2021-07-09 Wayne DavisonUpdate the options in rrsync. master
2021-07-09 Wayne DavisonSupport --crtimes on Cygwin.
2021-07-04 Wayne DavisonMake whole-line comments clearer.
2021-07-04 Wayne DavisonSet whole_file = 0 when whole_file < 0. Fixes issue...
2021-06-27 Wayne DavisonNeed to also check stdout_format_has_i in some INFO...
2021-06-27 Wayne DavisonFix compiling without ftruncate.
2021-06-17 juleslagardefix man page typo
2021-05-01 Wayne DavisonUnset DISPLAY in environment.
2021-05-01 Bart SUpdated GLIBC check in (#175)
2021-04-04 Wayne DavisonFix plural of --group option.
2021-03-15 Wayne DavisonFix git-set-file-times's handling of staged changed...
2021-03-03 Wayne DavisonSwitch to using image_family for Cirrus CI.
2021-03-03 Wayne DavisonInstall bash on FreeBSD CI.
2021-03-03 Wayne DavisonUpdate FreeBSD CI to 12.2.
2021-03-02 Wayne DavisonSee if explicitly installing m4 gets FreeBSD CI a newer...
2021-02-25 Wayne DavisonAllow the generator's msg iobuf to get bigger too.
2021-02-25 Wayne DavisonRename util.c to util1.c
2021-02-10 Wayne DavisonA few Cygwin build tweaks. [buildall]
2021-02-05 Wayne DavisonStop checking for gmake in build scripts
2021-02-02 Wayne DavisonAdd optional netgroup.h include for NetBSD hosts.
2021-02-01 Wayne DavisonSome pip-releated tweaking.
2021-02-01 Wayne DavisonAdd a link to the man page to the README.
2021-01-31 Wayne DavisonCheck for netinet/ip.h after including netinet/in.h.
2021-01-31 Wayne DavisonA couple "make" tweaks.
2021-01-31 Wayne DavisonPut 0 in parens to silence an Xcode warning.
2021-01-15 Wayne DavisonAdd `--with-nobody-user=FOO` configure option.
2021-01-01 Wayne DavisonCygwin python3 is now 3.8 w/o commonmark lib. [buildall]
2020-12-10 James CookFix spelling error in man page. (#124)
2020-12-10 Wayne DavisonFix a typo.
2020-11-29 Wayne DavisonWork around glibc's lchmod() issue a better way.
2020-11-29 Wayne DavisonInclude stdlib.h for exit() and consult HAVE_* macros...
2020-11-01 Wayne DavisonTweak cmd_txt routines in the packaging scripts.
2020-10-30 Wayne DavisonForce HAVE_LCHMOD off for Linux (for now).
2020-10-07 Wayne DavisonUse the right powershell env syntax. [buildall]
2020-10-07 edoAllow cross-compilation with SIMD (x86_84) (#104)
2020-10-07 Wayne DavisonUpdate CI builds to new path-setting idiom.
2020-09-29 Wayne DavisonSilence a few more warnings.
2020-09-29 Wayne DavisonUse a better -Wno-pedantic heuristic.
2020-09-29 Wayne DavisonAvoid some pedantic errors & old warnings.
2020-09-29 Wayne DavisonHandle early gcc versions that don't understand -Wno...
2020-09-29 Wayne DavisonMake gcc die on init overflow of an array.
2020-09-29 Wayne DavisonExpand the max name_num_item list size.
2020-09-23 Wayne DavisonChange `--info=skip2` messages & add info on attr changes.
2020-09-23 Wayne DavisonChange from $build_cpu to $host_cpu as edo1 suggested.
2020-09-22 Wayne DavisonMake the extra info on the "exists" messages optional.
2020-09-22 Wayne DavisonVarious file comparison improvements
2020-09-22 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS updates.
2020-09-22 Wayne DavisonA couple whitespace tweaks.
2020-09-21 Shark64optimize avx2 code (#102)
2020-09-21 Wayne DavisonSkip an append if sender's file gets shorter.
2020-09-21 Wayne DavisonImprove the docs for `--archive`.
2020-09-21 Wayne DavisonAvoid output variance in protocol 29.
2020-09-21 Wayne DavisonCheck status of tests that pipe rsync's output & simpli...
2020-09-21 Wayne DavisonPut CAN_HARDLINK_SYMLINK info into --version output.
2020-09-21 Wayne DavisonAvoid spurious "is newer" messages with `--update`.
2020-09-09 Wayne DavisonUpdate the NEWS.
2020-09-08 Wayne DavisonHandle a --mkpath failure
2020-09-08 Wayne DavisonUse new xxhash lib in cygwin build. [buildall]
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonTry using the Windows version of curl. [buildall]
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonAnother cygwin build attempt. [buildall]
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonImprove a sentence about --stderr=all.
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonTry cygwin build again. [buildall]
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonAdd git-version.h to "gen" target.
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonLeave git-version.h out of GENFILES so it doesn't go...
2020-09-07 Wayne DavisonAllow git-version.h to be provided for the build
2020-09-03 Wayne DavisonSet CXX_OK=no when cross compiling.
2020-09-02 Wayne DavisonCreate
2020-08-28 Wayne DavisonSetup for 3.2.4dev.
2020-08-28 Wayne DavisonSimplify the compat logic for local_server
2020-08-26 Matt McCutchenrsync-ssl: Verify the hostname in the certificate when...
2020-08-07 Wayne DavisonAdd some comments about protocol versions.
2020-08-07 Wayne DavisonSimplify where version.h is included.
2020-08-07 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.3 v3.2.3
2020-08-06 Wayne DavisonTweak a comment.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonChange fetch depth.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonDon't use --always to ensure a tag is in gitver.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonAvoid a build fail when git isn't installed.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonMake my_alloc(NULL) use malloc instead of calloc.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonUse touch for proto.h-tstamp since one awk wasn't updat...
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonMove SUPPORT_ATIMES to rsync.h.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonCreate usage.c for smaller awk-dep rebuilds.
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonUse RSYNC_GITVER in more output
2020-08-03 Wayne DavisonA couple more mkgitver tweaks
2020-08-01 Wayne DavisonUse --abbrev=8 instead of --tags.
2020-08-01 Wayne DavisonPut git version in a file for between-release versioning.
2020-07-31 Wayne DavisonDon't make .PHONY the first target in a Makefile.
2020-07-31 Wayne DavisonMake configure less annoying
2020-07-29 Wayne DavisonSome Makefile improvements.
2020-07-29 Wayne DavisonTweak a comment.
2020-07-29 Wayne DavisonINSTALL changes, including some Fedora packages.
2020-07-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.2.3pre1 v3.2.3pre1
2020-07-28 Wayne DavisonNeed 3.2.3 line in table & tweak to release script.
2020-07-28 Wayne DavisonA couple more NEWS updates.
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonSet LANG to C to help with some remote build hosts.
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonUse linkat() if available
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonAdd a few more skip-compress suffixes.
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonMake the `--append*` options have more warnings.
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonDon't allow a completely empty source arg.
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonMention an implied option.
2020-07-27 Wayne DavisonReplace a couple calloc() calls with new_array0().