Added in veto files parameter created by Whistle.
[samba.git] / source3 / param / loadparm.c
1996-12-10 Samba Release AccountAdded in veto files parameter created by Whistle.
1996-10-24 Andrew Tridgell- added support for TMPDIR env variable
1996-10-11 Andrew Tridgell- set default printer driver string to "NULL"
1996-10-05 Andrew TridgellI have fixed quite a few important bugs in this commit.
1996-10-02 Andrew Tridgellbackout all the changes to nmbd.
1996-10-02 Andrew Tridgell- a huge pile of changes from Luke which implement...
1996-08-24 Samba Release Accountremoved all of lukes recent changes. I need to do a...
1996-08-23 Samba Release Account- fixed bugs in nmb response packet checking.
1996-08-19 Andrew Tridgell- added "netbios name" option in smb.conf to make contr...
1996-08-17 Andrew Tridgell- added support for Amiga-unix (based on BSD I think)
1996-08-16 Andrew Tridgell- added the "remote announce" option
1996-08-13 Andrew Tridgell- sequent-ptx support from
1996-07-22 Andrew Tridgellremoved the remote interfaces stuff.
1996-06-29 Samba Release Accountluke's first attempt at using cvs
1996-06-10 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of a lot of redundent header files as we now...
1996-06-07 Andrew Tridgell- added predict.c, moving the routines from util.c
1996-06-06 Andrew Tridgell- added interface.c and removed all the references...
1996-06-04 Andrew TridgellDid more integration of Lukes code ready for the first...
1996-06-04 Andrew Tridgella huge pile of changes :-)
1996-06-01 Andrew Tridgell- moved the uid handling to uid.c
1996-05-31 Andrew TridgellLots of changes!
1996-05-04 Samba Release AccountThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
1996-05-04 Samba Release AccountInitial version imported to CVS