smbd: check for stale pid in get_lease_type()
[samba.git] / docs-xml / manpages /
2020-06-18 Isaac BoukrisFix a typo in recent net man page changes
2020-05-29 Isaac BoukrisAdd net-ads-join dnshostname=fqdn option
2020-05-19 Björn Jackedocs-xml: update list of posible VFS operations for...
2020-04-29 Andreas Schneiderdocs-xml: Fix usernames in pam_winbind manpages
2020-04-18 Volker Lendeckeutils: Convert smbtree to use libsmbclient
2020-04-16 Christof Schmittdocs: Update smbclient manpage that four digit years...
2020-04-09 Jeremy Allisondocs-xml: Add a vfs_widelinks manpage.
2020-02-15 Stefan Metzmachers3:modules: add vfs_io_uring module
2020-01-15 Volker Lendeckesmbd: Add close-denied-share message
2020-01-15 Stefan Metzmachersamba-tool: implement user getgroups command
2020-01-15 Björn Baumbachsamba-tool: implement user setprimary group command...
2020-01-14 Björn Jackesmbclient/tar: add verbose mode
2019-12-20 awalkervfs_zfsacl: fix issue with ACL inheritance in zfsacl
2019-12-20 awalkervfs_zfsacl: add manpage entry for zfsacl:denymissingspecial
2019-10-31 Andreas Schneiderdocs-xml: Update krb5_ccache_type in pam_winbind.8
2019-10-31 Andreas Schneiderdocs-xml: Improve krb5_ccache_type documentation
2019-10-31 Björn Jackedocs-xml/manpages/pam_winbind.conf.5.xml: typo fixes
2019-10-31 Björn Jackedocs-xml/manpages/pam_winbind.8.xml: typo fixes
2019-10-17 Amit Kumardocs: Add 'ads dns command' text in man net
2019-10-16 Amit Kumardocs: Add 'net gpo command' text in man net
2019-10-09 Ralph Boehmes3:utils: add mdfind
2019-09-25 Ralph Boehmevfs_fileid: add "fsname_norootdir_ext" option
2019-09-19 Karolin Seegerdocs: Fix typo in vfs_ceph_snapshots man page.
2019-09-18 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Remove vfs_netatalk. Old, unused and unmaintained.
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/accidentially/accidentally/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/substitue/substitute/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/simliar/similar/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/explizitly/explicitly/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/filesytems/filesystems/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/directores/directories/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/Therefor /Therefore /
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/exisiting/existing/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/autentication/authentication/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/integrety/integrity/
2019-09-01 Mathieu ParentSpelling fixes s/sepcific/specific/
2019-08-20 Aaron Haslettdowngradedatabase: Add man-page documentation
2019-07-23 Christof Schmittdocs: Update vfs_gpfs manpage for the new default of...
2019-07-23 Christof Schmittdocs: Update manpages for deprecated nfs4:acedup settings
2019-07-23 Christof Schmittdocs: Update nfs4:mode example for vfs_zfs
2019-07-23 Christof Schmittdocs: Remove gpfs:merge_writeappend from vfs_gpfs manpage
2019-07-13 Michael Adamvfs:glusterfs_fuse: ensure fileids are constant across...
2019-07-12 Ralph Boehmes3:net: add 'net vfs getntacl' command
2019-07-12 Ralph Boehmes3:net: add 'vfs' hierarchy with 'stream2adouble' command
2019-07-04 Björn Baumbachdoc: add documentation for "samba-tool" contact management
2019-07-04 Björn Baumbachdoc: add samba-tool group command to samba-tool man...
2019-07-04 Björn Baumbachdoc: add samba-tool computer command to samba-tool...
2019-07-02 Douglas Bagnalldocs/smbclient: document -Tcn
2019-07-02 Douglas Bagnallman net: include --json option
2019-07-01 Ralph Boehmevfs_fruit: make "fruit:zero_file_id" a per share option
2019-07-01 Andreas Schneiders3:winbind: Add support for storing KRB5 credential...
2019-06-20 Björn Baumbachdocs: add documentation for the samba-tool ntacl change...
2019-05-14 David Disseldorpdocs: add vfs_ceph_snapshots manpage
2019-04-22 Christof Schmittvfs_gpfs: Remove gpfs:prealloc from manpage
2019-04-12 David Disseldorpdocs/vfs_ceph: describe new ACL behaviour
2019-03-30 Björn Baumbachdoc: add missing "samba-tool ou" entry
2019-03-30 Björn Baumbachdoc: add missing "samba-tool computer" entry
2019-03-30 Björn Baumbachdoc: fix typos in samba-tool documentation
2019-03-30 Björn Baumbachdoc: add missing samba-tool user edit documentation
2019-03-22 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Update smbclient manpage for --max-protocol
2019-03-18 Ralph Boehmevfs_nfs4acl_xattr: support for NFS 4.0 and 4.1 ACLs...
2019-03-04 Ralph Boehmesmbcacls: add -x argument, prints maximum access
2019-02-04 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Document DCEPRC binding string for rpcclient
2019-02-01 Tim Bealeman pages: Add note about standard process model
2019-02-01 Tim Bealesamba: Change default process model to prefork
2019-01-31 Gary Lockyerman pages: document prefork process model
2019-01-29 Stefan Metzmachermanpages/samba.7.xml: smbcontrol can also work with...
2019-01-23 SATOH Fumiyasudocs-xml: Fix a typo in manpage for idmap_ad
2019-01-22 Günther Deschners3-vfs: add glusterfs_fuse vfs module.
2019-01-09 Douglas Bagnallxml_docs: update traffic script documentation
2018-12-17 Adam Nielsenmanpage: Advise vfs_fruit:veto_appledouble=yes can...
2018-11-30 Olly Bettsnet: Add support for a credentials file
2018-10-31 Ralph Boehmedocs:vfs_fruit: add "delete_empty_adfiles" option
2018-10-31 Ralph Boehmedocs:vfs_fruit: add "wipe_intentionally_left_blank_rfor...
2018-10-31 Tim Bealenetcmd: Add 'samba-tool group stats' command
2018-10-02 Mathieu Parentnsswitch: Add try_authtok option to pam_winbind
2018-09-19 Christof Schmittdocs: Add gpfs:check_fstype to vfs_gpfs manpage
2018-08-09 Justin StephensonShorten description in vfs_linux_xfs_sgid manual
2018-08-06 Aaron Haslettnetcmd: domain backup offline command
2018-08-06 Justin StephensonAdd net lookup options
2018-07-30 Justin Stephensons3:libads: Add net ads leave keep-account option
2018-07-11 Douglas Bagnalldoc: samba-tool drs showrepl --json and --summary
2018-07-11 Douglas Bagnalldoc: samba-tool visualize uptodateness
2018-07-06 David Disseldorpdocs/vfs_ceph: add CTDB_SAMBA_SKIP_SHARE_CHECK=yes...
2018-07-06 David Disseldorpvfs_ceph: don't lie about flock support
2018-07-05 Timur I. BakeyevDocument that vfs_full_audit defaults are "none" for...
2018-07-05 Tim Bealenetcmd: Add 'samba-tool domain backup rename' command
2018-07-04 Amit KumarMAN: Adding entry for net ads lookup
2018-07-03 Aaron Haslettnetcmd: domain backup restore command
2018-07-03 Aaron Haslettnetcmd: domain backup online command
2018-06-27 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Add manpage for winbind_krb5_localauth.8
2018-06-27 Andreas Schneiderdocs: Move winbind_krb5_locator manpage to volume 8
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/ add schema show_oc for...
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/ add schema query and...
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/ add group show
2018-05-29 William Brownpython/samba/netcmd/{,}: add configurat...
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_FCHMOD_ACL().
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: torture: Remove cmd_fchmod_acl().
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: VFS: Remove SMB_VFS_CHMOD_ACL().
2018-05-25 Jeremy Allisons3: torture: Remove cmd_chmod_acl().
2018-05-23 Tim Bealenetcmd: Add samba-tool support for managing PSOs