Added SVC_QUERY_DISP_NAME (corresponding to the GetServiceDisplayName API).
[samba.git] / source3 / rpc_server / srv_svcctl.c
1999-03-16 Matthew ChapmanAdded SVC_QUERY_DISP_NAME (corresponding to the GetServ...
1999-02-15 Matthew ChapmanAlways null-terminate strings.
1999-02-12 Matthew ChapmanUNICODE cleanup (see lib/util_unistr.c).
1999-01-29 Luke Leightonuni_svc_name not uni_srv_name
1998-12-09 Luke Leightonadding svcctl parsing code
1998-12-09 Luke Leightonadding some enumerate services code, client and server.
1998-12-08 Luke Leightonadding "Service Control Manager" commands to rpcclient.
1998-12-08 Luke Leightonadding srvsvc pipe.