2014-01-29 Gregor Beckrerun pidl ws-metze-gssapi
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckwitness: FIX for tvb_get_unicode_string -> tvb_get_stri...
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: move packet-dcerpc-witness-cnf.c to witness.cnf
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckwitness: cast to avoid C++ warnings
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckwitness fix for new tvb_get_unicode_string() interface...
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckFIXUP: add parameter dcerpc_info to functions defined...
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckadd parameter dcerpc_info to PIDL_dissect_ipv?address()
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckadd parameter dcerpc_info to functions defined in cnf...
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckrun master pidl
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: V2 RegisterEx()
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: start to implement V2
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: fix notify change
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: add pidl output
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: fix whitespace
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: PIDL_dissect_ipv6address()
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: fix compiler warnings
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: set col_info for interfaceInfo_state
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: cleanup cnf
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: add move ip to tree_item
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: working witness.cnf
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: WIP
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: track context handles
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: enum witness_notifyResponse_type
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: bitmap witness_interfaceInfo_flags
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckFIXUP
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: enum witness_interface_state
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: interfaceInfo_group_name + ipv4address
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWitness: first guess
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmachersq dissect_verification_trailer
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckTODO: quick fix
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckTMP: parse with (wrong) lenght as multiple of 2
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmachersq rpc_sec_veritication_trailer
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmachersq dissect_verification_trailer
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherdcerpc sec_vt guid_to_ep_str
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherepan/dissectors/packet-dcerpc.c fix warnings
2014-01-29 Gregor Becksec_vt_header: dissect cont_id + opnum
2014-01-29 Gregor Becksec_vt_header: dissect call_id
2014-01-29 Gregor Becksec_vt_header: dissect drep
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckDCERPC: factor out proto_tree_add_dcerpc_drep()
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWIP: rpc_sec_vt
2014-01-29 Gregor Becksec_vt_pcontext
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckFIXUP: WIP: verification_trailer
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckFIXUP: sec_vt_command bitmask
2014-01-29 Gregor Becksec_vt_bitmask
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckFIXUP: give names to sec_vt_command's
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckheader field for sec_vt_command_length
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckgive names to sec_vt_command's
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckadd bitmask for sec_vt_command
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWIP: verification_trailer
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckMove Auth padding to the right tree
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckadd WERR_INVALID_STATE
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckadd WERR_TIMEOUT
2014-01-29 Gregor Beckpacket-smb2: pass smb2_info via private_data
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmachersq FSCTL_PIPE_WAIT
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmachersq epan/dissectors/packet-smb2.c no check_col => fsctl_...
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWIP: fsctl_pipe_wait
2014-01-29 Gregor BeckWIP: FSCTL_PIPE_WAIT
2014-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "smb-direct fragmentation"
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmachersmb-direct fragmentation
2014-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherMIT krb5-1.6 HACK patch
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherfix for netmon 3.x captures
2014-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherTODO: packet-smb2: setup decryption keys for kerberos...
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-kerberos: remember in what frame a key was learned
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherasn1/kerberos: remember in what frame a key was learned
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb: register a dissector on top of smb_direct
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: register a dissector on top of smb_direct
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-iwarp-mpa: give more information if the ULPDU...
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb-direct.c: add initial implementation
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-iwarp-ddp-rdmap: make it possible to register...
2014-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherTODO needed??? packet-ntlmssp: fix possible segfault...
2014-01-29 Matthieu PatouAdd a HACK patch for building a patched kerberos library
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: dissect SMBDirect Buffer Descriptors
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb2: fix lease epoch fields
2014-01-29 Volker Lendeckesmb2: Lease Epoch is only 16 bit
2014-01-29 Volker Lendeckesmb2: Fix a typo
2014-01-29 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "In get_unicode_or_ascii_string(), check if...
2014-01-29 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-smb.c: real fix for
2014-01-28 wmeierComment out a lot more hf[] entries and related.
2014-01-28 wmeierComment out unused hf[] entries and related found by...
2014-01-28 wmeierRe-arrange #if 0/#endif related to an hf[] entry so...
2014-01-28 eapacheFrom Marko Hrastovec via
2014-01-27 etxrabMake it easier to try GTK 3.6
2014-01-27 geraldConvert the quick setup chapter to AsciiDoc and start...
2014-01-27 wmeierFix hf[] entries with refs to range_string arrays
2014-01-27 wmeierFix: value string specified as a BASE_VAL64_STRING in
2014-01-27 wmeier(Trivial) Fix spellling in a comment.
2014-01-27 eapacheFrom Pavel Moravec via
2014-01-27 eapacheAdd missing cast.
2014-01-27 martinmRevert part of previous change
2014-01-27 martinmSend news of SecurityModeFailure to PDCP dissector...
2014-01-27 stigDo not handle BER bitstring as ASCII string, because...
2014-01-27 stigAdd back the fix from revision 54693.
2014-01-27 stigAdded back x509af_get_last_algorithm_id() removed in...
2014-01-27 geraldTry to fix the path selector argument.
2014-01-27 geraldFix a section name conflict.
2014-01-27 geraldRestore an inadvertently deleted file.
2014-01-27 geraldMigrate the build environment introduction to AsciiDoc.
2014-01-27 geraldConvert the preface to AsciiDoc with minor edits.
2014-01-26 jmayerGPLv2 -> GPLv2+
2014-01-26 alagouttelupdate / lrelease ui/qt/