc511)

13 years agor18753: expand the test so that it does a growing number of changes
Rafal Szczesniak [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:42:58 +0000 (23:42 +0000)]
r18753: expand the test so that it does a growing number of changes
(up to 8, currently) randomly generated _and_ verify if the
change has actually been made.

surprising results when running the test (I hope it's just
a bug somewhere in it or in the libnet code).

(This used to be commit 652a291145ac18de2734266ebba843abe659b7db)

13 years agor18752: When change is a big one, it needs to be made in a couple
Rafal Szczesniak [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:39:15 +0000 (23:39 +0000)]
r18752: When change is a big one, it needs to be made in a couple
of set user info calls one after another (each one using
different info level). Also, try to do as many changes as
possible using a single infolevel.

(This used to be commit cee9a69ffaa51f0a2a0e7dcf89e183b3925feb97)

13 years agor18751: Check for samr reject codes and their particular order.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:32:56 +0000 (23:32 +0000)]
r18751: Check for samr reject codes and their particular order.

(This used to be commit 8f9ab07e78a3c89085754c9f6447c2b56292980c)

13 years agor18750: Disable not updating the last-modifification-time of proto headers because...
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:22:08 +0000 (23:22 +0000)]
r18750: Disable not updating the last-modifification-time of proto headers because this was confusing make.
(This used to be commit 4f5987e77f653984c60e3b34cd5aac5aa0a01124)

13 years agor18749: Disable automatic dependencies by default (use --enable-automatic-dependencie...
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:19:37 +0000 (23:19 +0000)]
r18749: Disable automatic dependencies by default (use --enable-automatic-dependencies to reenable).
(This used to be commit 5506c404877434c403bbe3055c6dd6c32531c96d)

13 years agor18746: Fix the build.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:31:04 +0000 (22:31 +0000)]
r18746: Fix the build.

(This used to be commit 34cff06e25ce63e2e3e78f9191138d21189a60a8)

13 years agor18743: Mention share name in error output.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 21:00:07 +0000 (21:00 +0000)]
r18743: Mention share name in error output.

(This used to be commit 18505ce2834e768e8f9fe09f7dbf2a3e93290e91)

13 years agor18741: test dfs_Enum and dfs_EnumEx in the torture test.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 20:40:45 +0000 (20:40 +0000)]
r18741: test dfs_Enum and dfs_EnumEx in the torture test.

(This used to be commit de5fe8350d7c5812d4197ad2712275f338e43243)

13 years agor18740: Some more work around srvsvc
Simo Sorce [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 20:32:36 +0000 (20:32 +0000)]
r18740: Some more work around srvsvc
(This used to be commit be2f4a2c44ed2b4d586f0d6e9976158f33fb29d8)

13 years agor18738: Fill in dfs_VolumeState.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:09:33 +0000 (19:09 +0000)]
r18738: Fill in dfs_VolumeState.

Hm, wondering if there is a better way to let that be composed out of
one dfs_VolumeFlavor flag and one dfs_VolumeState flag.

(This used to be commit 152fcddebc459624002c002bd2ee457ff6bca9ba)

13 years agor18737: Fill in the documented dfs_Target_PriorityClass.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:06:52 +0000 (19:06 +0000)]
r18737: Fill in the documented dfs_Target_PriorityClass.

(This used to be commit d2805754a242a395d0322fb6b44965f41a81c217)

13 years agor18736: Fill in the dfs_PropertyFlags (verified with dfsutil.exe).
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:05:26 +0000 (19:05 +0000)]
r18736: Fill in the dfs_PropertyFlags (verified with dfsutil.exe).

(This used to be commit f402f9898819a50886213e921f1136db40142ed6)

13 years agor18735: Fill in dfs_StorageState.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:02:44 +0000 (19:02 +0000)]
r18735: Fill in dfs_StorageState.

(This used to be commit 4b767d6eefe66e742980cbad3f5bbbf941556820)

13 years agor18734: Add flag to distinguish a standalone from a domain based DFS root.
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:00:15 +0000 (19:00 +0000)]
r18734: Add flag to distinguish a standalone from a domain based DFS root.

(This used to be commit 5d9941acdbce2cab63dbd09d3fff84ac8edb20c3)

13 years agor18733: More work on DFS idl. Start to add new infolevels (as of w2k3 sp1).
Günther Deschner [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 18:57:41 +0000 (18:57 +0000)]
r18733: More work on DFS idl. Start to add new infolevels (as of w2k3 sp1).

(This used to be commit d4e5d80c1d52b5bb2ebbf18c217032d61095aa00)

13 years agor18723: Update list of provided macros/defines in README.
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 17:29:34 +0000 (17:29 +0000)]
r18723: Update list of provided macros/defines in README.
(This used to be commit 5e951bdeec2d7d872410fafb9f051eb4340b6e50)

13 years agor18721: Fix base and samba3sam EJS tests to work without installation.
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 17:19:05 +0000 (17:19 +0000)]
r18721: Fix base and samba3sam EJS tests to work without installation.
(This used to be commit d062e101664a90f2f7bf0980449f920aa719ee76)

13 years agor18720: Get rid of unused file.
Jelmer Vernooij [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 17:18:21 +0000 (17:18 +0000)]
r18720: Get rid of unused file.
(This used to be commit 5c0451842b50e914bcc86ea59b066e86af5cae06)

13 years agor18716: put in a commented out useful hack for some RPC servers
Andrew Tridgell [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 16:35:05 +0000 (16:35 +0000)]
r18716: put in a commented out useful hack for some RPC servers
(This used to be commit fcf6d827199eac83fa424f2eb87a72ed8463e150)

13 years agor18715: 0x8 style status returns should also fail here (thanks metze)
Andrew Tridgell [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 16:33:25 +0000 (16:33 +0000)]
r18715: 0x8 style status returns should also fail here (thanks metze)
(This used to be commit f55de25ab30f9270bbd139dc1e683101db1069c8)

13 years agor18708: much nicer fix
Stefan Metzmacher [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 02:09:14 +0000 (02:09 +0000)]
r18708: much nicer fix

(This used to be commit 8999a9eb2e7f3e8e4ff8f5311b9375bde590f2a5)

13 years agor18706: fix whitespaces
Stefan Metzmacher [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 01:56:57 +0000 (01:56 +0000)]
r18706: fix whitespaces

(This used to be commit e4f34c2030d8283baeb5e3fa7632fba8decea23b)

13 years agor18704: readd BOOL define to fix the build
Stefan Metzmacher [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 00:23:26 +0000 (00:23 +0000)]
r18704: readd BOOL define to fix the build

but I think this is the wrong fix...

(This used to be commit 018b142d93ba2d36cd68db407e4a591461137b9b)

13 years agor18696: Zero initialize ref ptrs.
Jelmer Vernooij [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:48:08 +0000 (22:48 +0000)]
r18696: Zero initialize ref ptrs.
(This used to be commit 8de48f62e7840431fe5bfbb1c61daaafcf421ff1)

13 years agor18693: Print debug info when DEBUGLEVEL >= 10 in the Samba3 code.
Jelmer Vernooij [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:39:49 +0000 (22:39 +0000)]
r18693: Print debug info when DEBUGLEVEL >= 10 in the Samba3 code.
(This used to be commit d28ae3f70ad4f6b09780e600ecb98c39cc62fd24)

13 years agor18691: Forgot to add copyright info.
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:35:37 +0000 (22:35 +0000)]
r18691: Forgot to add copyright info.

(This used to be commit 1289d419a8fc3e541d9d2f1812e169800d650e71)

13 years agor18689: Initialize r.out in the server side code, in case the handler function
Jelmer Vernooij [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:18:16 +0000 (22:18 +0000)]
r18689: Initialize r.out in the server side code, in case the handler function
doesn't touch them.
(This used to be commit 2ac2c7ca60c70d70a07162c63bfb492c74816c7c)

13 years agor18686: Fix typo protocl->protocol
Volker Lendecke [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:41:02 +0000 (21:41 +0000)]
r18686: Fix typo protocl->protocol
(This used to be commit 14b88fefa088b39ca1e6b7d0ef08310d233c6788)

13 years agor18685: we don't need this here
Stefan Metzmacher [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:33:40 +0000 (21:33 +0000)]
r18685: we don't need this here

(This used to be commit cc729e646c5e3cb7919d033f90bda1dce545ff6b)

13 years agor18683: NET-USERMOD test changed to be able to perform multiple simultaneous
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 19:15:36 +0000 (19:15 +0000)]
r18683: NET-USERMOD test changed to be able to perform multiple simultaneous

Also, some common definitions for user mod tests have been put into
a separate file.

(This used to be commit 0040c087481be68d44a0b59744be5c5e569fd8a4)

13 years agor18682: a bit of a change in setfield function.
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 19:10:14 +0000 (19:10 +0000)]
r18682: a bit of a change in setfield function.
one more change to do...

(This used to be commit 43b550c83b9e595ba140a89df5683574513a3a4c)

13 years agor18676: Don't mix ShareInfo and ShareCtr definitions,
Simo Sorce [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 15:39:21 +0000 (15:39 +0000)]
r18676: Don't mix ShareInfo and ShareCtr definitions,
this makes a much more readable include file
(This used to be commit e3b157af9f870c4c2423095c5ccb1bbcaf3faa61)

13 years agor18675: merge from samba3:
Stefan Metzmacher [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 03:51:45 +0000 (03:51 +0000)]
r18675: merge from samba3:

we need to define the macros the indicate we have bool
even if we have not defining bool ourself

(This used to be commit 0c18e5d9383883f696113837a9e2d1bc078f18b1)

13 years agor18674: merge from samba3,
Stefan Metzmacher [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 03:48:31 +0000 (03:48 +0000)]
r18674: merge from samba3,

PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE seems to not work with gcc 3.0

(This used to be commit dfb9bfba943bb4954101e7e02fa5a68046817162)

13 years agor18668: fix ref pointer related bugs, we should watch the compiler warnings!
Stefan Metzmacher [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 01:34:53 +0000 (01:34 +0000)]
r18668: fix ref pointer related bugs, we should watch the compiler warnings!
only cc on us4 bailed out...

(This used to be commit 35da9e4f4ff6082ea938c9c72992015f8b26280c)

13 years agor18661: C++ warnings
Volker Lendecke [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 00:55:40 +0000 (00:55 +0000)]
r18661: C++ warnings
(This used to be commit 771d30ca0c9d108b800bcfe33069f38dc4382662)

13 years agor18658: make the test change fields sequentially each one in turn.
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 00:27:49 +0000 (00:27 +0000)]
r18658: make the test change fields sequentially each one in turn.
now to multiple changes...

(This used to be commit 6df2c04e03ac6b7d518edfee7fd6a5de299bf9d4)

13 years agor18657: handle the case where rpc call went fine, but the result
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 00:25:55 +0000 (00:25 +0000)]
r18657: handle the case where rpc call went fine, but the result
not necessariy did.

(This used to be commit 69c379cc636d2ccd454ea21c7ccebf27dd84e40d)

13 years agor18656: fix stupid mistake causing segfaults in torture test
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 00:24:41 +0000 (00:24 +0000)]
r18656: fix stupid mistake causing segfaults in torture test
and also add one more field to be set.

(This used to be commit e2621d00638f7dbf9f0bf862d2841da73f26d0af)

13 years agor18655: add more fields and better handle the error case where fields
Rafal Szczesniak [Tue, 19 Sep 2006 00:23:55 +0000 (00:23 +0000)]
r18655: add more fields and better handle the error case where fields
setting routine don't know how to do that (and user info level
is invalid).

(This used to be commit a7564931a72069f5ddc86956bc573f448a3c99f7)

13 years agor18639: Get rid of the keepref support
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 21:52:00 +0000 (21:52 +0000)]
r18639: Get rid of the keepref support
(This used to be commit d1364ef0cd8f1a64f44476476323ab390ac4de48)

13 years agor18637: Fix the build. Sorry,
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 21:03:03 +0000 (21:03 +0000)]
r18637: Fix the build. Sorry,

(This used to be commit d6cc668a6c1dcf45d06a1f666d5341f2a6e7f131)

13 years agor18636: Excessive testing with pam_winbind within Samba3 revealed a new samr
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 21:00:00 +0000 (21:00 +0000)]
r18636: Excessive testing with pam_winbind within Samba3 revealed a new samr
reject reason code while password changing: SAMR_REJECT_IN_HISTORY which
is different from SAMR_REJECT_COMPLEXITY.

torture test to follow as well.

(This used to be commit 7513748208214339e764cc990aa1dbbcf864975a)

13 years agor18635: Make sure to display samr_GroupAttrs in samr_DispInfo for groups instead
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:56:54 +0000 (20:56 +0000)]
r18635: Make sure to display samr_GroupAttrs in samr_DispInfo for groups instead
of interpreting them as samr_AcctFlags.

(This used to be commit ed02c1afc82391f5aeb7caa9a6cd942b1b95e630)

13 years agor18634: Turn flags field into a bitmap.
Jelmer Vernooij [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:52:26 +0000 (20:52 +0000)]
r18634: Turn flags field into a bitmap.
(This used to be commit add8a8f6cf2335efbbbe8e77d8ea76e81449b2d6)

13 years agor18633: Add a couple of new WERR codes encountered with dfs torture testing.
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:44:54 +0000 (20:44 +0000)]
r18633: Add a couple of new WERR codes encountered with dfs torture testing.

(This used to be commit e2879f6fc21e5ca96b24ed11e4a460a0ebada8c3)

13 years agor18631: correct unintentional commit.
Rafal Szczesniak [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:28:47 +0000 (20:28 +0000)]
r18631: correct unintentional commit.

(This used to be commit c68ec9109e970d899672b8c9db12c181ff6c3b59)

13 years agor18630: Better way to display ref-pointers with [print]. Thanks to metze for
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:21:52 +0000 (20:21 +0000)]
r18630: Better way to display ref-pointers with [print]. Thanks to metze for
pointing this out.

(This used to be commit 246ab597057325611b5e53e6240ee8cabd3b6df7)

13 years agor18629: There is no such "unknown" pointer in dfs_Enum().
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:20:22 +0000 (20:20 +0000)]
r18629: There is no such "unknown" pointer in dfs_Enum().

(This used to be commit c5b49d111eec8acde1a8681c56d14d5d1316798b)

13 years agor18628: dfs_EnumEx() also takes a ref pointer.
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:19:43 +0000 (20:19 +0000)]
r18628: dfs_EnumEx() also takes a ref pointer.

(This used to be commit 69e2850caffb089e8c23d773a688319d239f470f)

13 years agor18627: only cosmetic reformat, no functional changes.
Günther Deschner [Mon, 18 Sep 2006 20:18:50 +0000 (20:18 +0000)]
r18627: only cosmetic reformat, no functional changes.

(This used to be commit fe90f29b86fb0240337ea8b549cd6f2f7f2eb5ca)