rpcclient "Service Control Manager" svcenum [-i] command.
[samba.git] / source / rpcclient / display.c
1999-01-28 Luke Leightonrpcclient "Service Control Manager" svcenum [-i] command.
1999-01-27 Luke LeightonService Control Manager - service enumeration.
1998-12-04 Luke Leighton- renamed do_samr_xxx to samr_xxx
1998-11-29 Luke Leightonweekend work. user / group database API.
1998-11-13 Jeremy AllisonMakefile.in configure configure.in include/config.h...
1998-11-12 Luke Leightonsecurity descriptors.
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonoops!
1998-11-11 Luke Leightonclearing up security descriptor
1998-11-10 Jeremy Allisoninclude/local.h:
1998-11-10 Luke Leightonrpcclient registry commands.
1998-09-25 Luke Leightonadded in samr commands. assistance in returning the...
1998-09-25 Luke Leightonadded wksinfo command to rpcclient, which don't work...