s4:rpc_server: only pass dcesrv_auth to auth_state.session_key_fn()
[samba.git] / selftest / perf_tests.py
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnallselftest/perftests: avoid import *
2017-06-23 Douglas Bagnalladd provision performance tests
2017-06-23 Douglas Bagnallperftest: add a new medley test
2017-03-02 Douglas Bagnallselftest: add search performance tests
2017-03-02 Douglas Bagnallselftest: ndr_pack/unpack performance test
2016-12-01 Andrew Bartlettperf: Add simple tests for the open/close a database...
2016-08-31 Douglas Bagnallmake perftest: for performance testing