added IDL and test for lsa_OpenSecret()
[samba.git] / source / torture / rpc / lsa.c
2004-04-03 Andrew Tridgelladded IDL and test for lsa_OpenSecret()
2004-04-03 Andrew Tridgelladded IDL and test suite for lsa_CreateSecret()
2004-04-03 Andrew Tridgelladded idl and test suite for lsa_CreateTrustedDomain()
2004-03-31 Andrew Tridgelladded lsaCreateAccount() and a test in the RPC-LSA...
2004-02-03 Stefan Metzmacher- add 'print' to the DCERPC binding strings
2003-12-02 Andrew Tridgell * netr_ServerPasswordSet() now works - the test suite...
2003-11-22 Andrew Tridgell * fixed NDR flag inheritance across push subcontexts
2003-11-22 Andrew Tridgell * enable RPC/NDR validation in all smbtorture code
2003-11-22 Andrew Tridgella fairly major upgrade to the dcerpc system
2003-11-20 Andrew Tridgellsome errors are expected in SAMR and LSA tests - don...
2003-11-19 Andrew Tridgellinit samr and lsa names so the debug display looks...
2003-11-18 Andrew Tridgelluse the auto-generated UUID, version and name rather...
2003-11-18 Andrew Tridgell* use the new auto-generated debug code method.
2003-11-17 Andrew Tridgell * add another WERR err code
2003-11-15 Andrew Tridgelladded the first couple of calls from samr as IDL
2003-11-15 Andrew Tridgelladded lsa_QuerySecObj() and the necessary sec_desc_buf...
2003-11-14 Andrew Tridgellit turns out that all MS servers ignore the artifact...
2003-11-14 Andrew Tridgell* fixed lsa_LookupPrivName
2003-11-13 Andrew Tridgell* fixed conformant arrays in structures
2003-11-11 Andrew Tridgelladded QueryPolicyInfo/PrimaryDomainInfo idl and test...
2003-11-11 Andrew Tridgellsupport lsa_AuditEventsInfo
2003-11-11 Andrew Tridgellstart using automatic union printing
2003-11-11 Andrew Tridgellautomatically generate ndr_print_*() functions for...
2003-11-11 Andrew Tridgellstarted adding support for lsa_QueryInfoPolicy
2003-11-10 Andrew Tridgelladded idl and test code for lsa_LookupPrivName()
2003-11-10 Andrew Tridgelladded IDL and test for lsa_EnumAccountRights()
2003-11-10 Andrew Tridgelladded IDL and test for lsa_EnumPrivsAccount()
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgell- fixed lsa_EnumTrustDom
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded lsa_EnumTrustDom
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded lsa_EnumPrivs idl and test code
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded a test for lsa_Close()
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgell- added the rest of the LSA calls as stubs
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelluse a more consistent style for the client stubs
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelllsa_LookupNames now works
2003-11-09 Andrew Tridgelladded idl, generated code and test code for lsa_LookupSids
2003-11-08 Andrew Tridgell- corrected some lsa idl
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgelllsa_EnumSids() now works
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgelllsa_OpenPolicy2 now works
2003-11-04 Andrew Tridgellyipee! we can now do lsaOpenPolicy() via the new interf...
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgellstarted adding RPC-ECHO torture cases
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgellwe only want the per-call stub data
2003-11-03 Andrew Tridgella major revamp of the low level dcerpc code in samba4...