winbindd: winbindd_ccache_ntlm_auth() -> bool_dispatch_table
[samba.git] / source3 / winbindd / winbindd_proto.h
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_ccache_ntlm_auth() -> bool_dispatch_...
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_dc_info() -> bool_dispatch_table
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_netbios_name() -> bool_dispatch_table
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_domain_name() -> bool_dispatch_table
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_ping() -> bool_dispatch_table
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_info() -> bool_dispatch_table
2018-05-17 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: winbindd_interface_version() -> bool_dispatch...
2018-05-11 Andreas Schneiderwinbind: Fix UPN handling in canonicalize_username()
2018-05-11 Andreas Schneiderwinbind: Fix UPN handling in parse_domain_user()
2018-05-11 Andreas Schneiderwinbind: Remove unused function parse_domain_user_talloc()
2018-05-11 Stefan Metzmacherwinbind: Pass upn unmodified to lookup names
2018-04-24 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Speed up wbinfo -p
2018-03-15 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: call dcerpc_binding_handle_is_connected(...
2018-03-15 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: make reset_cm_connection_on_error() public
2018-03-15 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add smbcontrol disconnect-dc
2018-03-01 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused winbindd_internal_child()
2018-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherwinbind: make choose_domain_child() static
2018-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherwinbind: add locator_child_handle() and use it instead...
2018-02-23 Stefan Metzmacherwinbind: add idmap_child_handle() and use it instead...
2018-02-10 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: rename winbindd_pam_auth_pac_send and let...
2018-02-10 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: introduce a cm_connect_netlogon_secure()...
2018-02-10 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: pass 'bool interactive' to winbind_dual_SamLo...
2018-02-10 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: remove const from set_routing_domain()
2018-01-13 David Muldergpo: Add the winbind call to gpupdate
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add add_trusted_domain_from_auth
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add set_routing_domain()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: add find_default_route_domain()
2018-01-13 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: add find_trust_from_{name,sid}_noinit()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: pass down validation to append_auth_data()
2018-01-13 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: let winbind_dual_SamLogon return validation
2017-11-29 Ralph Boehmewinbindd: let normalize_name_map() call find_domain_fro...
2017-11-18 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove winbind_messaging_context
2017-11-17 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove winbind_event_context
2017-09-30 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove the use of "talloc_dict"
2017-08-07 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make wcache_query_user static
2017-08-01 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make wcache_lookup_usergroups static
2017-08-01 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make init_wcache static
2017-08-01 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make wcache_lookup_useraliases static
2017-08-01 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make wcache_name_to_sid static
2017-08-01 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make wcache_lookup_groupmem static
2017-08-01 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Make wcache_flush_cache static
2017-05-30 Garming Samwinbindd: Do not run SAM auth stack in winbind SamLogon
2017-05-16 Volker Lendeckewinbindd: Give winbindd_ads.c its own header
2017-05-10 Günther Deschners3-winbindd: remove some dead prototypes
2017-03-20 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add idmap_config_int
2017-03-20 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add idmap_config_bool()
2017-03-20 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add idmap_config_const_string
2017-03-11 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: remove unused find_root_domain()
2017-03-07 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused wcache_tdc_fetch_domainbysid
2017-03-07 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Pass up args from winbind_dual_SamLogon
2017-03-06 Stefan Metzmacherwinbindd: find the domain based on the sid within wb_lo...
2017-03-06 Volker LendeckeRevert "winbind: Remove wb_lookupusergroups"
2017-03-06 Volker LendeckeRevert "winbind: Remove wb_cache_lookup_usergroups"
2017-03-06 Volker LendeckeRevert "winbind: Remove wcache_lookup_usergroups"
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused nss_get_info_cached
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Simplify query_user_list to only return rids
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Make wb_query_user_list just return names
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove wcache_lookup_usergroups
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove wb_cache_lookup_usergroups
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove wb_lookupusergroups
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add "expand_local_aliases" to wb_gettoken
2017-01-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused wb_cache_query_user
2017-01-02 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove find_builtin_domain helper function
2017-01-02 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove wb_fill_pwent
2016-12-04 Volker Lendeckewinbind: lookup_usergroups_cached doesn't use the ...
2016-10-11 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Make functions in cache_methods non-static
2016-09-29 Jeremy Allisons3: winbind: Trust name2sid mappings from the PAC.
2016-04-29 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Remove unused prototypes for winbindd_group.c
2016-04-15 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add wb_dsgetdcname_gencache_[gs]et
2016-03-30 Volker Lendeckeidmap: Factor out lp_scan_idmap_domains()
2016-03-17 Michael Adams3:winbindd:idmap: add domain_has_idmap_config() helper...
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused wbint_Gid2Sid
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Remove unused wbint_Uid2Sid
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Expose WINBINDD_XIDS_TO_SIDS externally
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add parse_xidlist()
2016-02-22 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add wb_xids2sids
2016-02-16 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Add some const
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Add retry also for ADS method calls
2015-07-15 Uri Simchoniwinbindd: add service routines to support a sorted...
2015-05-14 Richard SharpeConvert all uint32/16/8 to _t in a grab-bag of remainin...
2015-05-06 Richard SharpeLast lot of convert uint32 to uint32_t in winbindd...
2015-03-16 Michael Adams3:winbind: add wb_query_group_list module - async...
2015-03-16 Michael Adams3:winbind:pwent: move wb_next_domain() to winbindd_uti...
2015-03-12 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: make open_internal_lsa_conn() non static
2015-03-07 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Make wb_sids2xids_recv work on an array
2014-10-07 Andrew Bartletts3-winbindd: Pass the whole winbindd_domain to invalida...
2014-10-04 Christof Schmittwindbindd: Make cm_connect_lsa_tcp static
2014-10-03 Christof Schmitts3-winbindd: Make wcache_sid_to_name static
2014-07-15 Günther Deschners3-winbindd: add wcache_query_user_fullname().
2014-07-04 Andrew Bartlettwinbindd: Use a remote RPC server when we are an RODC...
2014-06-11 Andrew Bartletts3-winbindd: Implement SamLogon IRPC call
2014-06-11 Andrew Bartletts3-winbind rename winbindd_update_rodc_dns to be for...
2014-06-11 Andrew Bartletts3-winbindd: Listen on IRPC and do forwarded DNS update...
2014-06-11 Andrew Bartletts3-winbindd: Register winbindd with irpc
2014-06-11 Andrew Bartlettwinbindd: Call set_dc_type_and_flags on the internal...
2014-04-02 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: avoid argv related const warnings
2013-11-15 Christof Schmittwinbind: Make centry_start static
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-10-14 Andrew Bartletts3-winbindd: Remove undocumented winbindd:socket dir...
2013-10-11 Andreas Schneiders3-winbind: Add functions for domain online/offline...