Initialise NTTIME properly in make_reg_q_enum_key instead of using
[samba.git] / source3 / rpc_parse / parse_reg.c
1999-02-01 Matthew ChapmanInitialise NTTIME properly in make_reg_q_enum_key inste...
1998-11-13 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors.
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonjean-f. sent me some S-1-3-0,1,2,3 SIDs and names....
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors and registry.
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptor info, provided by jean-francois
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonclearing up security descriptor
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonregistry delete value command: "regdeleteval".
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonrenamed unk_1b to flush_key
1998-11-11 Luke Leighton- renamed open_policy to open_hklm.
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonrpcclient registry key delete command: "regdeletekey".
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonregistry modification requires a "sync" or "refresh...
1998-11-10 Jeremy Allisoninclude/local.h:
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonrpcclient registry commands.
1998-09-05 Andrew Tridgelltridge the destroyer returns!
1998-05-24 Luke Leighton- created pdb_sethexpwd(), to be called from all pwd...
1998-03-11 Jeremy Allison"For I have laboured mightily on Luke's code, and hath...