Remove dead code for packing buffers which has now been reimplemented.
[samba.git] / packaging / Caldera /
2002-10-27 John TerpstraRemove make_printerdef from binary install process.
2002-10-05 John TerpstraRemoved Fax document no longer extant.
2002-09-24 John TerpstraTypos! Fix 'em!
2002-09-24 John TerpstraRemoved call to configure for VFS modules.
2002-09-24 John TerpstraUpdated in preparation for samba-3.0.0alpha20
2002-08-23 John TerpstraRemoved samsync
2002-07-31 John TerpstraRemove VFS module build so RPMs can build for now.
2002-06-03 John TerpstraAdd VFS Support
2002-05-01 Simo SorceHad some environment problem to test the fix, so it...
2002-04-08 John TerpstraFix location of binaries and make sure they get there...
2002-04-07 John TerpstraFix pathes.
2002-04-07 John TerpstraOops .. last update was committed before saving! Argh!
2002-04-07 John TerpstraUpdated because I want this for now - NOTE: This will...
2002-03-31 John TerpstraModified programs installed to /usr/bin and /usr/sbin
2002-03-30 John TerpstraAdded smbwrapper and everything to build options.
2002-03-27 John TerpstraTold make to build nsswitch/ - someone...
2002-03-12 John TerpstraSorry, forgot to commit this last night.
2002-03-12 John TerpstraUpdate samba.pam from 2.2.4pre branch.
2002-03-12 John TerpstraIt builds the RPMS, now for the testing...
2002-03-12 John TerpstraCleaning things up for test deployment.
2002-03-12 John TerpstraHack, hack, where is my sledge hammer?
2002-03-12 John TerpstraStill hacking at it.
2002-03-11 John TerpstraMore temp. changes. - Bear with me, this will soon...
2002-03-11 John TerpstraTransient change - not final - don;t want to lose this...
2002-03-10 John TerpstraUpdate to build 3.0.0 alphas
2002-03-10 John TerpstraInitscript from 2.2.4 tree.
2002-01-03 John TerpstraNote: This does NOT work yet. More work is in progress...
2001-08-01 Tim PotterAdded and populated .cvsignore files for packaging...
2001-06-01 Gerald Carterfinal sync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartermore syncs with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Cartersync with SAMBA_2_2
2001-06-01 Gerald Carterbeginning of merge with SAMBA_2_2
2001-04-28 John TerpstraAdding developer mode option.
2001-01-05 David O'NeillSync up packaging updates that didn't make it to HEAD.
2000-08-04 John TerpstraAdding build file.
2000-08-04 John TerpstraAdding build system files for Caldera OpenLinux.
2000-07-30 John TerpstraAdding files provided by Klaus Singvogel of Caldera
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgell2nd phase of head branch sync with SAMBA_2_0 - this...
1998-12-19 John TerpstraUpdated makefile-path info contributed on the samba...
1998-12-04 John TerpstraUpdated packaging files from 2.0.0 branch - NOTE: Not...
1998-11-21 Andrew Tridgellglobal change from to
1998-11-18 John TerpstraUpdated packaging files in line with restructuring...
1998-11-16 John TerpstraSet sticky bit on /var/spool/samba.
1998-11-16 John TerpstraRemoved smbwrappers from build specs and from installat...
1998-11-16 John TerpstraUpdated packaging files (new for Caldera).