- add 'print' to the DCERPC binding strings
[samba.git] / source4 / torture / rpc / srvsvc.c
2004-02-03 Stefan Metzmacher- add 'print' to the DCERPC binding strings
2003-12-21 Andrew Tridgellminor updates to make the srvsvc test compile
2003-12-15 Andrew Tridgellfixed srvsvc DiskEnum call
2003-12-15 Andrew Tridgellpatch from metze with updates to srvsvc and changes...
2003-11-22 Andrew Tridgella fairly major upgrade to the dcerpc system
2003-11-20 Andrew Tridgellfixed srvsvc_NetShareEnumAll()
2003-11-20 Richard SharpeAdd a 1004 level for srvsvc.
2003-11-19 Andrew Tridgellswitched to a new way of handling unions, so that we...
2003-11-19 Andrew Tridgellsrvsvc IDL and test code from metze. Thanks!