descriptionResolv Wrapper Repository
last changeTue, 20 Dec 2022 15:10:18 +0000 (16:10 +0100)
2022-12-20 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.8 master resolv_wrapper-1.1.8
2021-11-03 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix detection of a fully seperate libresolv
2021-11-03 Andreas Schneiderdoc: Update documentation for glibc 2.34 changes
2021-11-03 Andreas Schneiderdoc: Rename resolv_wrapper.1.txt to resolv_wrapper...
2021-11-03 Andreas Schneiderrwrap: Use our own rwrap_randomid()
2021-08-19 Andreas Schneidertests: Add test_res_fake_uri_nsearch()
2020-08-24 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.7 resolv_wrapper-1.1.7
2020-08-24 Andreas Schneiderrwrap: Turn some errors into warnings
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Add Ubuntu runner
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Remove debian cross mips build
2020-03-23 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.6 resolv_wrapper-1.1.6
2020-03-23 Andreas Schneidercpack: Set the full version not only major
2020-03-23 Andreas SchneiderRename CHANGELOG
2020-03-23 Andreas Schneidertests: Check for valid fd in torture_setup_resolv_conf()
2020-03-23 Andreas Schneidertests: Check for valid fd in test_res_init
2020-03-20 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Whitelist metze to use the FreeBSD runner
6 weeks ago resolv_wrapper-1.1.8 resolv_wrapper-1.1.8
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