libcli/ldap/ldap_ndr.h: fix licence/copyright
[samba.git] / source4 /
2011-06-10 Andrew Tridgells4-samba-tool: added dbcheck commmand
2011-06-10 Andrew Bartletts4-librpc Remove unsued server_id4.idl
2011-06-10 Andrew Tridgells4-drs: added debug lines for missing linked attribute...
2011-06-10 Andrew Tridgells4-drs: ensure we add a RMD_ADDTIME when upgrading...
2011-06-10 Andrew Tridgells4-drs: cope with missing RMD_ADDTIME in linked attributes
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartletts4-param add const to loadparm_init_s3 s3_fns
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartlettlib/util Bring procid_str() into lib/util as server_id_...
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartlettlibrpc/idr Use the Samba3 notify.idl in common.
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartlettserver_id.idl: Bring server_id.idl in common
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartletts4-cluster Use task_id instead of id2 to clarify server...
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:rpc_server/dcesrv_samr.c - quiet enum warnings
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:ntvfs subsystem - quiet enum warnings
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:libnet/libnet_rpc.c - quiet an enum warning
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:winbind/wb_samba3_protocol.c - quiet enum warning
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:schema_convert_to_ol.c - fix memory contexts
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:dsdb/schema_convert_to_ol.c - quiet enum warning
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:auth/ntlm/auth.c - fix incompatible pointer type...
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:smbd/server.c - quiet "time_t" format string warning...
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... s4:librpc/rpc/dcerpc.c - janitorial: use "void" for...
2011-06-09 Matthias Dieter... ldb:ldb_msg.c - move away from "errno"
2011-06-09 Andrew Tridgellsamba-tool: added --local option to drs replicate command
2011-06-09 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: don't default to in provision
2011-06-08 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fill in pdc_ip in DsRGetDCNameEx2
2011-06-08 Andrew Tridgells4-wins: ensure we only use IPv4 for WINS owner
2011-06-08 Andrew Tridgells4-interface: raise the debug level for interface discovery
2011-06-08 Andrew Bartletts4-gensec bring GSS_S_CONTEXT_EXPIRED into it's own...
2011-06-08 Andrew Bartletts4-credentials Don't use expired Kerberos or GSSAPI...
2011-06-08 Andrew Bartletts4-credentials Allow use of file-based credentials...
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-cldap: fixed the CLDAP response for IPv6 clients
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed a crash in the IPv6 DNS code
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-dns: fixed samba_tool -> samba-tool
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-build: install a build link bin/provision
2011-06-07 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Fix 'make quicktest' on systems without LDAP...
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-provision: fixed detection of V4/V6 addresses
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed iface_list_same_net() for IPv6
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed DNS handling with new IPv6 code
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-dsdb: cope with missing backlinks in rpmd handling
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-netlogon: force an IPv4 address
2011-06-07 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fix iface_list_best_ip() for IPv6
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-auth Move default auth methods back into auth.c
2011-06-06 Björn Jackes4/server: simplify and replace bad portable gettimeofd...
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts3-s4-param: Add hooks for parametric options in the...
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-modules Remove lp_ctx from init functions that no...
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param Remove 'modules dir'
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartlettlib/util use modules_path(), data_path() and shlib_ext...
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param Add hook between Samba3 and Samba4 loadparm...
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param make lpcfg_sam_name() cope with PDC and BDC...
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param Remove 'sid generator'
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param Remove 'idmap database'
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param Remove 'secrets database' parameter
2011-06-06 Andrew Bartletts4-param Remove 'sam database' parameter
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fill in family when initialising from sockaddr
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: removed the old unused ipv6 code in dcerpc_sock.c
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fix the address family for IPv6 string addresses
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: allow for IPv6 in dcerpc socket calls
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: allow for IPv6 in resolver top level calls
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: use the server address family
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: cope with IPv6 in our async DNS client code
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-script: install some of the samba scripts in bin...
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-testparm: testparm is now part of samba_tool
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: enable IPv6 by default
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed binding to ipv4 addresses
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: removed an old comment
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: don't add link local addresses to DNS
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: ensure wrepl server does not use ipv6
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: added IPv6 support to samba_dnsupdate
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: update callers to load_interface_list()
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: allow ipv6 to be enabled/disabled in smb.conf
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-gpo: fixed display of GPO version numbers
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: the wins replication server can only handle...
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-webserver: fixed a talloc reference error on startup...
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: only listen on V4 addresses in the NBT server
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: use "ip" instead of "ipv4" for servers
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: use iface_list_wildcard() to listen on IPv6
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed stream_setup_socket() to handle IPv6
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed ipv6_listen() to use IPV6_V6ONLY
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: added socket_address_from_sockaddr_storage()
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: added ipv4 functions to interface code
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: fixed a warning
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: allow IPv6 addresses in our interfaces list
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: changed the default "socket address"
2011-06-06 Andrew Tridgells4-ipv6: added iface_list_wildcard()
2011-06-04 Volker LendeckeMake samba4.drs.fsmo.python knownfail
2011-06-02 Rusty don't assume order of ldb results.
2011-06-01 Rusty Russelllib/util/time.c: timeval_current_ofs_usec
2011-06-01 Rusty Russelllib/util/time.c: timeval_current_ofs_msec
2011-06-01 Andrew Tridgellsamba-tool: improved error handling in user setexpiry
2011-06-01 Andrew Tridgellsamba-tool: improved user enable error handling
2011-06-01 Theresa Hallorans4:samba-tool: Move samba-tool setexpiry to samba-tool...
2011-06-01 Theresa Hallorans4/samba-tool: Move samba-tool enableaccount to samba...
2011-05-31 Sean Finneylibrpc/ndr: add new LIBNDR_FLAG_STR_RAW8 for ndr_pull_s...
2011-05-31 Andrew Bartlettlibcli/util Remove ntstatus_check_dos_mapping
2011-05-31 Andrew Bartletts4-libcli Merge error map order with source3 errmap_unix.c
2011-05-30 Andrew Bartlettheimdal: Remove getprogname and setprogname from the...
2011-05-30 Andrew Bartlettheimdal_build: Don't use heimdal's getprogname() and...
2011-05-30 Gregor Becks4:torture: fix SEGFAULT in raw.acl.dynamic
2011-05-25 Matthias Dieter... s4:samldb LDB module - check if the RODC group exists...
2011-05-25 Matthias Dieter... s4:samldb LDB module - better to call "samldb_prim_grou...
2011-05-25 Matthias Dieter... s4:samldb LDB module - convert a "dsdb_module_search...
2011-05-25 Matthias Dieter... - uncomment/enhance some account type tests