lib: Remove poll_funcs
[samba.git] / source3 / wscript_build
2016-10-04 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove poll_funcs
2016-10-04 Volker Lendeckemessages_dgm: Convert to pthreadpool_tevent
2016-09-24 Jeremy Allisons3: events. Move events.c to util_event.c
2016-09-11 Günther Deschners3-waf: give rpcclient its own wscript_build.
2016-08-31 Andreas Schneiderkrb5_wrap: Move unwrap_edata_ntstatus() and make it...
2016-08-23 Amitay Isaacss3-lib: Remove unused function sprintf_append
2016-08-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove unused source3/lib/asys
2016-08-23 Volker Lendeckesmbtorture3: Add LOCAL-PTHREADPOOL-TEVENT
2016-07-28 Ralph Boehmes3/lib: add smbd_cleanupd.tdb
2016-07-15 Volker Lendeckelib: Add server_id_watch_send
2016-06-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Move poll_funcs to lib/
2016-06-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Move msghdr to lib/util/
2016-04-15 Volker Lendecketldap: Add tldap_gensec_bind
2016-03-15 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: pylibsmb depends on pycredentials
2016-03-15 Garming Sambuild: mark explicit dependencies on pytalloc-util
2016-03-13 Uri Simchonibuild: fix disk-free quota support on Solaris 10
2016-03-10 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: unused ntlmssp.c
2016-03-10 Stefan Metzmachers3:ntlmssp: remove unused libsmb/ntlmssp_wrap.c
2016-02-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Extract sys_popen()
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused WINBINDD_UID_TO_SID
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused WINBINDD_GID_TO_SID
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused WINBINDD_SID_TO_GID
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused WINBINDD_SID_TO_UID
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused wbint_Gid2Sid
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused wbint_Uid2Sid
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Expose WINBINDD_XIDS_TO_SIDS externally
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add wb_xids2sids
2016-02-12 Andreas Schneiders3-waf: Install smbspool_krb5_wrapper in LIBEXECDIR
2016-02-02 Günther Deschnerlibsmb/pysmb: add pytalloc-util dependency to fix the...
2016-01-26 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Only build smb_krb5_wrapper if we have CUPS
2016-01-26 Stefan Metzmachersmbd: add smbXsrv_client.c
2016-01-25 Andreas Schneiders3-client: Add a KRB5 wrapper for smbspool
2016-01-22 Michael Adampassdb: change ABI version to 0.25.0 due to removed...
2016-01-15 Günther Deschners3-util: add helper functions to deal with the S-1...
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijRename 'errors' to 'samba-errors' and make it public.
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Add retry also for ADS method calls
2015-12-16 Stefan MetzmacherMerge tag 'ldb-1.1.24' into master
2015-12-14 Volker Lendeckelib: Separate out xx_path() & callers
2015-12-03 Björn Jackeclitar: cope with functions of older versions of libarchive
2015-11-30 Garming Sampassdb: Change ABI version to 0.24.2
2015-11-16 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Implement a cleanup daemon
2015-11-10 Volker Lendeckevfs: Remove smb_traffic_analyzer
2015-11-09 Amitay Isaacss3-build: Avoid setting CTDB specific include path
2015-11-09 Volker Lendeckelib: Move some procid functions out of util.c
2015-10-19 Volker Lendeckelib: Push down unique generation one level
2015-10-12 Volker Lendeckelib: Move sys_rw* to lib/util
2015-10-12 Andrew Bartlettpam_smbpass: REMOVE this PAM module
2015-09-09 Michael Adambuild: line-break deps for 'param' subsystem
2015-09-09 Michael Adambuild: fix quotation of deps for 'param' subsystem.
2015-08-20 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: simplify ABI matching for pdb_*_init()
2015-08-20 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: fix the build without any idmap module
2015-07-08 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: fix the build using dmapi and fam...
2015-07-08 Volker LendeckeRemove ctdb_conn.[ch]
2015-07-07 Volker Lendeckeutils: add net notify
2015-07-07 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Replace the tdb-based notify_internal with notify_msg
2015-07-07 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Start the notify daemon
2015-07-07 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Add the notify daemon
2015-07-07 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Add direct notify_fam support
2015-07-07 Volker Lendeckelib: Add server_id_db_set_exclusive
2015-07-07 Ralph Boehmes3-mdssvc: add mdssd RPC service daemon for mdssvc
2015-07-07 Ralph Boehmes3-mdssvc: lexer and parser for Spotlight queries
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: convert nb_packet_client to tstream_* functions
2015-06-12 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: move lib/util_tsock.c from 'TLDAP' to ...
2015-05-29 Ross Lagerwalls3: libsmbclient: Add server-side copy support
2015-04-24 Christof Schmittsharesec: Print ACEs in similar format as expected...
2015-04-24 Christof Schmittsmbcacls: Move SidToString to common file
2015-03-31 David Disseldorpfsrvp: add remote snapshot RPC server
2015-03-27 Richard SharpeRename SMB2_OP_FIND to SMB2_OP_QUERY_DIRECTORY so that...
2015-03-20 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: remove allow_warnings=True from LIBNE...
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckesource3: Remove ccan-hash dependency
2015-03-17 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove tdb_compat
2015-03-16 Michael Adams3:winbind: add wb_query_group_list module - async...
2015-03-13 Günther Deschners3-rpcclient: add very basic clusapi client.
2015-02-24 Volker Lendeckelib: Move "iov_buf.[ch]" to lib/util
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckelib: Use talloc_report_str
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Use message_hdr_[put|get]
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Define a binary format for message headers
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckelib: Add messages_dgm_ref.[ch]
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessages_dgm: Make it an independent lib
2015-01-05 Volker Lendeckelib: Add msghdr.[ch]
2014-12-19 Stefan Metzmachernsswitch: fix soname of linux nss_*.so.2 modules
2014-12-18 Stefan Metzmachers3:passdb: add optional get_trusteddom_creds() hooks
2014-12-18 Garming Sampdb: fix build issues with shared modules
2014-12-16 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_names_db
2014-12-09 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Compile notify_inotify only if available
2014-12-09 Volker Lendeckelib: Simplify iov_buf[len]
2014-12-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Split out write_data[_iov]
2014-12-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Split out iov_buf[len]
2014-12-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Split out sys_[read|write] & friends
2014-12-04 Volker Lendeckes3:locking: add leases_db infrastructure
2014-12-04 Jeremy Allisons3: leases: libsmbsharemodes no longer works with SMB2...
2014-12-03 Garming Sampdb: Increase version number to fix ABI
2014-11-25 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: remove unused allow_warnings=True...
2014-11-25 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: remove unused allow_warnings=True...
2014-11-25 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: remove unused allow_warnings=True...
2014-11-25 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: remove unused allow_warnings=True...
2014-11-19 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript_build: remove unused to dependency from...
2014-11-19 Stefan Metzmachers3:nmbd: remove START/END_PROFILE() calls
2014-10-03 Volker Lendeckeprofiling: Only compile profile/profile.c if profiling...
2014-10-03 Volker Lendeckeprofiling: Only compile utils/status_profile.c if profi...