init_dom_sid2s: Check return code from string_to_sid. Skip tokens
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2003-01-15 Gerald Carter* removed unused variable from rpcclient code
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijIgnore Makefile
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijMove working VFS modules to source/modules/
2002-11-13 Jelmer VernooijMove VFS documentation to the HOWTO collection
2002-10-21 Jelmer VernooijSmall patch from metze to add 3 parameters to vfs_init...
2002-10-02 Gerald Cartersmall update from Rainer
2002-10-02 Gerald Cartermention
2002-09-30 Gerald CarterREADME.OtherModules
2002-09-08 Simo Sorcechange parametric option name to vfs_recycle_bin it...
2002-09-07 Simo Sorcerecycle.c:
2002-09-06 Simo Sorcethe current block module is completely broken, jelmer...
2002-09-06 Simo Sorcemove everything to flat VFS/ directory
2002-08-28 Jeremy AllisonRemoved C++ style comment.
2002-08-27 Simo Sorcepatch from metze
2002-08-27 Simo Sorceadd the netatalk module
2002-08-27 Simo Sorceavoid using libtool for VFS modules
2002-08-18 Jelmer VernooijAdd entry about
2002-07-31 Simo Sorceforgot to change the makefile system, sorry
2002-07-30 Simo SorceOK!
2002-06-15 John Terpstrax source path so this thing compiles.
2002-05-11 Jeremy AllisonFixes for recycle bin VFS for FreeBSD from "Scot W...
2002-03-23 Jeremy AllisonSet default recycle directory permissions as 0770....
2002-03-19 Jeremy AllisonSync up the VFS changes from 2.2.x.
2001-10-24 Tim PotterUpdated copyright notice.
2001-10-24 Tim PotterRenamed global_vfs_ops to default_vfs_ops and made...
2001-10-23 Tim PotterDon't get stuck in an infinite loop in vfs_connect.
2001-10-18 Tim PotterNow compiles under head branch.
2001-05-16 Jeremy AllisonAdded example vfs block example from Ronald Kuetemeier...
2000-11-06 Jeremy AllisonAdded a VFS version return to init call. Allows smbd...
2000-11-06 Jeremy AllisonFixes for sample VFS audit code from "Brad Sahr" <bsahr...
2000-05-17 Tim PotterUpdated VFS examples to use ftruncate() and lock()...
2000-04-05 Tim Potterfsync() returns an int rather than void.
2000-04-05 Tim PotterAdded *.so
2000-04-05 Tim PotterImproved clean target.
2000-02-04 Tim PotterHopefully these changes will actually stick.
2000-02-03 Tim PotterSome strange CVS weirdness happening here. I had SAMBA...