vfs_aixacl2: Fix "mem_ctx" and "ppdesc" smb_fget_nt_acl_nfs4 args
[samba.git] / libcli / dns / dns.h
2020-12-11 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Add required #includes to libcli/dns/dns.h
2014-12-18 Andreas Schneiderlibcli-dns: Remove obsolete dns_host_file subsystem.
2013-11-13 Stefan MetzmacherMerge branch 'master' of ctdb into 'master' of samba
2011-06-24 Stefan MetzmacherMerge commit 'release-4-0-0alpha15' into master4-tmp
2011-06-24 Andrew BartlettMerge 2610c05b5b95cc7036b3d6dfb894c6cfbdb68483 as Samba... samba-4.0.0alpha16
2011-04-26 Andrew Bartlettlibcli/dns Improve dns_hosts_file, using Samba3's struc...