spruced up SWAT a bit - it now uses the new Samba logo at the top and
[samba.git] / docs /
1998-08-31 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha 1
1998-08-31 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 2.0.0 alpha
1998-08-25 Christopher R. HertelFinally got around to updating the man pages for nmbd...
1998-08-25 Andrew Tridgellnote that "alternate permissions" is deprecated in...
1998-07-29 Andrew Tridgellremoved some feedback request comments - we get enough...
1998-07-29 Andrew Tridgellupdated the UNIX install instructions to include ....
1998-07-24 Richard SharpeUpdates smbstatus to have a -S and -L flag.
1998-07-09 John TerpstraFixing Oops. Thought I had added these - but not!
1998-07-09 John TerpstraFixed typos and reformatted doco.
1998-07-07 Jeremy AllisonCorrected info.
1998-07-06 Jeremy AllisonAdded Australian consultant.
1998-07-06 Jeremy AllisonUpdated the 'samba does not allow multi-workgroups...
1998-07-05 John TerpstraAdded as rapid config guide for cross subnet / cross...
1998-07-05 John TerpstraUpdated in line with recent samba-bugs postings.
1998-07-05 John TerpstraUpdating Unix installation notes.
1998-07-05 John TerpstraFixed typos pointed out by Pekka Savola <Pekka.Savola...
1998-06-16 Jeremy AllisonAdding Christian Starkjohann <cs@obdev.at> SSLeay document.
1998-06-01 Andrew Tridgellpoint people at the main web site for a up to date...
1998-05-27 Luke Leightonremoved "domain sid = " parameter instructions
1998-04-13 John TerpstraAs it says.
1998-04-12 John TerpstraAdded additional comments from Bruce Wood
1998-04-11 John TerpstraCorrected the spelling of my Surname. Added several...
1998-04-11 Luke Leightoncreated from a really useful discussion about Win95...
1998-04-11 John TerpstraUpdated to include possible cause of failed TESTS 3...
1998-04-11 Richard Sharpesmbclient.1 updated to reflect the new functionality...
1998-03-23 John TerpstraUpdating note thanks to comments from Franky Liederkerke.
1998-03-19 Jeremy AllisonAdding the same changes to HEAD as were added to BRANCH...
1998-03-16 Jeremy AllisonAdding the same change as was added to 1.9.18 branch...
1998-03-16 Jeremy AllisonAdding mention of %p substitution.
1998-03-16 Andrew Tridgellchanged the default "keepalive" value to 300 seconds.
1998-03-12 John TerpstraFixed typos. Anyone else like to vet this?
1998-03-01 John TerpstraAdding example config info for the ISC DHCP Server...
1998-02-13 Jeremy AllisonUpdated - removed "win95 bug compatibility" and added...
1998-02-12 Jeremy AllisonENCRYPTION.txt: Fixed typo.
1998-02-11 Andrew Tridgellfixed typo
1998-02-03 John TerpstraAdded Newcast - UK Consultant to Support.txt
1998-02-03 John TerpstraRemoved Brett Worth from Support.txt as per Bug#3833
1998-01-26 Volker Lendecke*** empty log message ***
1998-01-23 Herb Lewissync with changes to 1.9.18 tree
1998-01-23 Jeremy AllisonChanged phone numbers for BitWizard.
1998-01-22 Jeremy AllisonAdded Romanian consultant.
1998-01-22 Volker Lendecke*** empty log message ***
1998-01-21 Herb Lewisfixed a few typos in the instructions and added a longe...
1998-01-17 Jeremy AllisonAdded italian consultancy.
1998-01-09 Jeremy Allisondocs/Support.txt: Removed consultant.
1998-01-08 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18
1998-01-07 Jeremy AllisonUpdated french contact address.
1998-01-06 Volker LendeckeAdded manpages.
1998-01-05 John TerpstraFixed type that referred to regedit.exe instead of...
1998-01-03 Herb Lewisadded description of changes I made
1997-12-24 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha14
1997-12-24 Jeremy AllisonUpdated WHATSNEW.txt for 1.9.18alpha14 release.
1997-12-24 Jeremy AllisonAdded docs for new signal handling functions.
1997-12-20 Dan ShearerPut it in the right directory :~)
1997-12-20 Dan ShearerChris' smb.conf parsing doco
1997-12-20 Dan ShearerThis may be a waste of time, but I thought if we keep...
1997-12-20 Dan ShearerMinor spelling, wording changes to intro
1997-12-16 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha13
1997-12-16 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW.txt - updated for 1.9.18alpha13.
1997-12-16 Jeremy AllisonAdded new wins & lm announce options.
1997-12-04 Jeremy AllisonAdded one more USA consultant.
1997-12-03 Andrew Tridgellapplied a patch from Norm Jacobs to allow "printcap...
1997-12-03 Andrew Tridgellchange the "username map" option to allow the user...
1997-12-03 Andrew Tridgellmake the "printing" option a per share option rather...
1997-12-02 Jeremy AllisonDocumented the 'veto oplock files' parameter.
1997-11-28 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha12
1997-11-24 Dan ShearerRemind them to read the man page about needing to be...
1997-11-21 John TerpstraAdded in mods for new smb.conf "remote browse sync...
1997-11-19 Andrew Tridgellfixed typo
1997-11-02 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha11
1997-11-02 Luke Leightonupdated
1997-11-02 Luke Leightondocumented "domain hosts allow/deny" parameters
1997-11-01 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha10
1997-11-01 Luke Leightonadded instructions advising people to set up 1.9.18alph...
1997-11-01 Luke Leightonupdating to latest version
1997-10-30 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha9
1997-10-30 Luke Leightonupdated documentation as chmodding files /tmp/lsarpc...
1997-10-29 Luke Leightonupdate
1997-10-29 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha8
1997-10-29 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha7
1997-10-28 Jeremy AllisonAdded "printer driver location", "printer driver file...
1997-10-28 Jeremy AllisonAdding PRINTER_DRIVER.txt docs.
1997-10-28 Jeremy AllisonAdding printer drivers patch from Jean-Francois Micouleau
1997-10-27 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha6
1997-10-27 Luke Leightonupdated to indicate reported success with NT 3.51 as...
1997-10-27 Luke Leightondocumented LSA Open Policy Query.
1997-10-25 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha5
1997-10-25 Luke Leightonlatest version
1997-10-24 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha4
1997-10-24 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of samba-1.9.18alpha4
1997-10-23 Luke Leightonmissed one of the files (lsarpc) in the touch and chmod...
1997-10-22 Luke Leightonupdated tel no and email address for my entry.
1997-10-21 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha3
1997-10-21 Samba Release Accountpreparing for release of 1.9.18alpha2
1997-10-21 Jeremy AllisonWHATSNEW.txt: Preparing for 1.9.18alpha2 release.
1997-10-21 Samba Release AccountUpdating an entry.Paul
1997-10-21 Andrew Tridgelladd a note on how to map usernames with spaces in them
1997-10-21 Andrew Tridgelladded a note about which netbios name is use in server...
1997-10-20 Jeremy AllisonAdding make_smbcodepage.1 man page.
1997-10-20 Luke Leightonadded description of parameters: