Remove dead code for packing buffers which has now been reimplemented.
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2002-10-31 John TerpstraAnother Buchan Milne patch that escaped the last commit.
2002-10-31 John TerpstraApplied Buchan Milne's patches.
2002-10-30 John TerpstraNot sure why this is here - so off it goes.
2002-10-30 John TerpstraAdding Buchan Milne's updates from HEAD.
2002-10-30 John TerpstraAdding Buchan Milne's updates.
2002-05-01 Simo SorceHad some environment problem to test the fix, so it...
2001-08-01 Tim PotterAdded and populated .cvsignore files for packaging...
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartersync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-04-24 Gerald Carteradded Mandrake support from 2.2