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2002-08-24 Richard SharpeYour car depreciates in value, while obsolete parameter...
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2000-12-21 Tim PotterDocumentation updates for smbcacls program.
2000-12-14 Tim PotterUpdated smbcacls documentation.
2000-12-07 Tim PotterFirst cut at a manual page for smbcacls.
2000-12-06 Gerald Carteradded documentation for 'private dir' parameter
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2000-11-28 David BannonPDC docs, made from DocBook source, comments ?
2000-11-05 Tim PotterAdded documentation for printer-notify smbcontrol command.
2000-10-22 Tim PotterSmall change to process of joining a domain with samedit.
2000-10-17 Tim PotterAdded documentation for winbind enum users and winbind...
2000-10-12 Herb Lewisupdate man page for program changes
2000-09-29 Herb Lewisnew man pages
2000-09-12 Tim PotterUpdated manual pages to point at instea...
2000-08-29 Gerald Carteradded the -A <authfile> option for allowing the reading...
2000-08-29 Gerald Carterfirst draft at rpcclient man page for HEAD branch....
2000-07-30 John TerpstraAdding pages oopsed.
2000-07-30 John TerpstraAdding Using_Samba book back to Samba-pre3.
2000-06-30 Tim PotterUpdated documentation for wbinfo and winbindd.
2000-06-13 Tim PotterCreated manpage for wbinfo program.
2000-06-05 Tim PotterCopied across NT_Security documentation from 2.0
2000-06-05 Tim PotterSomeone wrote a man page for smbspool - how nice!
2000-05-12 Tim PotterAdded signal handling section.
2000-05-12 Andrew Tridgell- added example config section to winbindd man page
2000-05-12 Gerald CarterAdded mention of the CUPS option for the printing parameter
2000-05-12 Tim PotterHTML version of yodl doc.
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgell2nd phase of head branch sync with SAMBA_2_0 - this...
1999-12-13 Andrew Tridgellfirst pass at updating head branch to be to be the...
1999-11-20 Luke Leightonyodl update
1999-11-19 Luke Leightonyodl update - rpcclient