descriptionNSS Wrapper Repository
last changeWed, 4 Nov 2020 15:37:37 +0000 (16:37 +0100)
2020-11-04 Björn Jackenss_wrapper: fall back to pragma init/fini for construc... master
2020-11-04 Björn Jackeconfigure: check for pragma init/fini for constructors...
2020-11-04 TJ Millernwrap_files_cache_reload: add close for ebadf fd just...
2020-11-04 TJ Millernwrap_files_cache_reload: add test for closed handles...
2020-11-04 TJ Millernwrap_files_cache_reload: avoid error on EBADF during...
2020-07-10 Douglas Bagnallnwrap_files_getaddrinfo: avoid crash on empty name
2020-04-02 Andreas SchneiderBump version 1.1.11 nss_wrapper-1.1.11
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidercpack: Ignore compile_commands.json file
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidergitignore: Ignore all obj directories
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Correctly handle realloc() in nwrap_module_init()
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Always fully initialze an nwrap_backend
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Rewrite symbol binding for nss modules
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add mutex for nss module symbol binding
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Rewrite symbol binding for libc, libnsl and...
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidernwrap: Add mutex for libc symbol binding
2020-04-02 Andreas Schneidertests: Add a basic test to check if the NSS module...
2 years ago nss_wrapper-1.1.11 nss_wrapper-1.1.11
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