s3/rpc_server/mdssvc: Generate flex/bison files in build
[samba.git] / source3 / wscript
2017-01-28 Noel Powers3/rpc_server/mdssvc: Generate flex/bison files in...
2017-01-09 Volker Lendeckepassdb: Remove pdb_wbc_sam
2017-01-09 Volker Lendeckeauth: Remove auth_wbc
2016-11-20 Jeff LaytonVFS: convert to using ceph_statx structures and functio...
2016-08-08 Ira Cooperbuildscripts: Fix the regression with --without-acl...
2016-08-08 Ira Coopersource3/wscript: Add support for disabling vfs_cephfs
2016-05-20 Jeremy Allisons3: wscript: Add checks for open file description locks.
2016-04-28 Jérémie Courrèges... Provide fallback code for non-portable clearenv(3)
2016-04-05 Jorge Schrauwenconfigure: Don't check for inotify on illumos
2016-03-17 Uri Simchonibuild: fix build when --without-quota specified
2016-03-13 Uri Simchonibuild: fix disk-free quota support on Solaris 10
2016-02-21 Ralph Boehmes3:rpc_server: make it possible to build mdssvc as...
2016-02-21 Ralph Boehmes3:rpc_server: allow building RPC services as shared...
2016-02-16 Noel Powerbuild: Fix cluster-support option, default was 'None...
2016-02-14 Ralph Boehmesmbd: fix build with FAM support
2016-01-26 Uri Simchonivfs_fake_dfq: add vfs module
2016-01-11 Michael Adams3:wscript: fix spaces
2015-12-03 Björn Jackeclitar: cope with functions of older versions of libarchive
2015-11-13 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Remove --with-aio-support. We no longer would...
2015-11-10 Volker Lendeckevfs: Remove smb_traffic_analyzer
2015-11-09 Amitay Isaacss3-build: Avoid setting CTDB specific include path
2015-11-06 Alexander Bokovoysource3/wscript: remove pam_smbpass option as it was...
2015-11-04 Uri Simchonivfs_offline: add vfs_offline module
2015-10-09 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Move __attribute__ ((destructor)) and ((construc...
2015-09-29 Thomas Nagybuild:wafsamba: Set the default installation prefix...
2015-09-20 Thomas Nagybuild:wafsamba: Use the samba-provided CHECK_CFG method...
2015-09-08 Timur Bakeyevconfigure: Fix aio_suspend detection
2015-08-21 Robin Hackvfs_scannedonly: Remove vfs_scannedonly from samba...
2015-08-20 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: make --with-{static,shared}-modules options...
2015-08-20 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: remove leftover from vfs_notify_fam
2015-08-20 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: fix the build without any idmap module
2015-07-29 Björn Baumbachs3:wscript: fix indentation
2015-07-07 Ralph Boehmes3-mdssvc: add configure option --enable-spotlight
2015-06-10 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: remove signal related configure checks
2015-05-19 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: remove unused uint[16,32] rpc.h checks
2015-03-31 David Disseldorpvfs: add vfs_shell_snap module
2015-03-31 David Disseldorpvfs_btrfs: add snapshot create/delete calls
2015-03-23 Christof Schmittgpfswrap: Move gpfswrap to lib/util
2015-03-16 Thomas NagyTransition to waf 1.8: wrapped conf.check_cfg
2015-03-09 David Disseldorpbuild: check for SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA support
2015-03-09 David Disseldorpbuild: check for fallocate hole-punch support
2015-03-06 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbprofile: profile the system and user space cpu...
2015-03-02 Christof Schmittgpfs: Look for gpfs header files also in /usr/lpp/mmfs...
2015-03-02 Christof Schmittgpfs: Always use gpfs_fcntl.h headerfile
2015-01-21 Ira Coopervfs_glusterfs: Replace eventfd with pipes, for AIO use
2015-01-10 Ralph Boehmevfs_unityed_media: VFS module for sharing AVID projects
2015-01-08 Richard SharpeAdd a script-only idmap module.
2014-12-17 Poornima Gvfs_glusterfs: Implement AIO support
2014-11-09 Ralph Boehmevfs_snapper: check for <linux/ioctl.h>
2014-10-28 Michael Adambuild: adapt comments for the clustering choice
2014-10-28 Michael Adambuild: further simplify --with-cluster-support case...
2014-10-28 Amitay Isaacsbuild: Simplify check for building with ctdb
2014-10-28 Amitay Isaacsbuild: Remove configure checks for ctdb headers
2014-10-28 Amitay Isaacsbuild: Remove configure option --with-ctdb-dir
2014-10-28 Amitay Isaacsbuild: Remove checks for ctdb features
2014-10-28 Amitay Isaacsbuild: Remove configure option --enable-old-ctdb
2014-10-20 Ralph Boehmebuild: lib/util/string_wrappers.h: fix optimisation...
2014-10-11 Ralph Boehmevfs_posixacl: catch ACL_EVERYONE on FreeBSD
2014-09-18 Abhidnya Joshis3: vfs module: Adding new vfs module for Symantec...
2014-09-05 Michael Adams3:build: don't detect perl in source3/wscript again.
2014-08-18 Ralph BoehmeNew VFS module vfs_fruit
2014-08-18 Michael Adambuild: fix configure to honour --without-dmapi
2014-07-22 Volker Lendeckesmbd/nmbd: Remove HAVE_LONGLONG
2014-06-30 David Disseldorpvfs: add vfs_snapper module
2014-06-16 Michael Adambuild: fix the test and define for msg_accrights
2014-06-04 Christian Ambachwaf: add --with-fake-kaserver option
2014-06-02 Michael Adambuild: rename HAVE_MSGHDR_MSG_ACCTRIGHTS to HAVE_STRUCT...
2014-06-02 Michael Adambuild: rename HAVE_MSGHDR_MSG_CONTROL to HAVE_STRUCT_MS...
2014-05-27 Amitay Isaacss3-build: Support building with in-tree CTDB
2014-05-22 Volker Lendeckelibreplace: Move thread checks from source3/wscript
2014-05-06 Gustavo Zacariasbuild: find blkcnt_t size via array
2014-05-06 Gustavo Zacariasbuild: tweak SIZEOF utmp->ut_line
2014-05-05 Jose A. RiveraMinor typo fix in source3/wscript.
2014-03-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:build: remove global CLUSTER_SUPPORT define
2014-03-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: only fill in CTDB_CFLAGS instead of config.h
2014-03-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:wscript: don't add ctdb include dir globally
2014-03-08 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Make order of arguments clearer by explicitly...
2014-03-08 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Do not rely on sys.platform for ACL tests, combi...
2014-02-19 David Disseldorpbuild: check for libarchive version via pkgconfig
2014-02-19 David Disseldorpbuild: use configure var for libarchive depenency
2014-02-19 Aurélien Aptels3: fix --with-libarchive bug, remove useless DEFINE()
2014-02-19 Aurélien Aptels3: add --with-libarchive to build configuration
2014-02-19 Aurélien Aptels3/wscript, s3/wscript_build: add libarchive dependency.
2014-01-30 Volker Lendeckebuild: Build idmap_ad by default
2014-01-07 Garming Samwaf: fix a typo in an ADS error message
2014-01-07 Garming Samwaf: Require --without-ads-support to build without...
2014-01-07 Garming Samwaf: Require ldap support to be specifically disabled
2014-01-07 Garming Samwaf: Require ACL support to be specifically disabled
2013-12-12 Volker Lendeckes3-waf: build new vfs_worm module
2013-11-27 David Disseldorpbuild: check linux/fs.h for compression flags
2013-11-22 David Disseldorpvfs_btrfs: add [GET/SET]_COMPRESSION handlers
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-08-09 Christian Ambachwaf: consolidate libintl related checks
2013-06-25 Daniel Gan-Levis3-ctdb: Fix auto-enabling of CTDB readonly support
2013-06-10 Jeremy AllisonCheck for fstatat.
2013-05-30 Anand Avativfs_glusterfs: Samba VFS module for glusterfs
2013-05-18 Kai Blinswat: Remove swat.
2013-05-17 Christian Ambachwaf: build vfs_aixacl2 module by default on AIX
2013-05-09 Andrew Bartlettvfs: Add new VFS module vfs_nfs4acl_xattr to use nfs4ac...
2013-05-06 Michael Adambuild: default --with-regedit to "auto" instead of...