s3-build SAMBA4SHAREDIR is unused in make test
[samba.git] / source3 / Makefile.in
2012-01-08 Andrew Bartletts3-build SAMBA4SHAREDIR is unused in make test
2012-01-05 Volker Lendeckes3: Add a test excercising the share mode cleanup routine
2012-01-05 Jeremy AllisonAdd S3 vfs_aio_pthread module to replace broken glibc...
2011-12-22 Andrew Bartletts3-rpc_server: Rename dcesrv_ntlmssp.[ch] to dcesrv_aut...
2011-12-22 Andrew Bartletts3-auth split the auth_generic functions into a seperat...
2011-12-16 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbd: remove unused sconn_server_id()
2011-12-15 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbd: split ID_CACHE_* message handling into parent...
2011-12-12 Andrew Bartletts4-lsarpc handle more info levels in SetInfoTrustedDoma...
2011-12-03 Jelmer VernooijRevert making public of the samba-module library.
2011-12-03 Gregor Becks3:registry: do not use regdb functions during db upgrade
2011-12-02 Volker Lendeckes3: Use autogenerated open_files.idl
2011-12-02 Volker Lendeckes3: Move ndr_file_id to LIBNDR_OBJ
2011-12-02 Volker Lendeckes3: Add open_files.idl
2011-11-24 Stefan MetzmachersmbXcli: rework smb1cli_trans.c to use smbXcli_conn...
2011-11-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:smb2cli: remove unused smb2cli_negprot()
2011-11-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:smb2cli: replace smb2cli_base.c code with the more...
2011-11-16 Andrew Bartlettparam: calculate server role from security, and securit...
2011-11-16 Andreas Schneiders3: Fix wbinfo socket dir path.
2011-11-16 Günther Deschners3-passdb: split out passdb/pdb_ldap_schema.c
2011-11-16 Günther Deschners3: move smbldap_util to pdb_ldap_util.
2011-11-09 Andreas Schneiders3: Use autotools to set the winbind socket directory.
2011-11-03 Günther Deschnernbt: merge in LIBCLI_NDR_NETLOGON helper into NDR_NBT.
2011-11-03 Björn Baumbachs3-build: add bin/dbwrap_tool to the BIN_PROGS2 depende...
2011-10-28 Andrew Bartlettlib/util Split samba-modules library into public and...
2011-10-28 Andrew Bartletts3-build: Remove libbigballofmud.so
2011-10-28 Andrew Bartletts3-torture Remove t_stringoverflow as fstrcpy now uses...
2011-10-28 Andrew Bartletts3-torture run t_strappend tests as LOCAL-sprintf_append
2011-10-28 Andrew Bartletts3-torture remove unused t_push_ucs2.c t_strcmp.c t_str...
2011-10-25 Andrew Bartletttorture: Remove unused smbiconv
2011-10-24 Stefan Metzmacherlibcli/smb: move smb_signing.[ch] to the toplevel
2011-10-24 Stefan Metzmacherlibcli/smb: move source3/libsmb/read_smb.* to the toplevel
2011-10-21 Stefan Metzmacherlibcli/smb: move smb_seal.c to the toplevel
2011-10-20 Björn Jackes3:Makefile: make DSO_EXPORTS_CMD more portable (#8531)
2011-10-18 Andrew Bartletts3-ntlmssp Implement the server-side auth_ntlmssp code...
2011-10-18 Andrew Bartlettntlmssp: Move ntlmssp code to auth/ntlmssp
2011-10-18 Andrew Bartlettbuild: compile gensec_start.c and credentials.c in...
2011-10-17 Volker Lendeckes3: Before adding KDC's to the krb5.conf, cldap ping...
2011-10-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: clean new generated param headers
2011-10-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: only regenerate param files when required
2011-10-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: use lib/param loadparm code in source3 to get...
2011-10-12 Gregor Becks3:net: add command registry check
2011-10-12 Gregor Becks3:net: factor out interact_edit()
2011-10-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:vfs: add SMB_VFS_GET_DFS_REFERRAL() hooks
2011-10-07 Andrew Bartlettldb: use ldb directly rather than via a copy
2011-10-06 Volker Lendeckes3: Use the uid_wrapper
2011-10-06 Andrew Bartlettlib/util: consolidate module loading into common code
2011-10-01 Richard SharpeAdd a torture test to test existing FSCTL responses
2011-09-25 Kai Blinaddns: Remove unused empty header file
2011-09-20 Michael Adams3:dbwrap_tool: add popt support and standard samba...
2011-09-20 Andrew Bartlettlib/util/charset: remove charset module loading
2011-09-20 Andrew Bartlettlib/util/charcnv: Remove broken internal CP850 and...
2011-09-12 Sumit Boses3-lsa: Add conversion for auth info structs
2011-09-05 Stefan Metzmacherlibcli/smb: move smb2_signing.c to the toplevel
2011-08-30 Stefan Metzmachers3-build: move libsmb/clisigning.c to LIBSMB_SRC
2011-08-22 Vicentiu Ciorbarus3-net: Added the command rpc conf to the net binary.
2011-08-21 Andreas Schneiders3-id_cache: Move id caches mgmt out of smbd
2011-08-21 Simo Sorces3-prefork: Add common utilities for daemons
2011-08-21 Simo Sorces3-rpc_server: Move config helpers in one place.
2011-08-21 Andreas Schneiders3-lsasd: Create a lsa service daemon.
2011-08-11 Michael Adams3:build(autoconf): fix bug #8369: remove irritating...
2011-08-10 Simo Sorces3-prefork: implement prefork framework
2011-08-05 Björn Jackes3: make linking of pthreadpooltest work on more platforms
2011-08-03 Andrew Bartletts3-ntlmssp Add hooks to optionally call into GENSEC...
2011-08-02 Simo Sorces3:smbd - Move printing queue stuff
2011-08-01 Andreas Schneiders3-rpc_server: Add RPC socket helper functions.
2011-08-01 Andreas Schneiders3-rpc_server: Rename to rpc service setup.
2011-08-01 Andreas Schneiders3-rpc_server: Move the endpoint registration to own...
2011-07-31 Günther Deschners3-secrets: add lsa_secret passdb api.
2011-07-29 Michael Adams3:dbwrap: move all .c and .h files of dbwrap to lib...
2011-07-29 Michael Adams3:dbwrap: move db_open() to a file dbwrap_open.c of...
2011-07-19 Andrew Bartletts3-auth Remove seperate guest boolean
2011-07-13 Stefan Metzmachers3:configure: use the same dynconfig options and defaul...
2011-07-08 Andrew Bartlettlib/param: Merge struct loadparm_service into common
2011-07-08 Andrew Bartlettlib/util Move bitmap.c to lib/util
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:torture: add SMB2-BASIC
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_query_directory*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_write*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_read*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_flush*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_close*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_create*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_tcon*() and smb2cli_tdis*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_sesssetup*() and smb2cli_logoff*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add smb2cli_negprot*()
2011-07-07 Stefan Metzmachers3:libsmb: add basic smb2 client infrastructure
2011-07-07 Günther Deschners3-printing: add rpc_client/cli_winreg_spoolss.c
2011-07-07 Günther Deschners3-printing: move os2 related functions to printing...
2011-07-05 Christian Ambachs3:build fix autoconf build on AIX 5.3
2011-07-04 Andreas Schneiders3-util: Add a get_remote_hostname() function.
2011-07-02 Andrew Bartletts3-param Generate parameter tables
2011-07-01 Günther Deschners3-net: use printing_migrate library, and eliminate...
2011-07-01 Günther Deschners3-printing: split out printing migration code into...
2011-06-30 Michael Adams3:build: add vfs_examples to the everything target
2011-06-30 Michael Adams3:build: add a vfs_examples target.
2011-06-24 Stefan Metzmachers3:configure: remove unused --with-rootsbindir configur...
2011-06-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add cli_symlink
2011-06-24 Volker Lendeckes3: Add symlink reparse point marshalling routines
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-06-21 Volker Lendeckes3: Remove unused code