traffic: new version of model with packet_rate, version number
[samba.git] / python / samba / tests / kcc /
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnallpython/tests/kcc_utils: disambiguate/unshadow a test
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnallpython/tests/kcc_*: avoid * imports
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnallpython/tests/kcc.graph: avoid import *
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnallpy/tests: remove unused imports
2018-10-18 Douglas Bagnallpy3_tests/kcc : test_verify can hit KCCError as well...
2018-10-18 Douglas Bagnallpy3/tests/kcc: turn error into failure for flapping...
2018-10-02 Stefan Metzmacherpython/tests: turn GraphError into failure inside of...
2018-09-21 Douglas Bagnallpython tests: fix format() strings for Python 2.6
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E303: too many blank lines (2)
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E302: expected 2 blank lines, found 1
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E265: block comment should start with '# '
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E261: at least two spaces before inline comment
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E203: whitespace before ':'
2018-08-24 Joe GuoPEP8: fix E128: continuation line under-indented for...
2018-04-30 Noel Powerpython: Bulk conversion callers of ldb.Dn second param
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.kcc.graph_utils
2018-04-05 Joe Guoselftest: enable py3 for samba.tests.kcc.graph
2018-03-21 Garming Samtests/kcc_util: Add unit tests for automatic site coverage
2017-02-22 Chris LambCorrect "acheive" typos.
2016-12-01 Clive FerreiraKCC: unconnected graph test
2015-10-29 Douglas BagnallKCC: kcc.import_ldif doesn't need creds
2015-10-26 Andrew Bartlettsamba-tool domain demote: Add --verbose and --quiet...
2015-10-26 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Make it clear that the first argument to...
2015-10-26 Andrew Bartlettselftest: Add tests for samdb_to_ldif_file
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: ldif_import_export tests dotfiles have contents
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: ldif_import_export tests checks the dot-files
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: ldif_import_export tests use samba.tests.TestCaseI...
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: add tests for kcc.graph repltimes functions
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: beginning of tests for kcc.graph
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: add a very puny stub for kcc.kcc_utils tests
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: remove "forest_of_rings" verification check
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC move and fix ldif_import_export and graph_utils...
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: shift tests/ to tests/kcc/ldif_import...
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: shift tests/ to tests/kcc/
2015-06-12 Douglas BagnallKCC: test stub for KCC object