JHT ===> Just playin' wif da RPM 'tings. Ok?
[samba.git] / examples / redhat / samba-make.patch
1997-07-26 John TerpstraJHT ===> Just playin' wif da RPM 'tings. Ok?
1997-07-23 John TerpstraJHT ===> Getting ready for release of 1.9.17alpha5
1997-07-12 John TerpstraJHT ==> Just tidying up for Release.
1997-07-09 John TerpstraJHT ==> Updating RPM build file, more expected - so...
1997-05-11 John TerpstraJHT sez ... Please pardon my dust, road works in progress!
1997-02-04 Samba Release AccountJHT ===> Oops. Forgot about that renaming.
1997-02-04 Samba Release AccountJHT ===> Beggining of fixes to RedHat config stuff...
1997-01-31 Samba Release AccountJHT ===> Prepared now for release of Samba-1.9.16p10...
1997-01-09 Samba Release AccountJHT ==> Ditto
1997-01-02 Samba Release Accountspec files needed for redhat rpm building