2016-06-06 Alexis La GoutteUpdate .mailmap: fix duplicate entry or name typo
2016-06-06 Michael Mann*_stdup_printf -> strdup for "single string only" forma...
2016-06-06 Michael MannDNP: Make checkhf (ei ?) happy
2016-06-06 Guy HarrisAdd a routine to get an array of all instances of a...
2016-06-06 Guy HarrisDirectly use wtap_opttypes calls to fetch SHB options.
2016-06-05 Alexis La GoutteDNS: Update draft-ietf-dnsop-cookie to final rfc (7873)
2016-06-05 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Diversification nonce is only present from server...
2016-06-05 Alexis La GoutteDOF: Make checkhf (ei ?) happy
2016-06-05 Jaap KeuterAdd missing initializer (CID 1362506)
2016-06-05 Jim YoungResolve false positive ERROR: NO ARRAY found in ei...
2016-06-05 Guy HarrisClean up white space.
2016-06-05 Pascal QuantinInitialize all header_field_info members
2016-06-05 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-06-05]
2016-06-05 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Implement Q034 support
2016-06-05 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Fixed the scenario where discovery contains PID_E...
2016-06-05 Alexis La GoutteAMQP: Fix false positive
2016-06-05 Michael MannDon't copy details of hidden columns.
2016-06-05 Michael MannFix expert_info errors found by new and improved checkh...
2016-06-05 Evan HuusUMTS_FP: fix handling reserved C/T value
2016-06-05 Zdeněk ŽamberskýQt ui code: fix qreal type problems on ARM platform
2016-06-04 Yang LuoSince Wireshark has also supported Npcap in Npcap mode,
2016-06-04 Adam Goldmanopa: Fix LIDs not being byte swapped
2016-06-03 Guy HarrisMove npf_sys_is_running() from wsutil to caputils.
2016-06-03 Pascal QuantinRemove an ellipsis UTF-8 character in gsignal.h
2016-06-03 Yang LuoAdd support for Npcap native mode:
2016-06-03 Gerald CombsUpdate the release notes.
2016-06-03 Gerald CombsQt: Add UTF-16 output to Follow Stream.
2016-06-03 AndersBroman[IEEE1722] Add a range_string for the subtypes we know...
2016-06-03 Alexis La GoutteSMB2: Fix Dead Store (Dead assignement/Dead increment...
2016-06-03 Vincent HelfreGSM RLC/MAC: better wording for PS HO data sources
2016-06-02 Pascal QuantinGSM RLC/MAC: add dissection of 2G->3G/4G PS handover
2016-06-02 Jaap KeuterRemove 'if (tree)' checks from code samples.
2016-06-02 Pascal QuantinAT: fix heuristic check
2016-06-02 Michael MannUse file extension when capturing from multiple interfaces.
2016-06-02 Pascal Quantinprofinet: set ioDataObject structure to 0
2016-06-02 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Tag RSEQ and RNON use little endian
2016-06-02 Martin Kaiserclean up some comments in tvb_find_line_end()
2016-06-02 João ValverdeIPv6: Don't disable relevant RPL expert infos with...
2016-06-02 João ValverdeIPv6: Add indexes to routing header address vector
2016-06-02 João ValverdeIPv6: Try to dissect routing exthdr even if length...
2016-06-01 Gerald CombsQt: Firewall Rules dialog.
2016-06-01 Gerald CombsQt: Use checkboxes in the capture options dialog.
2016-06-01 João ValverdeIPv6: Add option for extension header length field...
2016-06-01 Michael MannAdd data structures necessary to support multiple Name...
2016-06-01 Michael MannCreate unique GUIDs for recently added file associations.
2016-06-01 Michael MannCreate a FieldFilterEdit class and apply it to custom...
2016-06-01 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Check for valid color filter before use
2016-06-01 Jens KilianFix a compile error occurring on RedHat Enterprise...
2016-06-01 Michael MannAdd data structures necessary to support multiple Secti...
2016-06-01 Adrian Simionov[docsis->type35ucd] Fix TLV 15 & 16 bugs
2016-06-01 dsrsupportZigBee ZDO: fix parse of ZDO Node Descriptor Response.
2016-06-01 AndersBroman[SIP] If SIP URI userpart starts with a + add an MSISDN...
2016-06-01 Martin Kaiserat: remove an unnecessary if (tree) check
2016-06-01 Vincent HelfreCSN1: fix dissection of variable bitmaps
2016-06-01 Vincent HelfreGSM RLC/MAC: add dissection of NAS container
2016-06-01 Stig BjørlykkeTerminate last <dict> in Info.plist
2016-06-01 Guy HarrisMake the modelines more like other ones.
2016-06-01 Joerg MayerFix compile error:
2016-06-01 Benoît CanetApache Cassandra CQL protocol v3.0
2016-06-01 Michael MannAllow create_tempfile to support a suffix.
2016-06-01 Jeff Morrisstshark man page: the first TCP stream is stream 0,...
2016-06-01 Jeff MorrissRegister a few more file extensions as belonging to...
2016-06-01 Gerald CombsQt: Color _ANY and _TCP sequence analysis items.
2016-06-01 Jaap KeuterUpdate function block depiction.
2016-06-01 Gordon RossSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_OFFLOAD_WRITE
2016-06-01 Guy HarrisChange the declaration of nghttp2_mem_free2() to match...
2016-06-01 Guy HarrisPick up some updates from Jeff Morris' abandoned change.
2016-05-31 Guy HarrisSquelch a compiler warning.
2016-05-31 Jeff MorrissSuggest that file types should also be registered in...
2016-05-31 Gerald CombsQt: Use a standard "Start" button in Capture Options.
2016-05-31 Adrian Simionov[docsis->rngrsp] Packet decoded in greater detail
2016-05-31 Gordon RossSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_SRV_COPYCHUNK and related
2016-05-31 jpmendozassl: export ssl_starttls_* functions so they can be...
2016-05-31 Pascal QuantinLTE-RRC: fix dissection of GPRS container
2016-05-31 Gerald CombsQt: Monitor mode fixups.
2016-05-31 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Updated name of CRC field
2016-05-31 Pascal QuantinFix display of composite tvbs in GUI
2016-05-31 Gerald CombsQt: Expand "to do" comments in SequenceDialog.
2016-05-31 Gerald CombsQt: Fix compilation for Qt 4.
2016-05-31 Jeff MorrissIf we've seen HTTP in this conversation mark the frame...
2016-05-31 Dario Lombardoqt: fix crash when saving RTP audio
2016-05-31 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Added support for new features
2016-05-31 Michael MannRemove proto_item_append_string.
2016-05-31 Michael MannRestore a preference column type if fields are empty.
2016-05-31 Martin Kaisermgcp: remove some unnecessary if (tree) checks
2016-05-31 Martin Kaisermgcp: don't THROW() an exception from a dissector
2016-05-31 Martin Kaisermgcp: clean up dissect_mgcp()
2016-05-31 Martin Kaisermgcp: don't throw an exception while checking if it...
2016-05-31 Alexis La GoutteUpdate to nghttp2 1.11.1
2016-05-30 Gordon RossSMB2 ioctl FSCTL_QUERY_ALLOCATED_RANGES etc
2016-05-30 Guy HarrisIf routines return a wtap_opttype_return_val, declare...
2016-05-30 Martin Kaiserzbee-aps: don't THROW() an exception from a dissector
2016-05-30 Martin Kaiserdcerpc-fileexp: don't THROW() an exception from a dissector
2016-05-30 Martin Kaiserwinsrepl: don't THROW() an exception from a dissector
2016-05-30 Alexis La GoutteTCP: fix 'mptcp.related_mapping' exists multiple times...
2016-05-30 Alexis La GoutteOPA MAD: fix conflict for hf fields
2016-05-30 Alexis La GoutteAdd nghttp2 folder to ignore pre-commit check
2016-05-30 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: fix 'quic.puflags.cid' exists multiple times...
2016-05-30 Pascal QuantinISUP: make number string filterable again
2016-05-30 Pascal QuantinISUP: change back code to gc04ee3e and replace proto_it...