debug: factor out a function that opens and closes the new and old logfile
[samba.git] / lib / tdb /
2018-12-14 Joe GuoPY3: change shebang to python3 in lib dir
2018-12-14 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Move python detection back into waf (instead...
2018-12-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Workaround python3 hash order issues (for now)
2018-12-10 Noel PowerPY3: switch current build to use python3
2018-11-30 Olly BettsFix spelling mistakes
2018-11-28 Andreas Schneidertdb: Use #ifdef instead of #if for config.h definitions
2018-11-06 Volker Lendecketdb: Align integer types
2018-11-06 Volker Lendecketdb: Allow !CLEAR_IF_FIRST & MUTEX_LOCKING
2018-11-06 Volker Lendecketdb: Version 1.3.17 for tdb_traverse_chain
2018-11-06 Volker Lendecketdb: Add test for tdb_traverse_chain
2018-11-06 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdb_traverse_chain
2018-10-30 Volker Lendecketdb: Make record deletion circular-chain safe
2018-10-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Do early RDONLY error check for tdb_delete
2018-10-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Purge dead records whenever we block the freelist
2018-10-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Don't delete dead records in traverse
2018-10-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Align an integer type
2018-10-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a typo
2018-10-25 Douglas Bagnalltdb/test/_tdbtext: remove unused imports
2018-10-25 Volker Lendecketdbtorture: Align integer types
2018-10-25 Volker Lendecketdbtorture: No transaction with mutexes
2018-10-25 Volker Lendecketdb: Remove "USE_RIGHT_MERGES" code
2018-10-25 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a typo
2018-10-25 Volker Lendecketdb: Use explicit initialization
2018-10-25 Volker Lendecketdb: Avoid casts
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Basic test for circular freelist fix
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Basic test for circular hash chain fix
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Make the freelist walk circular-safe
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Align integer types
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Make get_hash_length circular-safe
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Make tdb_find_dead circular-safe
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Make tdb_dump_chain circular-list safe
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Make tdb_find circular-safe
2018-10-08 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdb_chainwalk_check
2018-09-05 Alexander Bokovoylib/tdb/wscript: update to handle waf 2.0.4
2018-09-05 Thomas Nagybuild:wafsamba: Build on waf 1.9
2018-08-06 Aaron Hasletttdb: test for readonly locks mode on tdbbackup command
2018-08-06 Aaron Hasletttdb: adding readonly locks mode to tdbbackup tool
2018-07-12 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.16 tdb-1.3.16
2018-07-02 Amitay Isaacstdb: Fix build on AIX
2018-04-13 Joe Guopython: bulk replace dict.iteritems to items for py3
2018-04-10 Volker Lendecketdbtool: Use tdb_wipe_all in "erase" command
2018-03-23 Noel Powerlib/tdb: convert print func to be py2/py3 compatible
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a "increases alignment" warning
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdb: Align a few integer types
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdb: Harden allocating the tdb recovery area
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdb: Make sure the hash size fits
2018-03-22 Volker LendeckeHarden tdb_check_used_record against overflow
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdb: Handle TDB_NEXT_LOCK_ERR in tdb_traverse_internal
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdb: Harden tdb_rec_read
2018-03-22 Volker Lendecketdbdump: Avoid an int cast
2018-03-01 Andreas Schneiderlib:tdb: Add FALL_THROUGH statements in common/summary.c
2018-03-01 Andreas Schneiderlib:tdb: Add FALL_THROUGH statements in tdbtool.c
2018-03-01 Andreas Schneiderlib:tdb: Add FALL_THROUGH statements in hash.c
2017-08-24 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.15 tdb-1.3.15
2017-08-24 Volker Lendecketdb: Use posix_fallocate
2017-08-23 Volker Lendecketdb: Add an intermediate variable
2017-08-23 Volker Lendecketdb: Truncate the file after expand failure
2017-08-23 Volker Lendecketdb: Protect against EINTR
2017-08-23 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a typo
2017-08-22 Ralph Boehmetdb: fix tbdtool list freelist output
2017-08-22 Ralph Boehmetdb: document hashtable bucket offset calculation madness
2017-08-22 Ralph Boehmetbd: BUCKET(-1) returns wrong offset because tdb->hash_...
2017-08-22 Ralph Boehmetdb: rename struct tdb_traverse_lock hash member to...
2017-08-17 Volker Lendecketdb: Clarify the CLEAR_IF_FIRST locked logic
2017-08-10 Andreas Schneidertdb: Do not allow to pass NULL as the buffer to transac...
2017-08-09 Andreas Schneidertdb: Write zero data using 8k buffer in transaction_exp...
2017-08-09 Volker Lendecketdb: Avoid NULL tdb_write
2017-08-09 Volker Lendecketdb: Consistency check for tdb_storev
2017-07-02 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.14 tdb-1.3.14
2017-07-02 Andrew Bartletttdb: Add new function tdb_transaction_active()
2017-07-02 Andrew Bartletttdb: Improve documentation for tdb_transaction_start()
2017-07-02 Andrew Bartletttdb: Remove locking from tdb_traverse_read()
2017-06-14 Stefan Metzmachertdb: add run-fcntl-deadlock test
2017-05-22 Andrew Bartletttdb: Improve debugging when the allrecord lock fails...
2017-04-27 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.13 tdb-1.3.13
2017-04-27 Andrew Bartletttdb: Improve debugging in _tdb_transaction_start
2017-04-27 Andrew Bartletttdb: Improve debugging when the allrecord lock fails...
2017-04-27 Ralph Boehmetdb: runtime check for robust mutexes may hang in threa...
2017-04-22 Volker Lendecketdbtool: Add "storehex" command
2017-04-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Test for readonly lock upgrade bug
2017-04-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Do lock upgrades properly
2017-04-10 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix some signed/unsigned hickups
2017-03-28 Björn Baumbachtdb/tools: add documentation for the tdbbackup -n option
2017-03-10 Ian Stakenviciuswaf: disable-python - align tdb's wscript
2016-11-30 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.12 tdb-1.3.12
2016-11-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix mutexes on FreeBSD
2016-11-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Only mmap the mutex area if not already mmap'ed
2016-11-29 Volker Lendecketdb: NULL out tdb->mutexes in tdb_mutex_munmap
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Use tdb_storev in tdb_append tdb-1.3.11
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdb_storev
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Add tdb_trace_1plusn_rec_flag_ret
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Vectorize _tdb_store
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Vectorize tdb_update_hash
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Allow _v variant in tdb_update_hash_cmp
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Remove unnecessary checks
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Do an overflow check
2016-08-29 Volker Lendecketdb: Fix a signed/unsigned hickup
2016-08-23 Amitay Isaacstdb: Fix format-nonliteral warning
2016-07-28 Stefan Metzmachertdb: version 1.3.10 tdb-1.3.10
2016-07-14 Volker Lendecketdb: Don't malloc for every record in traverse