Remove dead code for packing buffers which has now been reimplemented.
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2002-06-05 Shirish KaleleFix typo.
2001-06-01 Gerald Carterfinal sync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartermore syncs with SAMBA_2_2
2001-04-13 Shirish KaleleAdding the "Using Samba" book to the packaging in HEAD.
2001-04-11 Shirish KaleleAdding Solaris packaging files to HEAD.
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgell2nd phase of head branch sync with SAMBA_2_0 - this...
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst pass at updating head branch to be to be the...
1997-10-04 John TerpstraJHT ===> Added Sun Solaris binary package building...