Having Well-known Domain Groups ("Domain Admins/Guests/Users") returned
[samba.git] / source / rpc_server / srv_lookup.c
1999-02-09 Luke LeightonHaving Well-known Domain Groups ("Domain Admins/Guests...
1998-12-07 Luke Leighton- lib/unix_sec_ctxt.c
1998-12-02 Luke Leightonissues spotted by andrej: %s\\%s not %s\%s
1998-11-29 Luke Leightonweekend work. user / group database API.
1998-11-23 Luke Leightonunix instance of group database API
1998-11-17 Luke Leightonlookup_alias_name() %s not %d for sid_str
1998-11-17 Luke Leightonsomehow this file got missed in the groupdb commit.
1998-11-12 Luke Leightoncleaning up conflicts between group code not yet commit...