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last changeThu, 28 Oct 2021 08:13:47 +0000 (10:13 +0200)
2021-10-28 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.4 master pam_wrapper-1.1.4
2021-10-05 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Allow freebsd to fail
2021-06-25 Andreas Schneidertests: Allow to filter tests
2021-06-25 Andreas Schneidercmake: Check for -Wno-bad-function-cast
2021-06-25 Andreas Schneidercmake: Remove configure check for pam_modutil_search_key
2021-06-25 Andreas SchneiderRevert "pwrap: Add back pso_copy for openSUSE Tumbleweed"
2021-06-25 Samuel Cabrerolibpamtest: Fix missing pam_handle argument in run_pamt...
2021-06-25 Jakub JelenAccept whole range of supported pids
2021-06-24 Samuel Cabrerocmake: Silence warning with gcc version >= 8
2021-06-24 Samuel Cabreropython: Export pam_setcred flags, to be used in python...
2021-06-24 Samuel Cabrerolibpamtest: Add a new keyword parameter to reuse the...
2021-06-24 Samuel Cabreropython: Store the pam handle in the python test object
2021-06-24 Samuel Cabreropython: Store the pam env in the python test object
2021-04-19 Andreas Schneidertests: Correctly implement free_vlist()
2021-04-07 Valentin Vidiclibpamtest: fix comments for pamtest_conv_data
2021-04-07 Valentin Vidiclibpamtest: include stddef.h in libpamtest.h
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