2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherSTEP04 add KERB-AD-RESTRICTION-ENTRY
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherSTEP03 add dissect_kerberos_PA_SUPPORTED_ENCTYPES
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherSTEP02 decode PA-PAC-OPTIONS
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherSTEP01x ? OK RFC6113.asn ....
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmachersq AD TYPE
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmachersq PA TYPE
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-kerberos: add more AUTHDATA-TYPE values and...
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-kerberos: add more PADATA-TYPE values and autoge...
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherasn2wrs: add VALS_ATTR section
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherpacket-kerberos: add a hint to the used decryption key
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherprepare-pidl-patch
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "TODO SMB2 NegotiateContext...."
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherTODO SMB2 NegotiateContext....
2018-10-17 Matthieu PatouMIT krb5-1.12 HACK patch: Add a HACK patch for building...
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherMIT krb5-1.6 HACK patch
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherfix for netmon 3.x captures
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "HACK setup decryption keys for kerberos session...
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherHACK setup decryption keys for kerberos session setups...
2018-10-17 Stefan MetzmacherRevert "reassamble TODO"
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherreassamble TODO
2018-10-17 Stefan Metzmacherwmem: allow wmem_destroy_list to ignore a NULL list.
2018-10-16 Joakim KarlssonRevert "cmake: fix version check for c-ares and gnuTLS"
2018-10-16 Ralf NasilowskiKNX-IP: new KNXnet/IP dissector
2018-10-16 Peter Wulicensecheck: fix detection of multiple licenses
2018-10-15 Alexis La Gouttezebra: fix spelling-error-in-binary found by lintian
2018-10-15 Joakim Karlssoncmake: fix version check for c-ares and gnuTLS
2018-10-15 Pascal QuantinMAC NR: align Multiple Entry PHR MAC CE decoding with...
2018-10-15 Hitoshi IrinoSupporting Zebra API version 4 and 5 used in FRRouting...
2018-10-15 Martin Kaiseraddr_resolv: function to convert an eth address into...
2018-10-15 Darien SpencerFP: Added E-DCH T1 heuristic dissector
2018-10-14 Guy HarrisUpdate VS command prompt menu names for VS 2017.
2018-10-14 Guy Harrisjson-glib requires GLib 2.37.6 or later.
2018-10-14 Guy HarrisNote that you have to be careful reading messages from...
2018-10-14 Stig Bjørlykkeextcap: Read stderr on extcap error without an infinite...
2018-10-14 Joakim Karlssonglib: restore some GLIB_CHECK_VERSION
2018-10-14 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2018-10-14]
2018-10-14 Peter fix missing json_glib version check
2018-10-14 Peter fix missing bcg729 version check
2018-10-14 Bruno VerstuyftXRA: Fix of overflow in calculation of PLC timestamp
2018-10-14 Graham BloiceWindows: Remove Cygwin warning
2018-10-13 Guy HarrisUpdate installation instructions for MSVC and Qt.
2018-10-13 Pascal QuantinLTE RRC: add direction to UL-CCCH and DL-CCCH PDUs
2018-10-13 Peter Wutext2pcap: gracefully handle hexdump without trailing LF
2018-10-13 Peter Wutest: increase coverage for text2pcap supported formats
2018-10-13 Peter Wutest: fix text2pcap tests not to overwrite case_text2pc...
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisWe don't support VS prior to 2015 in the master branch.
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisFix section anchor.
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisConsistenly use "Windows native" rather than "Windows...
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisFix typoes introduced by the previous change.
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisSome cleanups.
2018-10-12 Craig JacksonTDS: Implement Error token for TDS 4.x.
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisUpdates.
2018-10-12 Gerald CombsWin32: Make extcap utilities console applications.
2018-10-12 Dirk RömmenUpdate BACnet protocol to revision 20.
2018-10-12 Peter Wutest: reduce further influence from the environment
2018-10-12 Peter Wutest: fix DeprecationWarning: invalid escape sequence
2018-10-12 Pascal QuantinMAC NR: fix dissection of Long Truncated BSR CE
2018-10-12 Joeri de Ruiterieee80211: extend parsing of SAE messages
2018-10-12 Peter WuQUIC: fix null-ptr dereference in gQUIC version check
2018-10-12 Alexis La Gouttedtn: fix spelling-error-in-binary found by lintian
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisAlso need a period at the end of the "Built using"...
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisNeed a space between the VS year number and the toolcha...
2018-10-12 Guy Harris3.0 requires VS 2015 or later.
2018-10-12 Guy HarrisClean up MSVC version string generation.
2018-10-12 Peter WuDCOM: always NUL-terminate dissect_dcom_BSTR results
2018-10-12 Peter Wuwmem_tree: fix crash with wmem_tree_destroy and NULL...
2018-10-12 Peter WuDCERPC: fix memleak by removing dummy element from...
2018-10-12 Peter WuDCERPC: simplify pointer list tracking
2018-10-12 Peter Wutvbuff_composite: fix buffer overflow due to wrong...
2018-10-12 Stig Bjørlykkeieee802154: Show FCF reserved bit
2018-10-12 Gerald CombsTools: Compress our tarball using threads.
2018-10-11 Dario Lombardoeap: don't dissect the identity as IMSI unless that...
2018-10-11 Vasil Velichkovtext2pcap: Fix TCP, UDP or SCTP headers over IPv6
2018-10-11 Stig Bjørlykkewsutil: Add config_file_exists_with_entries()
2018-10-11 Peter WuDCERPC: remove unused variable and mark another global...
2018-10-11 Alexis La GoutteQUIC: gQUIC Q044 always use CHLO from gQUIC (with tag)
2018-10-10 Pascal QuantinMAC NR: call NR RRC dissector for broadcast and common...
2018-10-10 Pascal QuantinMAC NR: upgrade dissector to v15.3.0
2018-10-10 Gerald CombsWindows: Make our program details more consistent.
2018-10-10 Pascal QuantinDiameter: add a few more AVPs from 3GPP 29.272 v15.5.0
2018-10-10 Peter WuQUIC: fix UAF crash related to the Info column for...
2018-10-10 Peter Wucoap: ensure that piv_len matches piv
2018-10-10 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Add back pathLabel in some dialogs
2018-10-10 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Use regular size buttons on macOS
2018-10-10 Peter Wuexcept: detect exception stack corruption
2018-10-10 Peter check for return/goto in TRY/CATCH blocks
2018-10-10 Peter WuT125: avoid returning from TRY/CATCH in dissect_t125_heur
2018-10-10 Peter WuOSITP: do not call subdissector if there is no data
2018-10-10 Peter Wuftype-protocol: do not return from TRY/CATCH
2018-10-10 Peter Wusteam-ihs: fix memleak on exception
2018-10-10 Alexis La Gouttexdmcp: fix indent
2018-10-09 Pascal QuantinNAS EPS: upgrade dissector to v15.4.0
2018-10-09 Pascal QuantinNAS EPS: upgrade dissector to v15.4.0
2018-10-09 Pascal QuantinLTE RRC: add missing lte_rrc.bcch_bch.nb.tdd dissector
2018-10-09 Pascal QuantinE1AP: upgrade dissector to v15.1.0
2018-10-09 Bruno VerstuyftDOCSIS: Requested bytes in request frame is in units...
2018-10-08 Jakub Zawadzkisharkd: free initalized wtap_rec when wtap failed to...
2018-10-08 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Add copy from another profile for UAT frames
2018-10-08 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Refactor copy from profile widget
2018-10-08 Stig BjørlykkeRelease note updates.