2020-11-04 Björn Jackenss_wrapper: fall back to pragma init/fini for construc... master
2020-11-04 Björn Jackeconfigure: check for pragma init/fini for constructors...
2020-11-04 TJ Millernwrap_files_cache_reload: add close for ebadf fd just...
2020-11-04 TJ Millernwrap_files_cache_reload: add test for closed handles...
2020-11-04 TJ Millernwrap_files_cache_reload: avoid error on EBADF during...
2020-07-10 Douglas Bagnallnwrap_files_getaddrinfo: avoid crash on empty name
2020-04-02 Andreas SchneiderBump version 1.1.11 nss_wrapper-1.1.11
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidercpack: Ignore compile_commands.json file
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidergitignore: Ignore all obj directories
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Correctly handle realloc() in nwrap_module_init()
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Always fully initialze an nwrap_backend
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Rewrite symbol binding for nss modules
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add mutex for nss module symbol binding
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Rewrite symbol binding for libc, libnsl and...
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add mutex for libc symbol binding
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidertests: Add a basic test to check if the NSS module...
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Add Ubuntu runner
2020-03-24 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Remove debian cross mips build
2020-03-19 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.10 nss_wrapper-1.1.10
2020-03-19 Samuel Cabrerotests: Add tests for gethostbyname2_r, IPv4 and IPv6
2020-03-19 Samuel Cabreronwrap: Account for ending NULL pointer when checking...
2020-03-19 Samuel Cabreronwrap: Forward ERANGE error to caller in gethostbyname...
2020-03-19 Samuel Cabreronwrap: Filter by family in gethostbyname2_r
2020-03-19 Andreas Schneidertests: Check that gethostbyname_r() zeros return values
2020-03-19 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Check paramters and make sure return values...
2020-03-19 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Zero the result in case we return with an error
2020-03-19 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use SAFE_FREE() in nwrap_files_gethostbyname2_r()
2020-03-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use calloc() to allocate addr_list vector
2020-03-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add missing check for gethostbyname2_r()
2020-03-16 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix build if system doesn't provide gethostbyname2
2020-03-16 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.9 nss_wrapper-1.1.9
2020-03-16 Andreas Schneidercmake: Make setting LIBRARY_VERSION easier
2020-03-16 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add a link to the compile database for .clangd
2020-03-16 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add a dist target to create source tarball
2020-02-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Only warn if we can't find a symbol in an nss...
2020-02-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Some code cleanup for nwrap_load_module_fn()
2020-02-17 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.8 nss_wrapper-1.1.8
2020-02-17 Andreas SchneiderRename to CHANGELOG
2020-02-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix memory leak on error in nwrap_module_gethost...
2020-02-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix memory leak on error in nwrap_module_gethost...
2020-02-17 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix memory leak on error in nwrap_module_gethost...
2020-02-17 Andreas Schneidertests: Make sure that current_grp is initialized
2019-11-18 Samuel Cabreronwrap: Use size_t for iterations, can't be negative
2019-11-18 Samuel Cabreronwrap: Try different backends for gethostbyname[2][_r]
2019-11-18 Samuel Cabreronwrap: Try different backends in gethostbyaddr
2019-11-18 Andreas Schneiderpkgconfig: Fix path to library in nss_wrapper.pc
2019-11-11 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.7
2019-11-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Improve logging function
2019-11-11 Andreas Schneidercmake: Check for getprogname() and getexecname()
2019-11-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Always provide logging
2019-11-06 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix path to nss_wrapper library
2019-07-11 Andreas SchneiderUpdate TODO
2019-07-11 Andreas Schneiderdoc: Add description for NSS_WRAPPER_DISABLE_DEEPBIND
2019-07-11 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add NSS_WRAPPER_DISABLE_DEEPBIND env variable
2019-05-17 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.6 nss_wrapper-1.1.6
2019-05-17 Andreas Schneidercpack: Fix description and vendor
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidergitlab-ci: Setup CI for nss_wrapper
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Use GNUInstallDirs
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Do not run test_nwrap_disabled with sanitizers
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Disable source code execution when cross compiling
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Put defines in config.h
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix configure check for libdl
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Use target_include_directories()
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Update AddCMockaTest.cmake
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Update cmocka requirement
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Support running the tests with AddressSanitizer
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add AddressSanitizer and UndefinedSanitizer
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Move Compiler flags to new file
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Remove obsolete DefineCompilerFlags.cmake
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Improve checks for compiler flags
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Update CMake defaults
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Do not misuse CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Require at least cmake 3.5.0
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix strict aliasing issues in test_nwrap_disabled
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix sockaddr alignment issues in test_getaddrinfo
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix passwd entry for alice
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix copying 'struct passwd' on FreeBSD
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Rewrite nwrap_gr_copy_r() to take memory alignme...
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Also check for NUL-byte in group loop
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix strict aliasing issue with sockaddr
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Fix strict aliasing issues
2019-02-28 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use memcpy instead of strncpy
2019-02-28 Andreas SchneiderREADME: Rename to a markdown file
2018-10-31 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.5 nss_wrapper-1.1.5
2018-10-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Do not call nwrap_init() in the constructor
2018-10-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Call exit() if something goes wrong during initi...
2018-10-31 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Use calloc in nwrap_libc_init()
2018-10-31 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.1.4 nss_wrapper-1.1.4
2018-10-30 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Don't do a deep bind if we run with libasan
2018-10-30 Andreas Schneidertests: Check pointers of get(pw|gr)(nam|uid|gid)_r...
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getgrent_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getgrgid_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getgrnam_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getpwent_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getpwuid_r
2018-10-30 Ralph Wuerthnernwrap: fix nwrap_module_getpwnam_r
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneiderctest: Move to new dashboard
2018-08-09 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Update header
2018-08-09 Andreas SchneiderUpdate LICENSE file
2018-08-09 Andreas SchneiderRename COPYING to LICENSE