lib: Fix CID 1272858 Copy-paste error
[samba.git] / source3 / lib / messages.c
2015-06-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1272858 Copy-paste error
2015-06-12 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Init server_id_db after clustering
2015-05-28 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Remove an unused variable
2015-05-28 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Make messaging_dispatch_rec static
2015-05-28 Volker Lendeckemessaging: With dgm_ref, don't destroy the dgm ctx
2015-05-13 Richard SharpeConvert all uint32/16/8 to _t in source3/lib.
2015-03-26 Volker Lendeckelib: Fix CID 1273009 Dereference after null check
2015-02-24 Volker Lendeckelib: Move "iov_buf.[ch]" to lib/util
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessaging4: Use messages_dgm
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Use message_hdr_[put|get]
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Use messaging_dgm_ref
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessages_dgm: Move directory handling up
2015-02-13 Volker Lendeckemessages_dgm: Only pass "unique" to messaging_dgm_init
2014-12-28 Volker Lendeckelib: Use talloc_memdup in messaging_rec_dup
2014-12-16 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_handler_send/recv
2014-12-16 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_send_iov_from
2014-12-16 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_names_db
2014-12-09 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Avoid self-send complexity
2014-12-06 Volker Lendeckelib: Split out iov_buf[len]
2014-10-24 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix running down a messaging_context
2014-09-30 Michael Adams3:messaging: upon receiving fds, dup them so the calle...
2014-09-30 Michael Adams3:messaging: allow the messaging receive callback...
2014-09-30 Michael Adams3:messaging: msg_type int->uint32_t in struct messagin...
2014-09-30 Michael Adams3:messaging: fix uninitialized data introduced by...
2014-09-24 Michael Adams3:messaging: add fds-array to messaging_send_iov()
2014-09-24 Michael Adams3:messaging: add fds-array to message-backend send...
2014-09-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:messaging: make it possible to receive a fd array...
2014-09-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:messaging: use struct initializers for 'struct messa...
2014-09-14 Volker Lendeckemessaging_dgm: Don't expose the messaging_dgm_context
2014-08-22 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Avoid messaging_is_self_send
2014-08-12 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Include messages_dgm.h only in messages.c
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Move messaging_hdr handling to messages.c.
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Remove one-context protection from messages.c
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Pass dir_owner to messaging_dgm_init()
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Pass cache_dir to messaging_dgm_init()
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Move [un]become_root() calls out of messagi...
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Move sec_init() call out of messaging_dgm_i...
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Directly refer to messaging_dgm in messages.c
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_cleanup
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging_dgm: Remove unused "messaging_context"
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Explicitly pass server_id to messaging_dgm_init
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Explicitly pass tevent_context to messaging...
2014-08-11 Volker Lendeckemessaging_dgm: Receive through a cb function
2014-07-24 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Remove an unnecessary variable
2014-07-24 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Simplify ping_message()
2014-07-24 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Remove two procid_str_static calls
2014-06-18 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Make messaging_dgm_init return 0/errno
2014-06-18 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Make messaging_dgm_wipe return 0/errno
2014-06-18 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Make the _send function return 0/errno
2014-05-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Enforce just one messaging context
2014-05-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Make messaging_context private
2014-05-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add and use messaging_tevent_context()
2014-05-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Introduce messaging_local_backend()
2014-05-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: The backend send_fn doesn't need a messagin...
2014-05-29 Michael Adams3:messaging: change messaging_backend to use iovec...
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Remove a pointless return;
2014-05-27 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix whitespace
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Relax the self-send check a bit
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Factor out the self-send check
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Push down the self-send callback
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix messaging_filtered_read_send
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add comments about not touching "waiters"
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix 80-char line limit
2014-05-08 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_filtered_read
2014-04-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix messaging_read_send/recv
2014-04-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Make "presult" optional in messaging_read_recv
2014-04-30 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Fix formatting
2014-04-23 Volker Lendeckes3: messaging: Add infrastructure to clean up orphaned...
2014-04-23 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_send_iov
2014-04-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Remove messages_local
2014-04-23 Volker Lendeckelib: Add messaging_dgm
2014-04-03 Jeremy Allisons3: messages: Implement cleanup of dead records.
2014-03-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:build: remove global CLUSTER_SUPPORT define
2014-01-21 Volker Lendeckemessaging3: Add messaging_read_send/recv
2014-01-10 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Fix a memleak (master only..)
2014-01-09 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Use talloc_pooled_object
2014-01-09 Volker Lendeckemessaging: Move the self-send logic out of messaging_tdb
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2013-02-22 Andreas Schneidermessages: Use uint8_t type.
2013-02-19 Stefan Metzmachers3:lib: s/struct event_context/struct tevent_context
2012-08-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:lib: make sure we don't try to send messages to...
2012-03-29 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a valgrind error
2012-01-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add debug when a message is registered
2012-01-17 Stefan Metzmachers3:lib/messages: remove unused messaging_event_context()
2011-12-12 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove a bunch of calls to procid_self()
2011-10-31 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix some nonempty blank lines
2011-10-31 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix a comment
2011-10-11 Michael Adams3:messages: convert to use only dbwrap wrapper functions
2011-08-11 Simo Sorces3-messaging: Fix messaging classes.
2011-08-11 Simo Sorces3-messaging: Remove obsolete class.
2011-07-29 Michael Adams3:dbwrap: move all .c and .h files of dbwrap to lib...
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-06-09 Andrew Bartletts3-talloc Change TALLOC_ZERO_P() to talloc_zero()
2011-06-06 Volker Lendeckes3: Fix two debug messages
2011-05-05 Jeremy AllisonMore const fixes for compiler warnings from the waf...
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-messages: make ndr_messaging.h part of messages.h.
2011-03-29 Günther Deschners3-messages: only include messages.h where needed.
2011-03-02 Günther Deschners3-server_id: only include server_id where needed.
2010-11-14 Jeremy AllisonMove error reporting of messaging context creation...