2016-12-13 Michael MannAdjust proto_tree_add_[float|double]_format_value calls...
2016-12-13 Gerald CombsQt: Optionally restore our selected packet when thawing.
2016-12-13 Pascal Quantinwin-setup.ps1: add missing zlib-1.2.8-ws folder
2016-12-13 Alexis La Goutteimf: fix no newline at end of file [-Wnewline-eof]
2016-12-13 Jiri Novakrtp_analysis_dialog.cpp: RTP Stream Analysis dialog...
2016-12-13 Michael MannAdd support for adding unit names to hf_ fields.
2016-12-13 AndersBroman[RTP Analysis] calculate BW correctly whem IPv6 is...
2016-12-13 Stig Bjørlykkebthci_acl: Set src/dst addresses before reassembly.
2016-12-13 Роман Донченкоssh: add dissection for Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman KEX
2016-12-13 Arjen ZonneveldAdd BGP dissector support for draft-ietf-idr-shutdown-01
2016-12-13 Jakub PawlowskiBluetooth: BTLE: Add new commands parsing
2016-12-13 Pascal QuantinBuild TRANSUM plugin
2016-12-13 David BarreraChange spaces to tab for recent wka entries
2016-12-13 Jakub PawlowskiBluetooth: BTLE: Add BT5.0 command and event name parsing
2016-12-13 Parav Panditpacket-infiniband: Update conversation src port for...
2016-12-13 Gerald CombsUpdate to WinSparkle 0.5.3.
2016-12-12 Gerald CombsRemove some GtkCList comments and code.
2016-12-12 Jiri Novakrtp_player_dialog.cpp: fix usage of unsupported method...
2016-12-12 Guy HarrisMove the declaration of packet_list_select_last_row...
2016-12-12 Guy HarrisGet rid of some GTK+-only routines in file.c.
2016-12-12 Gerald CombsMark routines GTK+ only.
2016-12-12 D. UlisDo not set Qt Window focus when highlighting rows
2016-12-12 AndersBroman[RTP] In case no conversation is found, check if we...
2016-12-12 Guy HarrisRename non-EBCDIC-specific routines.
2016-12-12 Guy HarrisUpdate for library changes.
2016-12-12 Guy HarrisFix handling of EBCDIC string fields.
2016-12-11 Роман Донченкоssh: correct inaccurate field names/abbrevs/id variable...
2016-12-11 Alexis La Gouttesmb/tftp: fix no previous prototype for ‘tftp/smb_eo_cl...
2016-12-11 Gerald Combs[Automatic update for 2016-12-11]
2016-12-11 Guy HarrisCleanup dissection of endpoint addresses.
2016-12-11 Роман Донченкоssh: remove uninformative blurbs
2016-12-10 Martin MathiesonAdd a preference to control whether string and byte...
2016-12-10 Harald Weltegsmtap: Introduce a new packet-gsmtap.h header file
2016-12-10 Guy HarrisInitialize fd_head->frame in all cases where we allocat...
2016-12-10 Stig BjørlykkeQt: Avoid infinite recursion in ExtcapArgument::loadValues
2016-12-10 Роман Донченкоssh: organize header field IDs
2016-12-10 Guy HarrisBoost the max CPU time.
2016-12-09 Michael Mann[ICMP] use abs() in detecting timestamp heuristics
2016-12-09 AndersBroman[RTP] Don't call p_get_proto_data() twice
2016-12-09 Thomas Dreibholzpacket-windows-common.h: Fix "Warning: this decimal...
2016-12-09 Dario Lombardoui: move filesystem code to wsutil/filesystem.c
2016-12-09 AndersBroman[RTP]Rearrange the logic in process_rtp_payload() to...
2016-12-09 Gerald CombsSet a Libgcrypt log handler on Windows.
2016-12-09 Dario Lombardoextcap: add new option type (timestamp).
2016-12-09 Paul Offordtransum: plugin code
2016-12-09 Alexis La Goutte.mailmap: Update (of november)
2016-12-08 Stig Bjørlykkeextcap: Whitespace cleanup.
2016-12-08 Guy HarrisFix a mis-merging.
2016-12-08 Dario Lombardotns: reduce variable scope.
2016-12-08 AndersBroman[GTP] Add dissection of Extended Common Flags II IE
2016-12-08 Peter Wusdp: decode pt for more RTP transport protocols
2016-12-08 Michal LabedzkiQt: Fix currentOutputDeviceName() without QtMultimedia
2016-12-08 Guy HarrisRevert "Revert "Don't use a local variable's address...
2016-12-08 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Select correct size of transport header
2016-12-08 Chris BrandsonFix ZigBee End Device Timeout enumeration
2016-12-07 Guy HarrisRevert "Don't use a local variable's address in set_add...
2016-12-07 Guy HarrisDon't use a local variable's address in set_address().
2016-12-07 Peter WuRevert "Temporarily break up complicated expression...
2016-12-07 Роман ДонченкоQt: don't append a second extension to save file names
2016-12-07 Guy HarrisThe version lists are sequences of 1-byte integers...
2016-12-07 Gerald CombsQt: Fixup the currentOutputDeviceName Q_PROPERTY.
2016-12-07 Stig Bjørlykkeextcap: Separate dirname and file with G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S.
2016-12-07 Alexandr Savcapacket-tns: add Set Protocol dissection.
2016-12-07 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: SMP: Use bitmask fields
2016-12-07 bwhitnFix: Allocate new string for export object entry to...
2016-12-07 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Fix selection size in chunk list dissectors
2016-12-07 Michael MannRTCP: Bugfix MS Video Source Request dissection
2016-12-07 Peter Wusdp: replace bitmask by enum for transport protocol
2016-12-07 Guy HarrisThrow in another tweak to check for uninitialized cops_...
2016-12-07 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Prepare dissector for RPC-over-RDMA...
2016-12-07 Alexandr Savcapacket-tns: add TNS_TYPE_DATA functions dissection.
2016-12-07 bwhitnreformatted IMF export objects
2016-12-07 Pascal QuantinChange SpanDSP capitalization
2016-12-07 Peter Wucops: try to avoid uninitialized warning error
2016-12-06 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: SMP: Indicate when keys are Debug
2016-12-06 Gerald CombsQt: Make the RTP player output device selectable.
2016-12-06 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: SMP: Dissect remaining Key Distribution...
2016-12-06 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Add filter variable for Write chunk...
2016-12-06 Gerald CombsAdd udpdump to the macOS package.
2016-12-06 Peter Wucodecs: Add support for G.722 and G.726
2016-12-06 Gerald CombsAutotools: Disable Qt4 on macOS.
2016-12-06 Michael MannSDP: Fix compiler warning
2016-12-06 Pascal QuantinDOF: fix UAT update callbacks
2016-12-06 Michal LabedzkiBluetooth: Sync "Classic" color rules
2016-12-06 Peter Wusdp: refactor session/media level handling of attributes
2016-12-06 Peter Wurtp: add function to duplicate rtp_dyn_payload_t
2016-12-06 Peter WuDTLS: add support for use_srtp extension (RFC 5764)
2016-12-06 Роман Донченкоssh: add dissection for ECDSA host keys
2016-12-06 Peter WuSDP: reduce code duplication
2016-12-06 Peter WuSDP: add basic ICE candidate attribute dissection ...
2016-12-06 D. UlisCIP: Minor enhancements
2016-12-06 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Clean up Reply chunk dissection
2016-12-06 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Fix Write list dissection
2016-12-06 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Fix Read list dissection
2016-12-05 Michael MannRTPS: Cleanup endian handling
2016-12-05 Dmitry Lazurkinkafka: add dissection for rest of api keys
2016-12-05 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Display length fields in decimal
2016-12-05 Chuck Leverpacket-rpcrdma: Remove if (tree) preventing dissectors...
2016-12-05 Gerald CombsCMake: Update FindWiX.
2016-12-05 Juanjo MartinRTPS: Added submessages and fixed minor issues for...