2016-04-13 Gerald CombsWindows: Remove the need for _CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE.
2016-04-13 Francesco FondelliPCEP: add TRIGGERED-INITIAL-SYNC flag parsing and align
2016-04-12 Michael TuexenAdd support for HTTP/SCTP.
2016-04-12 Alexis La Gouttebtbredr: fix NESTING_INDENT_MISMATCH (CID 1358479)
2016-04-12 Gerald CombsAdd more files to the pre-commit ignore list.
2016-04-12 Edward SmithDon't write to Protocol Column right away in packet...
2016-04-12 Peter Wusshdump,ciscodump: fix local addresses discovery
2016-04-12 Jeff MorrissDon't use _snwprintf (use StringCchPrintf instead).
2016-04-12 Peter WuQt: prevent input to the capture filter field during...
2016-04-12 João Use environment variable to set VERSION_F...
2016-04-12 Gerald CombscheckAPIs: Add links to banned functions.
2016-04-12 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: Add BR/EDR RF dissector
2016-04-11 Jeff MorrissDon't use the prohibited API open().
2016-04-11 Stig BjørlykkeLua: Fix add and remove Fields when reload Lua plugins
2016-04-11 Chris BrandsonZigBee R22 Added support for new Link Power Delta command
2016-04-10 Peter Wuwslua: Abort on out of memory
2016-04-10 Peter Wulua: fix reload with -Xlua_script
2016-04-10 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-04-10]
2016-04-10 Guy HarrisMake sure inet_ipv6.h is in the distribution tarball.
2016-04-09 João Valverde[GTK] Check for xdg-open at run time
2016-04-09 João ValverdeMove IPv6 address utility functions to wsutil
2016-04-09 João ValverdeMove a declaration to wsutil
2016-04-09 Pascal QuantinUpdate USBPcap installer packaged in our Windows instal...
2016-04-09 Gerald CombsWmem: Use the native v*printf routines on Windows.
2016-04-08 João ValverdeReplace and remove host_ip_af() function
2016-04-08 Peter WuUse a single WS_NORETURN macro
2016-04-08 Graham BloiceFix CMake VC Redist message
2016-04-08 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Added vendor-specific submessage RTI_CRC
2016-04-08 Alexis La GoutteRADIUS: Update Aruba Dictionary
2016-04-08 AndersBromanFix a typo
2016-04-08 Alexis La Gouttepacket_list: fix Called C++ object pointer is null...
2016-04-08 AndersBroman[MSVC2015] Fix finding of vcredist when using MSVC2015.
2016-04-08 João ValverdeMinor lemon fixup
2016-04-07 Michael MannFix nmake build
2016-04-07 Gerald CombsUse faster string functions at startup.
2016-04-07 João ValverdeRemove -Warray-bounds, it is enabled by default with...
2016-04-07 João ValverdeRevert "Try to suppress a compiler feature that goes...
2016-04-07 João ValverdeDon't build lemon using -Werror
2016-04-07 João Valverdeautotools: Use AC_SUBST to set -Werror flag
2016-04-07 Alexis La GoutteIPMI (picmg): fix 'ipmi.picmg25.fault' exists multiple...
2016-04-07 Alexis La GoutteIAX2: fix '' exists multiple times...
2016-04-07 Alexis La GoutteL2TP: fix 'l2tp.avp.csu.current_t/rx_speed' exists...
2016-04-07 João Move a test
2016-04-07 Jiří EngelthalerBring back the hotkey for "w" in "... without saving"
2016-04-07 Guy HarrisAdd URL for the Linux Documentation dir file describing...
2016-04-07 D. UlisCIP: Attribute updates
2016-04-07 Jaap KeuterExpand before multiply (CID-1355683 and CID-1355684)
2016-04-07 Guy HarrisCast away a warning.
2016-04-06 Gerald CombsQt: Follow stream performance improvements.
2016-04-06 Michael TuexenAdd support for the I-FORWARD-TSN chunk.
2016-04-06 Martin Kaiserzvt: fix parsing of the 3-byte length field
2016-04-06 Martin fix a help string
2016-04-06 Michal Labedzkiandroiddump: Change insecure sprint into g_snprintf
2016-04-05 Guy HarrisSet the extra type the right way.
2016-04-05 Guy HarrisExpand a comment.
2016-04-05 Guy HarrisGet rid of extra %noyyalloc etc. stuff.
2016-04-05 AndersBroman[ERF] g_list_free_full () is glib >= 2.28, g_hash_table...
2016-04-05 João Update libtool macros (version bump)
2016-04-05 João ValverdeUse AC_CONFIG_FILES
2016-04-05 Chris Brandson802.15.4 added support for the new ZigBee IEs
2016-04-05 João ValverdeRemove obsolete automake implicit rule
2016-04-05 Guy HarrisAdd more stuff to the release tarball.
2016-04-05 João ValverdeMore distcheck fixes
2016-04-05 Guy HarrisPut popcount.c and popcount.h into the release tarball.
2016-04-05 João ValverdeFix VPATH build
2016-04-04 João ValverdeUse AC_REPLACE_FUNCS and LTLIBOBJS
2016-04-04 João ValverdeAvoid unnecessary replacement source file floorl.c
2016-04-04 João ValverdeFix 'make dist' ws_diag_control.h dependency
2016-04-04 João ValverdeInclude ws_diag_control.h in config.h
2016-04-04 João Valverdeautotools: Clean up libm tests
2016-04-04 Jeff MorrissRADIUS: more formatting/white space cleanup.
2016-04-04 Dario LombardoDNS: change ttl from uint32 to int32.
2016-04-04 João ValverdeRename "libz" to "zlib"
2016-04-04 João ValverdeRemove synchronous DNS name resolution
2016-04-04 Michal Labedzkiandroiddump: Fix crash on start capturing
2016-04-04 Guy HarrisDon't double-close the input.
2016-04-04 Guy HarrisDon't double-close the input.
2016-04-04 AndersBromanAfter the move of zlib test we need to add ZLIB_CFLAGS
2016-04-04 Pascal QuantinRRC: upgrade dissector to v13.2.0
2016-04-03 Guy HarrisFix #defines.
2016-04-03 Guy HarrisMake the Flex scanners and YACC parser in libraries...
2016-04-03 Pascal QuantinLTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v13.1.0
2016-04-03 Guy HarrisInclude json.h with quotes, not angle brackets.
2016-04-03 Guy HarrisUse quotes, not angle brackets, for wtap-int.h and...
2016-04-03 João Valverdewsutil: Remove getenv_utf8(), replaced with g_getenv()
2016-04-03 Jaap KeuterDon't deref before NULL check on pointer (CID-1358044)
2016-04-03 Peter Wureassemble: remove special treatment for truncated...
2016-04-03 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-04-03]
2016-04-03 Guy HarrisDon't use <wtap.h> to refer to the main libwiretap...
2016-04-03 João ValverdeFix cmake libwsutil zlib missing linkage
2016-04-03 João ValverdeMove zlib version check to wsutil
2016-04-02 Peter WuAvoid UAF after deregister_dissector
2016-04-02 João ValverdeUse AC_PROG_SED
2016-04-02 João ValverdeUse AC_CHECK_MEMBERS
2016-04-02 João ValverdeUse AC_STRUCT_TIMEZONE
2016-04-02 Peter WuQt: Remember selected item in packet tree
2016-04-02 Peter WuQt: Keep byte tab when reloading/closing capture file
2016-04-02 Gerald CombsUse faster wmem_str* functions in a few places.
2016-04-02 Michal Labedzkiandroiddump: Register interfaces when list interfaces
2016-04-02 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: Fix conflicting address fields