[samba.git] / source3 / rpcclient / cmd_samr.c
1998-10-19 Luke Leightonoops
1998-10-19 Luke Leightonoutput password change messages instead of debug message.
1998-10-16 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonstrtoul replace with strtol
1998-10-16 Luke Leightonrpc client mods (ntlmssp flags)
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonwarnings spotted by ./configure.developer options
1998-10-14 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-10 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-10 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-09 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-09 Luke Leightondce/rpc.
1998-10-09 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-10-08 Luke Leightondce/rpc
1998-09-28 Jeremy AllisonChanges to test in configure if capabilities are enable...
1998-09-27 Richard SharpeFixed up more possibly uninitialized variables.
1998-09-25 Jeremy AllisonFixed unused variable warning messages.
1998-09-25 Luke Leightonrpcclient: got samr command "enumusers -g -u" working
1998-09-25 Luke Leightonadded in samr commands. assistance in returning the...
1998-09-25 Luke Leightonadded rpcclient program