lib/param: Move all enum declarations to lib/param
[samba.git] / source3 / winbindd / winbindd_cm.c
2012-07-24 Andrew Bartlettlib/param: Move all enum declarations to lib/param
2012-07-17 Andreas SchneiderEnable AES in winbind.
2012-07-14 Jeremy AllisonFix bug #9016 - Connection to outbound trusted domain...
2012-07-12 Michael Adams3: rename sid_check_is_domain() to sid_check_is_our_sam()
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_negprot
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_disconnect
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_security_mode
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_capabilities
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_protocol
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_remote_name
2012-05-28 Luk Claess3:libsmb: get rid of cli_state_*_sockaddr
2012-05-23 Herb LewisSecond part of fix for bug 8953 - winbind can hang...
2012-05-22 Jeremy AllisonFix bug #8953 - winbind can hang as nbt_getdc() has...
2012-04-27 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: also try SMB2 when connecting to "IPC$"
2012-03-24 Jelmer Vernooijlib/util: Remove obsolete sys_getpid() and sys_fork().
2012-02-16 Christopher R. Her... Rename obscure defined constants.
2012-02-10 Matthieu Patous3-winbindd: set the can_do_validation6 also for truste...
2012-01-18 Andrew Bartletts3-librpc: pass struct ndr_interface_table down to...
2012-01-18 Andrew Bartletts3-librpc Make cli_rpc_pipe_open_spnego_ntlmssp() generic
2011-11-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_tree_connect()
2011-11-21 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: close sockfd on error in cm_prepare_con...
2011-11-16 Björn Baumbachs3-winbindd/winbindd_cm.c: remove cli_nt_error()
2011-11-16 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: remove unused ads_status
2011-11-03 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: s/Undefined/SMB_SIGNING_DEFAULT/
2011-09-15 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: pass max_protocol to cli_negprot()
2011-09-13 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_state_security_mode()
2011-09-08 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: pass CLI_FULL_CONNECTION_* flags to cli_stat...
2011-08-10 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: use cli_session_setup() instead of...
2011-08-10 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: store the remote_realm on the cli_state
2011-08-03 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_set_timeout()
2011-08-02 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_state_protocol()
2011-08-02 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_state_capabilities()
2011-07-22 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: use controller instead of cli->desthost
2011-07-22 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: use cli_state_[local|remote]_sockaddr()
2011-07-21 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: remove unused checks for address family
2011-07-21 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: replace cli_initialise[_ex]() by cli_state_c...
2011-07-21 Christian Ambachs3:winbindd remove an unused variable
2011-07-11 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli->src_ss instead of...
2011-07-11 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli->dest_ss instead callin...
2011-07-11 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_state_disconnect()
2011-07-11 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd_cm: make use of cli_state_is_connected()
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartletts3-param Remove special case for global_myname(), renam...
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartletts3-talloc Change TALLOC_REALLOC_ARRAY() to talloc_realloc()
2011-05-06 Günther Deschners3-libsmb: move protos to libsmb/proto.h
2011-05-04 Jeremy AllisonFix warning messages caused by addition of null check...
2011-05-02 Günther Deschners3: remove various references to server side dcerpc...
2011-04-29 Volker Lendeckes3: Make winbindd_reinit_after_fork return NTSTATUS
2011-04-29 Volker Lendeckes3: In winbind, close parent/child sockets
2011-04-28 Volker Lendeckes3: Close the winbind client fds after forking
2011-04-27 Jeremy AllisonRemove fstrings from client struct. Properly talloc...
2011-04-25 Volker Lendeckes3: Add a 10-second timeout for the 445 or netbios...
2011-04-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:rpc_client: map fault codes to NTSTATUS with dcerpc_...
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-includes: only include ntdomain.h where needed.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-messages: make ndr_messaging.h part of messages.h.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-messages: only include messages.h where needed.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-passdb: use passdb headers where needed.
2011-03-28 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix Coverity ID 2173: FORWARD_NULL
2011-03-18 Günther Deschners3-build: use HAVE_ADS define in some more places.
2011-03-18 Volker Lendeckes3: Cope with in smbcontrol ip-dropped
2011-03-05 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix uninitialized variables
2011-02-28 Andreas Schneiders3-rpc_client: Move client pipe functions to own header.
2011-02-04 Günther Deschners3-winbindd: let winbind try to use samlogon validation...
2011-02-03 Jeremy AllisonFix value overflow (one too many 'f's ).
2011-02-02 Günther Deschners3-winbind: prefer dcerpc_lsa_X functions in winbindd...
2011-02-02 Günther Deschners3-winbind: prefer dcerpc_samr_X functions in invalidat...
2011-02-02 Günther Deschners3-winbind: prefer dcerpc_samr_X functions in cm_connec...
2011-02-02 Günther Deschners3-winbind: use status variable name in cm_connect_sam.
2011-01-19 Volker Lendeckes3: Add wbinfo --dc-info
2011-01-13 Günther Deschners3-winbind: prefer dcerpc_netr_X functions.
2011-01-11 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: use ndr_dssetup_c.h instead of cli_dssetup.h
2011-01-07 Volker Lendeckes3: Use the new nbt_getdc in winbindd_cm
2011-01-04 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: use dcerpc_dssetup_DsRoleGetPrimaryDomainI...
2011-01-01 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove unused mem_ctx arg from set_getdc_request
2010-12-29 Volker Lendeckes3: Allow more control over smbsock_[any_]connect
2010-12-28 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: remove useless ';'
2010-12-22 Volker Lendeckes3: Use smbsock_any_connect in winbind
2010-11-14 Jeremy AllisonFix the unexpected.tdb database problem. Change nmbd...
2010-10-12 Andrew Bartlettlibcli/security Provide a common, top level libcli...
2010-09-30 Volker Lendeckes3: Add "smbcontrol winbindd ip-dropped <local-ip>"
2010-09-10 Björn Jackes3/winbind: use mono time for startup timeout check
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Make winbind_add_failed_connection_entry static
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a typo
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Simplify cm_connect_sam a bit
2010-09-08 Volker Lendeckes3: Check for sid instead of name in cm_connect_sam
2010-08-23 Jeremy AllisonFinal part of fix for bug #7636 - winbind internal...
2010-08-09 Günther Deschners3-winbind: Fix Bug #7568: Make sure cm_connect_lsa_tcp...
2010-08-05 Günther Deschners3-secrets: only include secrets.h when needed.
2010-08-04 Günther Deschners3: avoid global include of ads.h.
2010-07-07 Günther Deschners3-winbindd: route samr chgpwd ops for own domain over...
2010-07-06 Andreas Schneiders3-winbind: Make sure that the policy handles are closed.
2010-05-31 Günther Deschners3: only use netlogon/nbt header when needed.
2010-05-18 Günther Deschners3-rpc_client: move protos to cli_lsarpc.h
2010-05-18 Günther Deschners3-rpc_client: move protos to cli_netlogon.h
2010-05-17 Günther Deschners3-kerberos: pass down kdc_name to create_local_private...
2010-05-17 Günther Deschners3-winbind: make the getpeername() checks in cm_prepare...
2010-05-05 Günther Deschners3: only include gen_ndr headers where needed.
2010-04-23 Volker Lendeckes3: init_dc_connection() can't init for internal domains
2010-04-01 Stefan Metzmachers3:winbindd: fix problems with SIGCHLD handling (bug...