r6506: Rename parameter to GetDomPwInfo.
[samba.git] / source / scripting / swig / samr.py
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr6506: Rename parameter to GetDomPwInfo.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr6469: Add CreateDomainGroup, GetAliasMembership.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr6328: Fix bug in OpenAlias.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr6214: Fix typo in DomainHandle.OpenUser() function.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr5368: Fix ups for domain_name field name change.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr5353: Throw a NTSTATUS exception if a NT error code...
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr5348: Implement the remaining samr connect functions...
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr5335: Add a Close() method to SamrHandle object.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr5244: Convert this module to use the new structure...
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr3607: EnumDomainAlises doesn't take a max_size parameter.
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr3590: Add some more commands to rpcclient from a patch...
2007-10-10 Tim Potterr2555: Start of a rpcclient type program.