Build and run the lib/snprintf.c test cases from "make check".
[samba.git] / source3 / bin / .cvsignore
2003-04-14 Martin PoolBuild and run the lib/snprintf.c test cases from "make...
2003-04-14 Tim PotterIgnore check programs.
2003-04-11 Gerald Carteradd smbcquotas to list of ignored files
2003-03-19 Martin PoolIgnore t_strcmp test case.
2003-03-18 Martin PoolIgnore t_stringoverflow binary.
2002-12-12 Gerald Carterignore editreg
2002-11-29 Tim PotterIgnore ntlm_auth binary.
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijAdd debug2html and *.so
2002-11-06 Tim PotterIgnore profiles binary.
2002-09-18 Jelmer Vernooijsamtest and vfstest binaries shouldn't go into CVS...
2002-04-16 Andrew Tridgellignore a few more files
2002-03-12 Tim PotterAdded tdbbackup.
2002-01-30 Tim PotterAddd wrepld (what a cool name!)
2001-12-19 Martin PoolAdd a very trivial talloc torture program, bin/tallocto...
2001-12-06 Herb Lewisadd smbgroupedit
2001-10-21 Jeremy AllisonOk, I know it's a language thing and it shouldn't matte...
2001-09-12 Tim PotterIgnore torture test binaries.
2001-08-31 Tim PotterAdded samsync binary to list of ignored files.
2001-08-06 Tim PotterAdded smbtree to list of ignored files.
2001-05-08 Tim PotterAdded winbindd to list of binaries.
2001-03-10 Jeremy AllisonMerge .cvsignore between 2.2 and HEAD.
2000-12-08 Tim PotterAdded pdbedit binary to list of ignored files.
2000-12-07 Tim PotterAdded smbcacls binary.
2000-11-01 Tim PotterAdded smbsh to list of ignored files.
2000-10-11 Herb Lewissync with 2.2. tree
2000-09-27 Jean-François Mico... ignore smbcontrol in bin directory
2000-07-10 Tim PotterAdded wbinfo and .libs
2000-02-03 Tim PotterAdded .dummy file.
2000-01-03 Andrew Tridgellignore a few files
1998-10-04 Alexandre Olivabin/cvsignore: deleted, so that bin can be removed...
1998-09-29 Alexandre Olivaget away with dummy and .dummy files
1998-09-25 Luke Leightonadded rpcclient program
1998-08-15 Andrew Tridgellsome more dummy files to ignore
1998-08-10 Andrew Tridgellsmbtorture now compiles
1998-08-10 Andrew Tridgellfixed the installation scripts for the new layout
1998-08-09 Andrew Tridgella few more things compile.
1998-08-09 Andrew Tridgellswat compiles, with some even uglier hacks. we really...