vfs: update status of SMB_VFS_SYMLINKAT()
[samba.git] / buildtools / wafsamba /
2020-12-16 Stefan Metzmacherwafsamba: move clang_compilation_database usage behind...
2020-11-26 Stefan Metzmacherwaf: upgrade to 2.0.21
2020-11-10 Björn Jackewaf: check for pragma init/fini support for constructor...
2020-11-10 Björn Jackewaf: use _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTIC on Solaris
2020-10-23 Andreas Schneiderbuildtools: Do not install binaries which are for selftest
2020-10-01 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove Python2 handling in SAMBA_CHECK_PYTHON_HE...
2020-10-01 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove Python2 support from the build
2020-09-07 David Mulderwaf: upgrade to 2.0.20
2020-08-26 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update resolv_wrapper to version 1.1.7
2020-08-11 Douglas Bagnallpython compat: remove StringIO
2020-08-07 Stefan Metzmacherwafsamba: run SAMBA_GENERATOR('VERSION') with group...
2020-06-23 Stefan Metzmacherthird_party/socket_wrapper: Update socket_wrapper to...
2020-06-12 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Put the note from the bottom of the old BUILD_SY...
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 for-loop-analysis warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 format-nonliteral warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 missing-field-initializer warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 unused-function warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 enum-conversion warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 constant-conversion warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 logical-not-parentheses warnings
2020-05-08 Gary LockyerFix clang 9 parentheses-equality warnings
2020-05-08 Gary Lockyerbuild: Allow developer builds with clang 9
2020-04-06 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update nss_wrapper to version 1.1.11
2020-03-25 Stefan Metzmacherthird_party: Update resolv_wrapper to version 1.1.6
2020-03-25 Stefan Metzmacherthird_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.2.4
2020-03-25 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update pam_wrapper to version 1.1.2
2020-03-20 Samuel Cabreropidl:NDR/ServerCompat: Compat server PIDL parser
2020-03-20 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update nss_wrapper to version 1.1.10
2020-03-19 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Allow a fuzzing build with Python 3.5
2020-03-09 Andrew BartlettRequire Python 3.6 for Samba 4.13
2020-02-07 Douglas Bagnallpytests: heed assertEquals deprecation warning en-masse
2020-02-06 Andreas Schneiderwafsamba: Do not use 'rU' as the 'U' is deprecated...
2019-12-11 Andrew Bartlettlib/fuzzing: Split up automatically build fuzzers into...
2019-12-10 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Skip build of python bindings when in fuzzing...
2019-12-10 Andrew Bartlettlib/fuzzing: Add mode for the AFL fuzzer
2019-12-10 Andrew Bartlettlib/fuzzing: Link only the required NDR_ subsystems...
2019-12-10 Douglas Bagnalllib/fuzzing: add fuzz_ndr_X
2019-12-10 Volker Lendeckebuild: Fix the build without system gssapi headers
2019-12-04 Douglas Bagnallpidl: optionally annotate output for debug purposes
2019-12-03 Stefan Metzmachers4:heimdal_build: move krb5-types.h into include/krb5...
2019-11-22 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Do not build selftest binaries for builds withou...
2019-11-20 Andrew Bartlettlib/fuzzing: Use --fuzz-target-ldflags if specified
2019-11-20 Douglas Bagnallbuild: Set fuzzer=True on fuzzer binaries
2019-11-14 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update nss_wrapper to version 1.1.7
2019-11-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Refuse to build if ADDITIONAL_LDFLAGS or ADDITIO...
2019-11-13 Andrew Bartlettheimdal_build: Recurse to bld.SAMBA_BINARY()
2019-11-13 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove workaround for missing os.path.relpath...
2019-10-31 Björn Jackebuildtools/wafsamba/wscript: typo fixes
2019-10-31 Björn Jackebuildtools/wafsamba/samba_install.py: typo fixes
2019-10-24 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Symlink the compile database to the source dir...
2019-10-24 Andreas Schneiderwaf: Create clang compilation database
2019-10-20 Uri Simchoniwafsamba: pass environment to cross-execute tests
2019-10-20 Uri Simchoniwafsamba: avoid pre-forking if cross-compilation is...
2019-10-20 Uri Simchoniwafsamba: use test_args instead of exec_args to support...
2019-10-20 Uri Simchoniwaf: upgrade to 2.0.18
2019-10-09 Ralph Boehmebuild: add SAMBA_DATADIR as "samba" subdirectory of...
2019-09-21 Björn Jackesamba_version.py: avoid inefficient string concatenations
2019-09-21 Björn Jackesamba_deps.py avoid inefficient string concatenations
2019-09-21 Björn Jackesamba_bundled.py avoid inefficient string concatenations
2019-09-21 Björn Jackesamba_autoconf.py: avoid inefficient string concatenations
2019-09-21 Björn Jackesamba_abi.py: avoid inefficient string concatenations
2019-09-02 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Raise minimum python version to 3.5.0 for Samba...
2019-08-17 Andrew Bartlettthird_party: Remove zlib from third_party
2019-08-07 Michael HanselmannAdd fuzzing support to build system
2019-08-06 Stefan Metzmacherwafsamba: change --picky-developer into --disable-warni...
2019-07-16 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update uid_wrapper to version 1.2.7
2019-06-18 Lukas Slebodnikwafsamba: Use native waf timer
2019-06-05 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update waf to version 2.0.17
2019-05-23 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update nss_wrapper to version 1.1.6
2019-05-16 Gary Lockyersamba_autoconf: fix undefined behaviour sanitizer compi...
2019-05-14 Gary Lockyerselftest: enable undefined behaviour sanitizer
2019-05-10 Joe Guowscript: mv --enable-coverage option to global
2019-05-07 Andreas Schneiderwafsamba: Enable warnings about zero-length formats
2019-05-07 Andreas Schneiderwafsamba: Enable warnings about format overflows
2019-04-30 Christof Schmittwafsamba: Add compiler check for missing field initiali...
2019-04-29 Ralph Boehmewaf: only set mandatory to False if not already set...
2019-04-29 Andreas Schneiderwafsamba: Enable warnings for missing field initializer
2019-04-02 Michael Hanselmannwaf: Simplify condition for undefined symbol detection
2019-03-22 Andreas Schneiderthird_party: Update socket_wrapper to version 1.2.3
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Standardise on calling conf.SAMBA_CHECK_PYTHON...
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Set default minimum python version to 3.4.0
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Do not make python mandatory to build
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove distinct .py3 ABI files
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove bld.gen_python_environments()
2019-03-21 Andrew Bartlettbuild: Remove --extra-python
2019-03-01 Björn Jackewafbuild: create missing private library symlinks on...
2019-02-18 Joe Guowafsamba/symbols: change regex to match both rpath...
2019-02-18 Joe Guowafsamba/symbols: always split Popen output by bytes
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: fix setting of RPATH_ST variable
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewafsamba: we should also remove stale symlinks here
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: print the library name in which we search for...
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: use the correct WERROR_CFLAGS in CHECK_CODE
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: remove redundant WERROR flag
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: remove duplicate WERROR cflags
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: fix compiler warnings in configure checks
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: fix WERROR_CFLAGS check
2019-02-17 Björn Jackewaf: fix some missing newline compiler warnings
2019-02-13 Joe Guowafsamba/samba_utils.py: override symlink to allow...
2019-02-11 Aliaksei Karalioubuild: Fixed usage of non-default path to WAFLOCK
2019-02-11 Noel Powerbuildtools/wafsamba: Avoid decode when using python2