s3:smbcontrol: remove unused "samsync" and "samrepl" commands
[samba.git] / docs-xml / manpages-3 / smbcontrol.1.xml
2011-12-13 Stefan Metzmachers3:smbcontrol: remove unused "samsync" and "samrepl...
2011-03-07 Gregor Becks3-docs: manpage for "smbcontrol xx idmap"
2009-09-08 Karolin Seegers3/docs: Raise version number.
2009-06-23 Aravind Srinivasans3: forward MSG_DEBUG from smbd parent to all children
2009-04-10 Jeremy AllisonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://jra@git.samba.org/data...
2009-04-09 Andrew TridgellMerge branch 'wspp-schema'
2009-04-07 Karolin Seegers3/docs: Raise version number up to 3.5.
2009-04-07 Karolin Seegers3/docs: Fix typo.
2008-09-14 Stefan MetzmacherMerge Samba3 and Samba4 together
2008-08-26 Simo SorceMerge branch 'v3-devel' of ssh://git.samba.org/data...
2008-08-18 Jeremy AllisonMake the change to smbcontrol for "all" to mean broadcast,
2008-05-13 Karolin Seegerman pages: Correct version string.
2008-04-23 Gerald W. CarterMoving docs tree to docs-xml to make room for generated...