bugfix in smb_err_msg
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1998-12-07 Luke Leightonadded ldap files by Matthew Chapman.
1998-12-07 Luke Leightonadded text and html versions of LDAP.yo. smb.conf...
1998-12-07 Luke Leightonmatthew chapman's ldap code, to date. plus docs!
1998-12-07 Andrew Tridgellfixed a link to testparm.1.html
1998-12-03 John TerpstraUpdated version info and date in document headers.
1998-12-03 Luke Leightonadding group parsing: add/modify/delete/add members.
1998-12-02 Luke Leightonupdating smb.conf from yodl
1998-11-30 Luke Leightonmissed out endit()s, ta andrej.
1998-11-30 Luke Leightonupdated smb.conf - have not done a yodl2xxx.
1998-11-28 John TerpstraFixed typo. "Browsable is an acronym for browseable.
1998-11-27 Andrew Tridgellre-ran yodl
1998-11-27 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of a dangerous message command example
1998-11-24 Luke Leightonupdated from yodl
1998-11-24 Luke Leightonadded "domain group map" and "local group map" explanat...
1998-11-22 Andrew Tridgelluse http://samba.org/ not http://samba.org/samba/
1998-11-21 Andrew Tridgellglobal change from samba.anu.edu.au to samba.org
1998-11-21 Richard SharpeAdded changes to smbtar submitted by Sandy Whitesel
1998-11-19 Herb Lewisupdate testparm with -s option so it doesn't require...
1998-11-14 Andrew Tridgellsupport.txt is now maintained solely on the web pages
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonUpdate for 2.0beta1.
1998-11-14 Andrew Tridgellremoved information on installing via cgi
1998-11-14 Herb Lewismissed a .B
1998-11-14 Jeremy AllisonFixed munging of sample file in man pages.
1998-11-14 Herb Lewisran spell check and other minor tweaks
1998-11-13 Jeremy AllisonUpdated for 2.0beta1.
1998-11-13 Jeremy AllisonProblems found by Herb.
1998-11-12 Herb LewisCommiting tt fix.
1998-11-12 Herb LewisFixed missing parens in tt entry.
1998-11-12 Tim PotterSomeone else is already doing this.
1998-11-12 Tim PotterAdded an index.html for the html documentation taken...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded text and html versions of DOMAIN_MEMBER doc.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded file to describe how to join a domain.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded swat html & manpage.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonUpdated smbd links.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonAdded link to YODL url.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonForgot to add these new (auto-generated) manpages.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonFirst versions of the man pages auto-generated from...
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonFirst version of HTML docs generated from YODL source.
1998-11-11 Jeremy AllisonUpdating changes - now move to yodldocs directory.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonFixed a broken link.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonFinally it compiles with YODL !!
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonThis is finished but still doesn't compile in YODL.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonDone all the ssl docs.
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonUp to "socket options".
1998-11-10 Jeremy AllisonUp to "read size".
1998-11-09 Jeremy Allisonsmbclient.1.yo: Documented Andrews changes.
1998-11-07 Jeremy AllisonFixed lppause and lpresume docs.
1998-11-07 Jeremy AllisonPacking it in for the evening..
1998-11-07 Jeremy AllisonUp to ole locking compat..
1998-11-07 Jeremy AllisonUp to "magic script".
1998-11-07 Jeremy AllisonSave your work as you go... :-).
1998-11-06 Jeremy AllisonUp to "domain master" and still going...
1998-11-06 Jeremy AllisonKeeping it safe. NB. This is *not* yet finished and...
1998-11-06 Jeremy AllisonMore updates...
1998-11-05 Jeremy AllisonThe start of a long and ugly process... :-).
1998-11-05 Jeremy AllisonSync up changes to smbd.8.yo and nmbd.8.yo.
1998-11-05 Jeremy AllisonFinished smbpasswd.5.yo.
1998-11-05 Jeremy AllisonFinally a man page for the smbpasswd file.
1998-11-04 Jeremy AllisonAdded internal cross references for all man pages.
1998-11-04 Jeremy AllisonCross linked all the command line options.
1998-11-04 Jeremy AllisonIt turns out that yodl strips all spaces from link...
1998-11-04 Jeremy AllisonFixed up cross references into smb.conf.5 man page...
1998-11-04 Luke Leightonupdated this file a bit...
1998-11-04 Jeremy AllisonAdded Xrefs to smb.conf.5.html file.
1998-11-03 Jeremy AllisonMore docs...
1998-11-03 Jeremy AllisonAnother one bites the dust....
1998-11-03 Jeremy AllisonTidied up references to samba (7).
1998-11-03 Jeremy AllisonMore yodl-docs.
1998-11-02 Jeremy AllisonTidied up VERSION section. Added testparm.1.yo
1998-11-02 Jeremy AllisonFixed up html links - docs look better now (getting...
1998-10-31 Jeremy AllisonMode doc work (smbclient was *nasty*).
1998-10-29 Jeremy AllisonLearned about the label() and link() commands and how...
1998-10-29 Jeremy AllisonAdded html label() macros to man page sections allowing...
1998-10-29 John TerpstraAdded description of reason for failure of test 3 due...
1998-10-29 Jeremy Allisonnmbd.8.yo: More tweaks.
1998-10-29 Andrew Tridgellyet another person asked me where the name Samba came...
1998-10-28 Jeremy AllisonFinished nmbd docs, small changes to smbd docs.
1998-10-28 Jeremy AllisonAdded Cybernet systems. Also made it clear that USA...
1998-10-28 Jeremy AllisonMove man page section from (1) to (8) for smbd.
1998-10-28 Jeremy AllisonNot finished yet - added so I can check it out at home
1998-10-27 Jeremy AllisonFixed a few doc bugs in make_smbcodepage.1.yo samba...
1998-10-27 Jeremy AllisonYODL conversion of make_smbcodepage.1
1998-10-26 Jeremy AllisonFirst part of YODL converted documentation.
1998-10-26 Jeremy AllisonAdded new German consultant.
1998-10-22 Jeremy AllisonTidied up Support.txt to be up to date with latest...
1998-10-17 Eloy ParisAdded man page for nmblookup(1)
1998-10-14 Luke Leightonremoved lkcl
1998-10-08 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 11
1998-10-08 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 10
1998-10-04 Richard SharpeAdded E Jay Berkenbilt's fixes
1998-09-28 Andrew Tridgellfixed the docs for "domain controller" parameter.
1998-09-18 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 6
1998-09-17 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 5
1998-08-31 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 1
1998-08-31 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha
1998-08-25 Christopher R. HertelFinally got around to updating the man pages for nmbd...
1998-08-25 Andrew Tridgellnote that "alternate permissions" is deprecated in...
1998-07-29 Andrew Tridgellremoved some feedback request comments - we get enough...
1998-07-29 Andrew Tridgellupdated the UNIX install instructions to include ....
1998-07-24 Richard SharpeUpdates smbstatus to have a -S and -L flag.