2016-05-14 Gerald CombsUse g_get_charset instead of g_get_codeset.
2016-05-14 João ValverdeQt: Use SpeexDSP API names for RTP player
2016-05-13 Gerald CombsQt: Fix a recent files infinite loop.
2016-05-13 Graham BloiceFix (spurious) checkAPIs issue
2016-05-13 Tom Haynespacket-nfs: Add flex file flag: FF_FLAGS_NO_READ_IO
2016-05-13 Michael MannRun checkAPIs in epan/wmem/
2016-05-13 Michael MannHave wmem conform to
2016-05-13 Pascal QuantinQt: add some cleanup function calls missing when leavin...
2016-05-13 Lori TribbleBACAPP: event-time-stamps decode fix
2016-05-13 Jeff MorrissFix inclusion of images in PDF versions of the guides.
2016-05-13 Jeff Morrissautomake/nmake: run checkAPIs in ui/cli/
2016-05-13 Jeff Morrissjxta: there's no need to call proto_tree_set_visible...
2016-05-13 Jeff MorrissAdd filterable fields for each ISUP number.
2016-05-13 Jeff MorrissMove the Valgrind size check after the capinfos check...
2016-05-13 Jeff Morrissautomake: fix wslua generation in out-of-source-tree...
2016-05-12 Gerald CombsUpdate the release notes.
2016-05-12 Tigran Mkrtchyanpacket-nfs: add decoding and displaying of exclusive...
2016-05-12 Lori TribbleBACAPP: Added dissection for NotificationParameter
2016-05-12 Anthony CoddingtonERF: In packet-eth register ERF_TYPE_ETH variants.
2016-05-12 João Valverdecodecs: Move noinst_HEADERS to
2016-05-12 Gerald CombsWiX banner and dialog images.
2016-05-12 Martin Kaiserextcap (CID 1355644): fix the range check for guint
2016-05-12 João Valverdeautotools: Move OSX autoconf macros to ws_osx.m4
2016-05-12 João Remove condition for AC_CHECK_FUNC (on...
2016-05-12 João Remove obsolete AM_PROG_LIBTOOL
2016-05-12 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Fix Show Packet Bytes ShowAsImage
2016-05-12 Michael MannAdd ${LIBSSH_DLL} for generating Wix component group...
2016-05-12 Anthony Coddingtonpcap-common: Fix several serious ENCAP_ERF extension...
2016-05-12 Jeff MorrissRPM: make autoconf (and a few other build dependencies...
2016-05-11 Jeff MorrissRun checkAPIs in epan/ .
2016-05-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: for QUIC < 33, display CID flag with 2 bits
2016-05-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: Add conversation support for store the version
2016-05-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: fix dissection when num_timestamp = 0 and also...
2016-05-11 Anthony CoddingtonERF: Fix Ethernet FCS detection and remove preference
2016-05-11 Jeff Morrissautomake/nmake: don't run checkAPIs on lex and yacc...
2016-05-11 Gerald CombsTShark: Separate columns using UTF-8 arrows.
2016-05-11 Gerald CombsTShark: Add a "-E bom=" option.
2016-05-11 Jeff MorrissRun checkAPIs in epan/ftypes/ .
2016-05-11 Pascal QuantinQt: fix loading of profile by command line
2016-05-11 Thomas Wienss7comm: block/file up-/download redesign
2016-05-11 Marius PaligaFixed value for experimental result code 5142
2016-05-11 Michael MannCreate a Wix Installer
2016-05-11 Jaap KeuterCreate IEC401 source TCP port preference.
2016-05-11 Rustam SafargalinFix warnings for good ISUP messages
2016-05-11 Joerg MayerDecode the first 6 bytes of Unknown1 as Timestamp:...
2016-05-11 AndersBroman[tshark] Document -U option and create a list of tap...
2016-05-11 Pascal QuantinMRCPv2: do not update info column under tree check
2016-05-11 Christian Ambachcorrectly decode EA Data Length in CIFS
2016-05-11 Pascal QuantinUpgrade c-ares Windows library from 1.9.1 to 1.11.0
2016-05-11 Guy HarrisRevert "Simplify val_to_str[_ext] implementation."
2016-05-11 Michael MannSimplify val_to_str[_ext] implementation.
2016-05-11 Michael MannRemove strcpy from wmem_strbuf.c
2016-05-10 Michael MannGive FvalueToStringRepr a length parameter.
2016-05-10 Michael MannHave fvalue_to_string_repr always return an (wmem)...
2016-05-10 Michael Mannrawshark: Have fvalue_to_string_repr just return alloca...
2016-05-10 Michael Mannrawshark: Get "field string values" from existing funct...
2016-05-10 Martin Kaiserenttec: CID 1355670 (same code for different branches)
2016-05-10 Michael MannDynamically allocate the string for representing FT_IEE...
2016-05-10 Gerald CombsQt: Keep the OverlayScrollBar from disappearing.
2016-05-10 Martin Kaiserenttec: uups, I forgot some if (tree) checks
2016-05-10 Martin Kaiserenttec: remove some unnecessary if (tree) checks
2016-05-10 Martin Kaiseriso14443 ats: show explicitly if TA(1), TB(1) and TC...
2016-05-10 Joerg MayerWhen using clang, warn about c99 only syntax (like...
2016-05-10 Michael MannSanity check eapol_len in AirPDcapDecryptWPABroadcastKey
2016-05-10 João ValverdeRequire automake 1.11 and move AM_SILENT_RULES macro
2016-05-10 João Valverdeautotools: docbook build improvements
2016-05-10 Francesco FondelliBGP-LS: fix Prefix-SID parsing, add SR-Capabilities...
2016-05-10 Pascal QuantinQt: activate RTP/IAX2 analysis widget when analyzing...
2016-05-10 Peter Wucmake: fix build without Lua
2016-05-10 Martin Kaisercapinfos: wsgcrypt.h checks internally if we HAVE_LIBGCRYPT
2016-05-10 Guy HarrisUpdate.
2016-05-09 Guy HarrisFix up the compare chain in nstime_delta().
2016-05-09 Martin KaiserCID 1215245, 1215247: NULL check for the param of proto...
2016-05-09 Guy HarrisGive the time_[m]secs_to routines names that begin...
2016-05-09 Guy HarrisHandle -2^31 as a negative time-in-seconds.
2016-05-09 Guy HarrisShuffle some routines to put absolute-time and relative...
2016-05-09 Peter Wucmake: fix GTK3 detection via pkg-config
2016-05-09 alpartisformat DIS header timestamp as mm:ss.nnnnnn
2016-05-09 Pascal QuantinLAPDm: reset the last N(S) variable only during first...
2016-05-09 Pascal QuantinLPADm: fixes for reassembly
2016-05-09 Gerald CombsTShark: Convert TTY output.
2016-05-09 Michael MannSMI_DLL should not be part of directory path for copyin...
2016-05-08 Guy HarrisGet rid of extra blank line.
2016-05-08 Guy HarrisRemove the MIBenum stuff from the WAP code.
2016-05-08 Pascal QuantinGSM A RR: fix dissection of GPRS Cell Options IE
2016-05-08 Pascal QuantinLAPSat: fix reported length for tvb subset
2016-05-08 Guy HarrisShow MIBenum values for character sets as decimal.
2016-05-08 Guy HarrisHandle the encoding when displaying the string table.
2016-05-08 Guy HarrisThe tabulation is specified by the stuff at the end.
2016-05-08 Guy HarrisShow the string table a bit better.
2016-05-08 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-05-08]
2016-05-07 Martin Kaiseriso14443: show nad and cid info in the ats
2016-05-07 Evan HuusUpdate README.wmem
2016-05-07 Dominic Chenmanuf: Add well-known MAC entries for DOCSIS and regene...
2016-05-06 Guy HarrisGive the full name of the current version of the IEEE...
2016-05-06 Christoph SchlosserEPL: Add support for DS302-E
2016-05-05 Alexis La GoutteUSB Audio: add dissect of ChannelConfig bitmap
2016-05-05 Thomas Wienss7comm: Add errorcode descriptions, extended list value...
2016-05-05 Michael MannConvert ftype-tvbuff.c to ftype-protocol.c
2016-05-05 Martin Kaiseriso14443: add sfgi