2016-01-21 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: documentation for snapsharepath master-shadow_copy2
2016-01-21 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: add tests for snapsharepath
2016-01-21 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: add snapsharepath parameter
2016-01-21 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: check crossmountpoints against snapdi...
2016-01-21 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: remove basedir state variable
2016-01-20 Uri Simchonismbcacls: fix uninitialized variable
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-client: Use ctdb_rec_buffer_init() to initialize...
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-client: Add missing initialization for h->ev in...
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-client: Do not delete reqid explicitly
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-client: Add a disconnect callback for ctdb client
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-client: Close ctdb socket connection when client...
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-client: Use ctdb_ltdb_header_extract()
2016-01-20 Amitay Isaacsctdb-protocol: Fix marshaling of seqnum
2016-01-19 Karolin Seegerdocs: Bump version up to 4.4.
2016-01-18 Amitay Isaacsctdb-build: Fix -O3 developer build
2016-01-18 Adrian Cochraneldb-samba: Expand testing of recursive search
2016-01-18 Adrian Cochraneldb-samba: Correct error reporting to match Windows
2016-01-18 Adrian Cochraneldb-samba: Reenable recursive search
2016-01-18 Adrian Cochraneldb-samba: critical bugfix on original recursive search...
2016-01-18 Samuel Cabreroldb-samba: Implement transitive extended matching
2016-01-18 Andrew Bartlettpidl: Change PyGetSetDef in generated python bindings...
2016-01-17 Jeremy Allisons3: smbd: Remove one more use of lp_posix_pathnames().
2016-01-16 Günther Deschners3-util: skip S-1-18 sids in token generaion in sid_arr...
2016-01-15 Günther Deschners3-util: add helper functions to deal with the S-1...
2016-01-15 Günther Deschnersecurity: Add Asserted Identity sids (S-1-18)
2016-01-15 Volker Lendeckeldb: Fix CID 1348110 Uninitialized scalar variable
2016-01-15 Justin Maggards3-libads: Use the configured LDAP page size.
2016-01-14 Justin MaggardChange default LDAP page size to 1000.
2016-01-14 Michael Adamctdb-scripts: further untangle logic for success of...
2016-01-14 Volker Lendeckectdb: Fix the O3 developer build
2016-01-14 Matthias Dieter... s4:acl LDB module - fix error message
2016-01-13 Martin Schwenkectdb-ipalloc: Document the steps involved in a takeover run
2016-01-13 Martin Schwenkectdb-ipalloc: Split IP allocation into its own build...
2016-01-13 Andreas Schneiders4-rpc_server: Add missing include for ROLE_ACTIVE_DIRE...
2016-01-13 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: add a blackbox test suite
2016-01-13 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: fix case where snapshots are outside...
2016-01-13 Uri Simchonivfs_shadow_copy2: add shadow_copy2_do_convert()
2016-01-13 Michael Adams3:smbd_smb2_reauth_generic_return: make use of smb2req...
2016-01-13 Michael Adampam_winbind: check != PAM_SUCCESS and != NULL explicitly
2016-01-13 Michael Adamvfs:shadow_copy2: fix a debug message
2016-01-13 Michael Adamdocs: fix copy'n'paste error in vfs_shadow_copy2 manpage
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckeasn1: Make asn1_peek_tag_needed_size static
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckeasn1: Fix a typo
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckewinbind: Properly error check init_lsa_ref_domain_list
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckeidmap: Fix whitespace
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckelibcli: Fix a typo
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckelibsmb: Remove ip_service based resolve_lmhosts
2016-01-13 Volker Lendeckelibsmb: Convert resolve_hosts to sockaddr_storage
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijRename 'errors' to 'samba-errors' and make it public.
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijlibcli: Make headers for private libraries private.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijAdd a new header file for functions in lib/util/util.c.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijMake libcli-smb-raw private, for now.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijAvoid including libds/common/roles.h in public loadparm...
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijldb: Only set public headers field when installing...
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijtime_basic.h: Remove unnecessary dependency on replace.h
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijRemove public library dcerpc-atsvc.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijMake libregistry private, for now.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijMake libtorture private, for now.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijMake gensec private, for now.
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijtalloc: Only set public headers field when installing...
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijError when private libraries have public headers.
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijtdb: Only set public headers field when installing...
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijAdd private_headers flag to SAMBA_*() functions.
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijtevent: Only set public headers field when installing...
2016-01-13 Jelmer Vernooijsamdb: Add explicit dependency on ldb.
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijSimplify handling of dependencies on external libraries...
2016-01-13 Jelmer VernooijUse full path to dlinklist.h in includes.
2016-01-13 Christof SchmittRevert "winbind: Retry after SESSION_EXPIRED error...
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Retry on expired session in cm_connect_netlogon
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Retry on expired session in cm_connect_sam
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Retry on expired session in cm_connect_lsa
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Remove double retry from some ADS methods
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Add retry also for ADS method calls
2016-01-12 Christof Schmittwinbindd: Reset connection for expired session before...
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-tests: Fix some incorrect memory allocations
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Use more unique temporary file names
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Don't remove temporary files before use
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Superficial clean-ups to 10.interface
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Clarify logic for success of interface...
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-scripts: Fix regression in updateip code
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-ipalloc: Fix a memory leak
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Don't leak memory if not using recovery...
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-recoverd: Fix some uninitialised memory issues
2016-01-12 Martin Schwenkectdb-daemon: Drop the "schedule for deletion" messages...
2016-01-11 Karolin Seegerctdb/web: Fix typo.
2016-01-11 Martin Schwenketalloc: Fix a documentation typo
2016-01-11 Michael Adamnss_wrapper: bump version to 1.1.2
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix segfaults while reloading hosts file
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Don't fail if we want to add an existing entry
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix the build on Solaris
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Don't leak memory from gethostbyname*() functions
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix the build on FreeBSD
2016-01-11 Michael Adamnwrap: fix a copy and paste error in the destructor.
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Cleanup shadow getspnam() memory
2016-01-11 Michael Adamnwrap: fix leaking the entlists
2016-01-11 Michael Adamnwrap: catch error to add item to vector in nwrap_he_pa...
2016-01-11 Michael Adamnwrap: rename nwrap_he.entdata to nwrap_he.entries
2016-01-11 Michael Adamnwrap: remove unused member list from struct nwrap_he
2016-01-11 Robin Hacknwrap: Small code shift in nwrap_ed_inventarize_add_to_...
2016-01-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Cast max_hostents to avoid warnings