/etc/ctdb/functions should not be executable
[sahlberg/ctdb.git] / Makefile.in
2008-06-26 Ronnie Sahlberg/etc/ctdb/functions should not be executable
2008-02-12 Ronnie SahlbergFrom Mathieu PARENT <math.parent@gmail.com>
2008-02-06 Ronnie Sahlbergupdate ctdb version
2008-01-29 Andrew Tridgellpartial merge from ronnie
2008-01-17 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2008-01-17 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a ctdb uptime command that prints when ctdb was...
2008-01-16 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2008-01-16 Andrew Tridgelladded syslog support, and use a pipe to catch logging...
2008-01-15 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2008-01-14 Ronnie Sahlbergsplit node health monitoring and checking for connected...
2008-01-10 Ronnie Sahlbergadd eventscript for http
2008-01-08 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2008-01-08 Andrew Tridgellneeds to be in Makefile.in too
2008-01-08 Andrew Tridgelladded two new ctdb commands:
2008-01-03 Andrew Tridgelladd randrec to Makefile
2007-10-16 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-10-15 Andrew Tridgellonly link to -lipq if needed
2007-10-15 Andrew Tridgellimproved handling of systems without libipq.h
2007-10-15 Andrew Tridgelldisable ipmux code until we have a configure test
2007-10-15 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-10-10 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-10-08 Ronnie Sahlbergadd an initial test version of an ip multiplex tool...
2007-09-21 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-09-21 Andrew Tridgelladded support for persistent databases in ctdbd
2007-09-06 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-09-05 Andrew Tridgelladded a diagnostics tool for ctdb
2007-08-27 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-08-24 Ronnie Sahlbergadd an initial implementation of a service_id structure...
2007-08-22 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-08-22 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-08-22 Andrew Tridgellmerge from volker
2007-08-20 Andrew Tridgellmerged new event script calling code from ronnnie
2007-08-15 Ronnie Sahlbergchange the now rather small /etc/ctdb/events script...
2007-08-15 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-08-15 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a description on how the event scripts works to...
2007-08-14 Ronnie Sahlbergfrom Chris Cowan
2007-08-08 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a tree insert function that takes a callback fucnti...
2007-08-08 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-08-07 Ronnie Sahlbergcompile rb_tree.c by default.
2007-08-07 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-08-07 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-08-06 Ronnie Sahlbergmove scsi/scsi_io.c to utils/scsi/scsi_io.c
2007-08-04 Ronnie Sahlberginstall smnotify in $(bindir)
2007-08-03 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-08-03 Ronnie Sahlbergdont wait for the default rpc timeout when trying to...
2007-08-03 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a small tool that can send smnotify packets
2007-07-18 Andrew Tridgellmerged from ronnie
2007-07-14 Ronnie Sahlbergadd some configure magic to make it configure and build...
2007-07-14 Ronnie Sahlbergadd some support for controlling Linux or AIX in the...
2007-07-06 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie - we have an official port number...
2007-07-06 Ronnie Sahlbergremove 59.nfslock and fold this into 60.nfs
2007-07-04 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-07-04 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-07-04 Andrew Tridgellremoved unused makefile var
2007-07-04 Andrew Tridgell- neaten up the command line for killtcp
2007-07-04 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-07-04 Ronnie Sahlbergwe dont need socketkiller anymore now that the
2007-07-04 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a killtcp command to the ctdb tool
2007-07-04 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-07-04 Ronnie Sahlberginitial version of a socketkiller tool
2007-07-02 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-07-02 Ronnie Sahlbergget rid of some compiler warnings for the scsi tool
2007-06-26 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-25 Andrew Tridgellscript version of install needs spaces after -m
2007-06-17 Andrew Tridgell- merged ctdb_store test from ronnie
2007-06-17 Ronnie Sahlbergadd a small test tool that can be used to create a...
2007-06-13 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-12 Andrew Tridgelladded onnode manual page
2007-06-10 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-10 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-06-10 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-10 Ronnie Sahlberginitial ctdbd man page
2007-06-09 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-09 Andrew Tridgellinstall man page
2007-06-09 Andrew Tridgellmerge from ronnie
2007-06-08 Ronnie Sahlbergadd an initial manpage for the ctdb tool
2007-06-07 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-07 Andrew Tridgellmove more util code to lib/util
2007-06-07 Andrew Tridgellmore code rearrangement
2007-06-07 Andrew Tridgellstart splitting the code into separate client and serve...
2007-06-06 Ronnie Sahlbergneed to install the vsftpd script in make install
2007-06-06 Andrew Tridgelladded 40.vsftpd to Makefile.in
2007-06-04 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-04 Andrew Tridgelladded tunables settable using ctdb command line tool
2007-06-04 Andrew Tridgellremove some cruft thats not needed any more
2007-06-04 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-04 Andrew Tridgellsplit out the basic interface handling, and run event...
2007-06-02 Ronnie Sahlbergmerge from tridge
2007-06-02 Andrew Tridgellmove config files to config/ directory
2007-06-02 Andrew Tridgellremoved some old cruft
2007-06-02 Andrew Tridgellfirst step towards fixing "make test" with the new...
2007-06-01 Andrew Tridgellput nfs events in spec and Makefile.in
2007-06-01 Andrew Tridgellmake the packaging much more portable - tested on SLES9...
2007-06-01 Andrew Tridgell- make symlink relative in install
2007-06-01 Andrew Tridgelltidy up the install somewhat
2007-05-29 Andrew Tridgellmore build tweaks
2007-05-29 Andrew Tridgelluse autoconf for more paths
2007-05-29 Andrew Tridgellmerge from jim
2007-05-29 Andrew Tridgell- renamed ctdb_control utility to ctdb
2007-05-29 Andrew Tridgellrename ctdb_control utility to ctdb