lib/util: Count a trailing line that doesn't end in a newline
[samba.git] / source3 / modules / vfs_posixacl.c
2017-12-18 Christof Schmittvfs: Use static_decl_vfs in all VFS modules
2017-05-31 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Change SMB_VFS_SYS_ACL_SET_FILE to use const...
2017-05-31 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Change SMB_VFS_SYS_ACL_GET_FILE to use const...
2017-05-31 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Change SMB_VFS_SYS_ACL_DELETE_DEF_FILE to...
2017-04-21 Jeremy Allisonlib: modules: Change XXX_init interface from XXX_init...
2017-02-15 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Fix some whitespace
2014-10-11 Ralph Boehmevfs_posixacl: catch ACL_EVERYONE on FreeBSD
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2012-10-11 Andrew Bartlettvfs: Use posix_sys_acl_blob_get_file in vfs_posixacl...
2012-10-11 Andrew Bartlettsmbd: Add mem_ctx to sys_acl_init() and all callers
2012-09-12 Andrew Bartlettsmbd: Remove pre-allocation of ACL array in sys_acl_init()
2012-09-12 Andrew Bartlettsmbd-posix_acls: Use a IDL union to store the ACL entry
2012-08-15 Andrew Bartletts3-smbd: Change allocation of smb_acl_t to talloc()
2012-05-09 Andrew Bartletts3-vfs: Show the invalid ACL when we say it is invalid...
2011-12-12 Richard Sharpevfs: Make function pointer names consistent. They all...
2011-04-13 Günther Deschners3-includes: only include acl prototypes when needed.
2011-03-30 Günther Deschners3-vfs acl modules: more non-linux build fixes.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-vfs: include smbd/smbd.h in vfs modules.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-includes: only include system/filesys.h when needed.
2009-07-24 Volker LendeckeMake the smbd VFS typesafe
2008-09-14 Stefan MetzmacherMerge Samba3 and Samba4 together
2008-02-01 Simo SorceMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-08 Jelmer VernooijMerge branch 'v3-2-test' of ssh://
2008-01-08 Michael AdamRemove redundant parameter fd from SMB_VFS_SYS_ACL_SET_...
2008-01-07 Michael AdamRemove redundant parameter fd from SMB_VFS_SYS_ACL_GET_...
2007-10-19 Jeremy AllisonRIP BOOL. Convert BOOL -> bool. I found a few interesting
2007-10-10 Andrew Tridgellr23784: use the GPLv3 boilerplate as recommended by...
2007-10-10 Jeremy Allisonr23779: Change from v2 or later to v3 or later.
2007-10-10 Michael Adamr22777: Fix for [Bug 4543] - POSIX ACL support on FreeBSD.
2007-10-10 Herb Lewisr20261: merge 20260 from samba_3_0_24
2007-10-10 Volker Lendecker17316: More C++ warnings -- 456 left
2007-10-10 Jim McDonoughr17179: Merge the vl-posixacls tmp branch into mainline. It