2015-10-13 Dario Lombardoqt: add missing initializers (CID 1325722)
2015-10-13 Gerald CombsQt: Recent list context menu.
2015-10-12 Dario Lombardobtatt: clear variable (CID 1268204)
2015-10-12 Alexis La Goutteinet_v6def : fix warning: redundant redeclaration of...
2015-10-12 Gerald CombsUse system highlight+hover colors in the welcome screen.
2015-10-12 João ValverdeAdd BASE_PT_ types to proto_registrar_dump_fields()
2015-10-12 João ValverdeIPv6: Make extension headers filterable
2015-10-12 Gerald CombsRTP player: Always include QPushButton.
2015-10-12 Gerald CombsTry to fix wireless toolbar behavior on Linux.
2015-10-12 Dario Lombardoextcap: fix a bug in create_tempfile() return check...
2015-10-12 João ValverdeFix hfinfo_*_format_display() for BASE_PT_ display...
2015-10-12 Martin MathiesonTry to fix OS X buildbot but using a different QBrush...
2015-10-12 Guy HarrisInclude <stdlib.h> to declare exit().
2015-10-12 Pascal QuantinNTP: fix dissection of SHA1 based message authenticatio...
2015-10-12 Gerald CombsGet rid of a void * in frame_data.
2015-10-11 João ValverdeRemove duplicate transport ports from proto tree summary
2015-10-11 João ValverdeIPv6: Don't call expert info under if(tree) (for options)
2015-10-11 Guy HarrisBack out the verbose Makefile stuff.
2015-10-11 Guy HarrisOn 10.5, don't set GTK+ etc. versions if we haven't...
2015-10-11 Martin MathiesonLTE RLC graphs - initial version
2015-10-11 Guy HarrisHandle installing Qt 4.x.
2015-10-11 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2015-10-11]
2015-10-11 Philipp HanckeAllow TURN channeldata to be padded on both UDP and...
2015-10-11 Guy HarrisTemporarily make cmake builds verbose, for debugging...
2015-10-10 João ValverdeIPv6: Set destination address for RPL routing header
2015-10-10 Gerald CombsScan into a guint32 using %u.
2015-10-10 Jim YoungQt: Horizontal- and vertical-only zoom modifier keys...
2015-10-10 Pedro Jose... Support in 6lowpan for RFC4944 address generation
2015-10-09 Pedro Jose... Display of reserved octet in 6lowpan IPHC header
2015-10-09 Peter Wunstime: fix -Wshift-negative-value
2015-10-09 Gerald CombsMake sure we can compile without QtMultimedia.
2015-10-09 Pascal Quantinasn1.c: fix printf arguments used with DEBUG flag
2015-10-09 Pedro Jose... Add WS_DLL_PUBLIC for Address Type Registration
2015-10-09 Guy HarrisNow that we're using AC_PROG_CC_STDC, let it handle...
2015-10-09 Peter Wuairpdcap: add free_key_string function, fix memleaks
2015-10-09 João ValverdeWSP: Fix add_addresses()
2015-10-09 João ValverdeFTP: Fix EPRT IPv6 set address
2015-10-09 Dario Lombardocatapult_dct2000: code restyle
2015-10-08 Guy HarrisThe second argument to AC_PATH_PROGS is a list of progr...
2015-10-08 Gerald CombsQt: Add a play button to the RTP Stream Analysis dialog.
2015-10-08 Pascal QuantinGTPv2: display Sequence Number as BASE_HEX_DEC
2015-10-08 João ValverdeUDP: Fix forgotten column info
2015-10-08 João ValverdeDCCP: Fix destination port offset
2015-10-08 Michael MannReplace or rename "duplicate" UDP protocols shown in...
2015-10-08 Pascal QuantinBlind attempt trying to fix CMake based installer
2015-10-08 Pascal QuantinAdd USBPcapPage.ini file to distribution
2015-10-08 Pascal QuantinAdd USBPcap to Windows installer
2015-10-08 Dario Lombardoepl: fix bug in g_hash_table_lookup_extended() call...
2015-10-08 Nils OhlmeierAdded ICE TCP Framing support to STUN dissector
2015-10-08 Dario Lombardoqt: add initialization of variable (CID 1311960)
2015-10-08 Guy HarrisNo RCS/CVS/SVN Ids any more.
2015-10-07 Guy HarrisDon't just ask for C, ask for standard C - preferably...
2015-10-07 Peter Wuwslua: fix memleak in lua_prime_all_fields
2015-10-07 Petr GotthardAMQP: Fix usage of p_(add|get)_proto_data.
2015-10-07 Pascal QuantinIPv6: add changes forgotten in gbedda9b
2015-10-07 Alexis La GoutteUpdate last updated DNS parameters (2015-07-26)
2015-10-07 Alexis La GoutteDNS: Add DNS Cookie Option
2015-10-07 Peter Wussl-utils: load RSA keys based on their modulus+exponent
2015-10-07 Peter Wussl-utils: simplify private key storage, fix resource...
2015-10-07 João ValverdeUDP: Refactor some dissector code
2015-10-07 Michael MannRemove heur_dissector_set_enabled.
2015-10-07 Alexis La GoutteBGP: Add BGP-Extended Message Capability
2015-10-06 Gerald CombsCMake: Don't clobber ZLIB_*.
2015-10-06 Pascal QuantinSCTP: fix dissection of DATA chunks
2015-10-06 Guy HarrisReport an error if we don't find fop and are going...
2015-10-06 Gerald CombsFix an I/O graph crash.
2015-10-06 AndersBroman[NSIP] Wrong offset used for proto_tree_add_bitmask...
2015-10-06 Roland KnallopenSAFETY: Add Producer ID to info field
2015-10-06 Pascal QuantinRemove an extra comma
2015-10-06 David ArnoldFix SoupBinTCP sequence number tracking.
2015-10-06 Guy HarrisCalculate the channel if we have only the frequency.
2015-10-06 YFdyh000Qt: refine some strings for l10n
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsShow progress in the Supported Protocols dialog.
2015-10-05 Balint Reczeydebian: Build .debs with Qt 5
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsInitialize 2.1.
2015-10-05 Jeff MorrissFix capitalization in MATE's "you need to restart to...
2015-10-05 Michael MannMATE: Add ~ operator support
2015-10-05 Pascal QuantinQt: fix crash when double clicking on a row in 'Decode...
2015-10-05 João ValverdeAdd BASE_PT_ field display types
2015-10-05 ruengelerSCTP I-DATA support
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsMake the capture comment icon more Wireshark-y.
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsFix initialization order.
2015-10-05 Michal PazderaH225, H245 over IPv6
2015-10-05 João ValverdeMove utf8_entities.h to wsutil
2015-10-05 Michael MannDon't count packets twice for average using avg_stat_no...
2015-10-05 Pascal Quantinfile.c: fix resource leak reported by Coverity (CID...
2015-10-05 Pascal QuantinQt: fix uninitialized members (UNINIT_CTOR) reported...
2015-10-05 Pascal QuantinQt: fix control flow issues (UNREACHABLE) reported...
2015-10-05 Petr GotthardAMQP: Fix warnings and the OSX 10.5 x86 build
2015-10-05 Peter WuAllow use of variadic macros
2015-10-05 Peter WuFix warnings introduced by "Qt: Initial RTP playback"
2015-10-05 YFdyh000Fix typos in rtp_player_dialog files
2015-10-05 Petr GotthardAMQP: Navigation between publish/delivery and related...
2015-10-05 Gerald CombsQt: Don't update the recent list while capturing.
2015-10-05 YFdyh000Remove tr() for setObjectName
2015-10-05 João ValverdeUDP: Make port column info similar to TCP, add length...
2015-10-05 Peter Wuwslua: fix crash when a LUA error is raised in TRY...
2015-10-05 Peter Wubacapp: attempt to fix windows build
2015-10-04 João ValverdeUDP: Rename UDPlite to UDP-Lite
2015-10-04 Guy HarrisExpand, correct, and otherwise improve comments.